Eli Manning: I plan to play next year

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It’s been a trying week for Eli Manning, but he’s not ready to walk away from the game of football.

His father suggested that might be his youngest son’s course of action after the end of the 2017 season while also saying there was no point in speculating about what the Giants quarterback will do. Manning, who turns 37 early next year, spoke for himself on the retirement topic after watching Sunday’s 24-17 loss to the Raiders.

Manning said that he plans on playing next season. He’s under contract with the Giants through next year and there’s a $5 million roster bonus due if he’s on the team on the third day of the 2018 league year.

Manning also said that he isn’t mad at anybody about the way that his benching was handled this week. Manning rejected an offer to continue starting with coach Ben McAdoo saying that the plan would be for Manning to play the first half of games before giving way to Geno Smith or Davis Webb. Co-owner John Mara later suggested his understanding was that the plan would be for Manning to start with the intent to look at other quarterbacks, but not to pull Manning from games if he was playing well.

The disconnect led to a report on Sunday that McAdoo could be fired in the next 24 hours and he’s almost certainly going to be out the door at some point in the near future. Manning’s own future will likely take some more time to sort out.

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  1. I still say this can be a winning team with Eli at QB for a good three years. They just need 3 first round picks in next year’s draft to get the offensive line Reece has ignored. The defense will play well enough if it does not have to play 3/4 of the game. My enmity now is directed at Olivier Vernon. He said that if we don’t like that he kneels for the National Anthem we should stay away from the games? Really? I wonder what John Mara things about that. Matter of fact, I wonder if he thinks at all.

  2. It would have been so easy to handle the Eli situation, with some semblance of class.

    All they had to do, was not say Anything. They could have started Eli, then pulled him after the first quarter, to check out the competency–or lack thereof–of one of the backups. They could have done the very same thing next week.

    And, by simply keeping their mouths shut, Eli would have gotten all his starts, without his pride getting in the way.

    The fact that they handled this so badly, suggests to me that it was done on purpose, not by simple bungling.

  3. Eli is overrated- he gets the press because he’s Peyton’s little brother. His reg season record is average at best 110-100 and his only 12 playoff games 8-4. The two SB wins were primarily due to great defensive play. I think Eli should be more worried about the law suit that has been put on hold until the season is over with, than what team he’s going to be playing on. Lmao he can sell phony game day jerseys in Cleveland – those people would buy anything at this point.

  4. Who cares, really?
    He was exceptionally fortunate to play on teams with great defenses.
    He is not very good, in the overall scheme and usually a crappy fantasy football QB. He was too inconsistent.
    Archie is sickening and Peyton is over exposed.
    Go away, Mannings.

  5. Giants are run by the 3 stooges- McAdoodle Dandy, Reese and trust fund baby Mara! What a dumpster fire. Only thing Gino can do is run away from the rush faster because of the worthless offensive line.

  6. Eli has always reminded me of Moe Howard (the 3 stooges) running around in an oversized helmet, right into walls.
    If not for his father and Pay-a-ton, he would never have been selected into the NFL.
    As far as him playing in the NFL next year, well he’s got about as much chance of that as I do of being the POPE!
    Bless you my son!

  7. Eli holds all the cards this offseason. He has a no trade clause in his contract and is owed $5 million on the third day of the 2018 league year. He should force the Giants to release him and then sign in Jacksonville. Coughlin can fortify a strong team with some new offensive lineman and you have a team built for the Super Bowl. The Giants can start the long and painful rebuilding process that is way over do by drafting their future QB.

  8. No Oline.
    No Rbs
    No coaches (HC/DC)
    No Wr’s
    1 TE (and he’s leading the world in drops).

    Dak looked horrible and all he was missing was ONE running back and a decent HC.

    Eli would win a SB with Dallas. Dallas has done ZERO with the best Oline of the past 5 or so years. NADA.

    Eli won 2 Sb’s with so-so Olines but had good coaching and decent WR’s. The present GM inherited the first team and most of the 2nd. He has NO GM tree. He’s awful.

    All you Eli haters don’t even know he went from a Run and Shoot O to a WC O. A lousy one at that. Like apples to oranges. Most of you all don’t even know the basic concept of a Run and Shoot (look it up).

    At worst, Eli is a top 16 QB. With a good team, you can win a SB with that. He’s done it twice.

    The best team the Giants have had in my lifetime, was the 2008 team that was rolling over the NFL until Plaxico wasn’t smart enough get driven home and call 911.

    210 games and some clown ends it. Then Mara says he (Mara) was misinterpreted. Something got to give and we know how that works.

    Ray Handley
    Rich Kotite
    Ben McAdoo

    A football card depicting the 3 worst coaches in NY history. (yeah the Jets count, sort of).

    Eli will be starting next week with Sullivan as the interim HC. Only way Mara can save face. And he needs to save face FAST.

  9. Eli Manning – class act all the way. Before this weekend he had a 62.5% completion rate this season despite 20 dropped passes. Take out half those drops and he’d be near the top in completion %. McAdoo and Reese pulled Eli for one reason – a desperate,last ditch “hail mary” attempt to save their jobs. And it won’t work because they’re no longer up to the job. But along the way they produced some very hard feelings and have given Manning a good reason to retire. Let’s hope that once McAdoo and Reese are fired the new regime will see the light.Eli Manning is a champion. Give him the players and the coach and he will bring home another title.

  10. Eli Manning is not like Brady and Rodgers who can carry the whole team on their back and make amazing plays with nothing to work with. Manning needs a good supporting cast around him to succeed. This last year he has had no offensive line,no running game and no wide receivers who can get open. He hasn’t forgotten how to play and if you goes to a team with a good roster you will see a better player.

  11. Keenum went from a top 40 QB to #3 overnight? Lots of hard work for sure but that’s a real team with real coaches. Put Keenum on a bad team (like his whole life) or the Giants and he’s back to 40.

    Again, coaching, drafting, lack of key injuries etc. Some guys need all the stars to align. Keenum needs that. Maybe Eli too. Some just need a great coach (Brady).

    You think Keenum could win in Philly or Dallas? I do. As could Eli. Dak is overrated, Wentz is not but is surrounded by a solid team.

  12. I’m a Broncos fan, and anyone who doesn’t believe benching your franchise QB, this late in the season, for Geno Smith no less, is lying. I have an eerie feeling he will follow in Peyton’s footsteps, and start for Denver next season…a definite upgrade.

  13. I wish the Giants could transport the league’s best offensive line over the past 2-3 years — the Titans — over to New York.

    That said, the line isn’t as bad as some like to claim. Nor are the RBs. They’re not Pro Bowlers, but the real issue is McAdoo’s outdated, predictable offensive gameplan. Doesn’t matter who your linemen, WRs and RBs are, they’re not going to thrive when the defense knows what’s coming 90% of the time.

  14. orangepoison43 says:
    December 3, 2017 at 9:18 pm
    Who cares, really?
    He was exceptionally fortunate to play on teams with great defenses.
    He is not very good, in the overall scheme and usually a crappy fantasy football QB. He was too inconsistent.
    Archie is sickening and Peyton is over exposed.
    Go away, Mannings.


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