Dolphins stink less than Broncos, break five-game losing streak

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The Dolphins and Broncos could both use a quarterback, because there are parts of each team that isn’t so bad.

If only there was a guy who was available this offseason.

But the Dolphins elected to go with Jay Cutler when Ryan Tannehill was lost for the season to a knee injury, and the Broncos stuck with their committee led by Trevor Siemian because of familiarity, and now both of them are terrible.

The Dolphins stunk a little less Sunday, beating the Broncos 35-9. That snapped a five-game losing streak and improved (?) them to 5-7, still with a mathematical chance at the playoffs.

Kenyan Drake was the star of the day, taking his shot as the Dolphins lead back and responding with 23 carries for 120 yards and a touchdown, as they stayed comfortably ahead most of the day.

But the Dolphins were far from good. Cutler was quite bad, completing 18-of-31 passes for 235 yards, with two touchdowns and two interceptions.

The good news is Siemian was worse, 20-of-42 for 219 yards and three interceptions.

Each team scored on a pick-six, which was indicative of the seasons of the two of them. But after they turned their noses up at more talented alternatives, they kind of deserve their respective records.

The loss was the eighth in a row for the Broncos (3-9), making it seem like forever ago when they were winning in spite of their quarterback situation, thanks to their great defense. Now, poor Siemian can’t do anything right, and the team as a whole is suffering the consequences.

21 responses to “Dolphins stink less than Broncos, break five-game losing streak

  1. “But after they turned their noses up at more talented alternatives, they kind of deserve their respective records.”

    Uhm, what? What stud franchise QB was available when Tannehill went down?

  2. But after they turned their noses up at more talented alternatives, they kind of deserve their respective records.


    All teams that turned their noses up to a more talented alternative are struggling!

  3. Somehow Siemian throwing a pick six and stinking up the joint is Vance Joseph’s fault.

  4. I remember people questioning why I had the Dolphins over the Broncos as my lock of the week? Well here you go Denver has clearly given up on the season.

  5. He’s lobbying for Kapanut. Should have thrown Eli in there. Giants probably should have signed him too….because you know, NFL types are clairvoyant.

  6. Seriously, I personally have no problem with the kneeling and CK, but he was a one dimensional QB who couldn’t read defense and needed an offense tailored to his skills and a very talented defense to have success in the league. Besides that, if he were committed to playing the game, he would have gone to the CFL to demonstrate his talent. He did not. Stop beating a dead horse.

  7. This Bronco fan puts the blame on Elway more than anybody else.

    Elway hasn’t done enough to hide the weakl line. There are very few outlets for the Denver QB’s when they’re hurried. which is most of the time. Most of this failing is because Elway sucks in the early rounds of the draft. Other than Von Miller we can’t name a pleasant surprise out of the first three rounds in the last 6 drafts. Thats 17 whiffs at Elway’s feet.

    Joseph is so bad it defies logic. Oh wait. Elway hired him. Put that at Johnnie’s feet too. The problem is I doubt Elway will be replaced and I doubt Elway will replace Joseph. That means more of the same next year.

  8. I’s not often you see total failure perfected in EVERY area of play.

    The Bronco’s did it on offense, defense, and special teams.

    Is there a trophy for that?

  9. I’ve come to terms with the fact that the opinions from the writers on this blog are half-baked more often than not.

    I can only speak about the Dolphins, but they have a lot of problems that Colin Kaepernick (who is not much better than Cutler) wouldn’t solve. Secondly, why should the Dolphins upset majority of their fanbase by signing a guy who praised Fidel Castro?

    Kaepernick wasn’t signed and never will be signed. His career is done. No amount of social justice warriors whining about this will change anything.

  10. Elway is throwing the season away for a high pick quarterback draftee (like the Colts did a few years ago). What a shameful way to run a team. If you could prove something like this, the Broncos should reimburse season ticket holders in full.

  11. Darin Gantt, nice that you alluded to Kaepernick being available for the Dolphins. Yes he is, and was at the time, available to be signed.

    But please remember this, Miami has a strong Cuban and Hispanic community, While wearing a T-shirt with the image of Fidel Castro he said if anyone is “OK with people being treated unfairly, being harassed, being terrorized, then the problem is more what they’re doing in their lives …”. That didn’t sit well in the Miami Cuban community. Castro killed or violated women for no reason. Imprisoned or executed men who showed dissent. These victims were mothers, fathers and various relatives of the people who grew up or escaped to MIAMI.

    Bringing him in to the Miami Dolphins organization would not just be the leading story for NBC Sports, but more than likely the lead story Lester Holt reads for the Nightly News.

    Yes Miami needs quarterback help.
    Miami doesn’t need riots, protests and community unrest.

    I know this post may get deleted, but I hope it doesn’t, as it looks at the ramifications some of these wishful thinking player placements.

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