Archie Manning: Eli could retire

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Nearly 14 years after Archie Manning provided cover for a son who sensed that San Diego didn’t really want him (so he really didn’t want San Diego), Archie once again is speaking for Eli.

This time around, the message is more convoluted, and perhaps internally inconsistent. This time around, however, the situation is a bit more delicate than simply scaring off the Chargers. This time around, Eli needs to figure out what he wants before a strategy aimed at getting him what he wants can be implemented.

Put simply, Archie says “there’s no sense speculating” about Eli’s future, while Archie offers up a fairly juicy slice of speculation: Eli could retire.

“If he’s still there, we don’t know what their future plans are, if other people are there,” Archie said. “And you have no idea what other teams will think of a 37-year-old quarterback. You don’t have any idea.

“Eli might say, ‘I’ve had enough. I’m feeling good, I’ve got a beautiful wife, three little girls, I’m healthy. And that’s it.’ So there’s no sense speculating.”

It’s safe to say, no matter what happens, it will take a lot to get Eli to choose to stay with the Giants. At a minimum, they’ll have to clean house and then hire new people who genuinely want Eli to stick around. Short of Tom Coughlin pulling a Billy Martin (or the Giants hiring someone like Manning family favorite David Cutcliffe to coach the team or Peyton to run the front office), it’s hard to imagine that ever happening.

Even if the team hires the perfect coach to convince Eli to stay, he could want a Donovan McNabb-style financial apology to both make up for what happened this week, and to provide a money-where-your-mouth-is commitment that it won’t be happening again.

The far more likely outcome is Eli moving on, with the Giants either trading him or cutting him before a $5 million roster bonus becomes due in the early days of the next league year.

To be traded, Eli would have to waive a no-trade clause. And why would he? If he’s going to go to a new team, it’s better for him if that new team has all players and draft picks at their disposal in order to help him win. If he tells the Giants to simply cut him and they call his bluff, a stare down could ensue. However, given the flack the Giants have taken for their bungling of his benching, the last thing they’ll want to do is set themselves up for another ugly P.R. fight with one of the most objectively likable quarterbacks the NFL has ever seen.

The easy part of this one is to figure out that Eli doesn’t want to stay with the Giants. The harder part is finding a new destination. And it’s entirely possible that Eli simply isn’t wired to do the Joe Montana, Brett Favre, Peyton Manning thing. Maybe Eli will follow the lead of Dan Marino, who eschewed an opportunity to take over a high-powered Minnesota offense in 2000 and closed the book on his career as a guy who played for only one team.

While Archie is right regarding the premature nature of speculation, maybe the wager shouldn’t be Jacksonville vs. the field but not the field vs. the field.

47 responses to “Archie Manning: Eli could retire

  1. All the outrage about eli being benched is laughable. Where were all these people when eli (and daddy) dissed San Diego and basically told them to trade him or pound sand? He wouldn’t even be talked about if it wasn’t for 2or3 spectacular catches that got them the 2 victories over NE in the SB. He might as well let daddy run the rest of his life just as he has run the earlier parts. What else does daddy advise him on? What color socks to wear?

  2. Any way you look at it, it’s all on Giants GM Jerry Reese for the mess they are in. His failure to build the offensive line and running game is the #1 reason why the Giants are bottom feeders now. Yeah, they lost a bunch of WR’s, but they weren’t playing much better when they had those guys.
    The thing you have to ask yourself is why was Giants management so afraid to take control over an obvious nut-job named O’Dell Beckham, a guy who only cared about himself, and yet so willing to throw Eli Manning under the bus? Manning has never made one ounce of trouble since he’s been a Giant. He shows up every week and plays as hard as he can. He had plenty of opportunities to reply to the criticisms that Ben McAdoo threw his way after losses, but he didn’t do that because he’s too classy.
    McAdoo is a horrible head coach, and for him to slam Eli and now bench him says volumes about how badly he is at his job.
    The fact is, Eli Manning is still a top 10 QB when he has good talent around him. And he still is the best QB on the Giants roster by leaps and bounds, and he would be next year, too. The Giants failed him and then showed no class by benching him for Geno Smith! Geno Smith has already proven he is a lousy NFL QB. If the Giants had said they wanted to start Davis Webb, they might have some credibility here. But Geno Smith? Give me a break!
    I am not a Giants fan but I’ve always respected their organization under the Maras as one of the classiest organizations in the NFL. But look how they handled the Josh Brown situation and look how they have handled O’Dell Beckham. And look how they handled the Tom Coughlin situation. It’s clear that John Mara is in way over his head and is another guy who was born with a silver spoon in his mouth and is clueless when it comes to running an NFL football team.

  3. As the Geno Smith era draws to a close, I apologize for all my crazy support of Tiki Barber and the Mara family for all these years. I was a badly mistaken fool.

    Where I come from (Jefferson Township), people take responsibility for their mistakes and its time for me to do that. I was wrong.

    My beloved Giants are a low class lousy organization. Losers.

  4. It will be interesting the see the drama that takes place among the fans and media if/when Geno stinks up the house today.

  5. Threatening to retire and coming back only to win a Super Bowl with another franchise seems to be par for the course for these Manning guys.

  6. They cut him and the team takes a $12.4 million cap hit. For a team that would be supposedly rebuilding that is a massive amount.

    And this talk of trading is hilarious……what team is going to take on the last two years of a contract that pays him over $30 million for a QB that will be 38 yrs old ?

  7. Eli is the reason he was benched ,He SUCKS!!
    He was playing terrible the whole season and since there out of playoff contention
    why not see what you have in your backups ,and if Eli can’t understand that
    it’s his problem

  8. .
    In the past year Giants ownership, management and the players on the field have dramatically failed their loyal fans.

  9. If his name was Eli Jones, he’d be seen as a Trent Dilfer 2.0, and had nothing to do with winning the Super Bowl, his defense did, only that he got lucky twice.

  10. These are not the Giants of Tim Mara and Wellington Mara. These are the money machine Giants. They built a lousy stadium that is not fan friendly, now have a lousy team in it. But I’m sure they are making more money than ever before. That’s now the name of the game.

  11. I’m always saddened when a top quality player, especially a QB, leaves the game because it means we’re losing yet another extremely rare talented pro to watch and enjoy, who’ll probably be replaced by a scrub who couldn’t start in the Arena League.

    Yeah, but this is Eli Manning we’re talking about. So meh.

  12. “Still a top 10”?? Nope. Look, of course most QBs look better when surrounded by better talent, but Eli is not “still a top 10” – nor ever was, given his career 83.8 passer rating and inability to carry a team like a Rodgers, Brady, Wilson – or Rivers. And today, those 4, plus at least 9 more – Wentz, Ryan, Roethlisberger, Brees, Keenum, Stafford, Goff, Newton and Mariota – are all better than Eli Manning. And in terms of total QBR Eli ranks 24th this year – even below Brett Hundley!

    Most of Eli’s seasons have been mediocre – even his 2 SB seasons were lopsided 9-7 jobs that got incredibly lucky in the first SB (was Tyree using stickum as his team-mates suggested?) and also very lucky in the NFCCG for the 2nd one. And in 14 seasons he’s 1-&-done in his other 4 trips to the playoffs (3 of which were big losses) and led the team to a modest 110-100 tally, despite some good talents and defenses over the years and up til last year Coughlin’s coaching.

  13. The only move to fix this mess is a high profile move like Gruden. If Gruden comes in he will convince Eli to stay 2 more years. The team has talent on the field unfortunately has zero talent wearing headsets except spags. Always liked that guy running def. not as a HC. Gruden would have some great initial weapons and some sweet draft picks to take the giants from 2-10 to 10-2 same time next year with Eli…..

  14. Eli will retire because of one reason and one reason only he loves being the GIANTS quarterback and does not want to be anybody else’s quarterback that’s why this is so hard on him,, if the organization was in capable hands regarding the coach and gm which it’s not ,,can’t trust them to fix what Eli needs to be successful Eli would be starting again next year and the GIANTS could quickly become a formidable opponent again ,,but if Eli does retire the GIANTS are the doormat of the NFC for who know how long !

  15. Yeah everyone blasted the Giants and deservedly so this week but the other side of the story is that Eli has been a below-average QB for several years now. Just imagine if he didn’t have OBJ…oh wait we’ve been seeing that over the course of this year.

  16. I’d say Archie Manning is a golden example of why kids should take their father’s advice. Arhcie has raised two boys who went on to each win two super bowls, and will both be inducted into the Hall of Fame. I could offer Eli some advice, just like the rest of us, but he’s probably got over $100 million in the bank, and the TV networks will soon be trying to out-bid each other for his services. Eli didn’t have the talent that Peyton had, but with his father’s guidance, he was able to get to the right team where it was possible to win those super bowls. How many super bowls has Philip Rivers won? Some would say he’s a better QB than Eli. That’s what I’m talking about.

  17. Eli Manning has nothing more to prove. He’s a champion and deserves to bow out on his own terms.

  18. He should have plenty of money, so I’m sure he could retire.

    Personally I think he has been way overrated, if his name wasn’t Manning, he would just be an average QB. So I think he should retire before he gets exposed further.

    I find it laughable how he’s playing the victim, he’s playing horrible on a horrible team. It’s not like him playing is going to mean anything.
    They want to look and see if have a QB on there roster or if they need to start looking elsewhere.

  19. God ole Arch sure raised a couple of spoiled prima donnas. Eli has been mediocre for the last few years and will not get any better by playing out these last few games that mean nothing except for elevating the Giants draft status. The Mannings are only worried about poor Eli’s consecutive start numbers. petty people only worried about the “me, me, me” stats as usual !!

  20. Come-on Eli you’re damn near 40 years old. Why don’t you finally tell your daddy to shut his pie hole and speak for yourself.

  21. The use of ‘retire ‘ is simply to get teams in need of a QB to offer more though knowing they’ll get less than the purchased producer can deliver. Some teams cannot stop the addiction of buying used up QB’s…recycling the recycled in many cases. Eli’s a fresh recycle so his cost will rise.

  22. Simple question; why not rest Eli. Or any veteran starter that you have under contract and you are out of the playoffs. It really makes sense. Has he played well – no. Does he have anyone to throw the ball no – nope. So – rest him. Let him take the rest of the season off. Get a high draft pick. Draft some O lineman, trade down if someone really wants one of the college QB’s. Build depth. If they had done it that way – would the fans say..yeah..we get it. Can Eli win Super Bowls. Yup. I actually think the Giants can get better in a hurry. Tons of injuries. Look what McKay has done in LA. I like my strategy.

  23. As a Giants fan for 40 years mow, it was sad to see what happened earlier this week with Eli. He’s not only the best QB in franchise history but also a good guy who, in a perfect world, deserved to be treated much better than he was.

    HOWEVER, the fact of the matter is that a) he’s 37 and certainly at the tail end of his career (no matter where he plays) and b) the Giants have basically been a dumpster fire since they won their last SB in 2011. In other words, something was going to have to give and there was no way around it. If this is the end for Eli (the end of his Giants career or the end of his career in general) he did pretty well for himself, and I for one wont be losing too much sleep over it. I love Eli but players get old and leave the game eventually and its not always pretty. The game goes on.

  24. In New York, tgere needs to be a club of folks screwed my sports team management. Call it the Yogi Berra Society. Include Eli with Joe Girardi, any number of other NYY coaches, just for starters…

  25. orangepoison43 says:
    December 3, 2017 at 9:42 am
    Oh boy. Now we have to listen to another big mouth, way past his prime.
    The Mannings are like the Bush family.
    GO AWAY.
    Let Eli sell Pizza.


    I think you misspelled “Clinton Family”. The Bush family has pretty much gone away.

  26. Oh, poor pouting Eli. Now comes his daddy once again to shoot his crybaby mouth off. Hey Archie, Eli should have joined the Military so he could have grown some Balls. Something that you Mannings know nothing about. Whiney crybabies—–

  27. Everyone here agrees that Eli is not playing well, but who actually thinks Geno Smith is the answer?

    Geno Smith is going to look like a bottom 5 QB behind one of the worst OLs in the NFL. The skill players in NY are below average. Eli might retire at the end of the year – but it will be to prevent the Giants from having to cut him and eat the 12 million in dead cap space.

    The Giants are getting what they deserve. They tossed a top 5 coach on the street for a ‘up and coming’ coordinator. Now they bench their face of the franchise for the past decade to replace him with a guy who they will bench in a week. They’ve built nothing but expectations around a bad team. I hope they enjoy their top 15 picks for the next 5 years.

  28. Why does this goober feel that it’s necessary to speak for Eli all the time?! Is his son that incapable of putting together his own words?!

  29. The Broncos, Cardinals, Jets, Tampa Bay, Jacksonville, Miami, Bengals, Colts, and BROWNS all want Eli, even if it means drafting a future QB and letting him develop while Eli starts and plays with better personnel than what the woeful Giants have.

  30. The Mannings connect with middle America and liberals include many in the media resent them for it. It’s just another illustration of culture divide.

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