Andy Reid gives up play calling

Getty Images

Well, it apparently isn’t about Alex Smith, after all.

In lieu of benching the veteran quarterback for a highly-touted rookie, Chiefs coach Andy Reid is handing play-calling duties over to offensive coordinator Matt Nagy, according to Chris Mortensen of ESPN.

Reid still will have “oversight,” per Mortensen. Which means that Reid will have the ability to veto whatever Nagy decides to do in any given spot.

Reid consistently has vetoed the idea of benching Smith for Mahomes. But Mortensen also reports that Smith’s performance against the Jets will determine the length of his leash.

Which means that Mahomes’ debut could be coming — which makes plenty of sense for a team that has lost its way offensively, while losing five of six games.

Whatever the outcome, the Chiefs finally seem to be taking their slide seriously. Maybe a return to the place where only two weeks ago they scored nine points in 68 minutes against the hapless Giants helped rattle the cage enough to get changes to be made.