Chris Harris Jr. attributes late onside kick to “bad blood”

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An otherwise forgettable game between the Dolphins and Broncos received a little extra bump from an onside kick executed by Miami despite the fact that the home team held a 33-9 lead at the time.

He’s trying to embarrass us,” Broncos cornerback Chris Harris Jr. said after the game, attributing the move to “some bad blood” between Dolphins coach Adam Gase and the team for which he previously worked.

The bad blood, if there is any, would most likely be directed to G.M. John Elway and not to coach Vance Joseph, who coordinated the Miami defense a year ago.

Gase, of course, won’t admit that it had anything do with with anything other than playing the game.

“Just playing 60 minutes,” Gase told reporters after the game. “We’re not going to slow down. I don’t care what the score is.”

The Broncos may not see it that way, but it won’t matter until the next time the two teams play each other.

17 responses to “Chris Harris Jr. attributes late onside kick to “bad blood”

  1. Nothing worse than a whining professional athlete who is on a team that phoned it in.

    Your job is to play every down. Don’t like losing, then step in front of a moving train.

  2. Two teams circling the drain…who really cares about being embarrassed about an onside kick? BE EMBARRASSED ABOUT YOUR SEASON.

  3. Well played game by Miami, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves…it was the hapless Broncos you beat. And for the ones that complain about the late onside kick? Do something about it and stop the other team from giving you a beat down. Trust me, Miami has been on the bad side of that all season.

  4. Umm… have you seen the past month of Dolphin’s opponents pouring on the poinrs against a pathetic team that could not score more than 16 points. If this is bad sportsmanship then why was Denver calling 2 timeouts with 11 seconds and 4 seconds left to play down by 24pts.? Both teams are terrible and once again the Refs are completely blind or biased against the Dolphins.

  5. I love the Dolphins won today especially over Elway but I thought Gase was unsportsmanlike with the way he handled things. The victory should be enough. Your good friend and former DC is the head coach of the Broncos. These things have a way of coming back to you. Karma is a witch, man. Of course, with the way we have been playing this year, it wouldn’t have been outside the realm of possibility that Denver comes bacK and beats us bLL

  6. It’s definitely a @#$! move by Gase, but the bigger story here is a few weeks ago Denver had an elite D and today the gave up 33 to the putrid Miami offense missing Parker and starting their 3rd string running back.

    Denver has either gotten old fast or quit. Either way with a veteran defense it’s fair to wonder if a quick fix by upgrading at qb is all they need or if it’s time for a total rebuild, including a 3rd coach in 3 years.

  7. This game was quite entertaining to watch. The Broncos played like the expansion Buccaneers (blocked punt, pick six, TWO safeties, etc.), and Mark Schlereth’s brutal commentary of his former team was awesome. They embarrassed themselves.

  8. and this was without question the most humiliating loss the Broncos have had in YEARS!


    I beg to differ

    Lost to Giants 10-23 (at home)
    Lost to Chargers 0-21 (first shutout since 1993)
    Lost to Eagles 23-51
    Lost to Patriots 16-41 (at home, who always had success against them)

    etc, etc etc…. this game was just another example of this year.

  9. What an idiot. Two bottom of the barrel teams, hoping to get the game over as soon as possible (certainly didn’t want to make it close and possibly go into overtime) and collect their paychecks. Just one team made a little more effort in winning, nothing more, nothing less.

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