Eric Weddle: We’ll be prepared for the Steelers

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The Ravens have found their groove, and in seven nights they find their biggest rivals, again.

Baltimore returns to Pittsburgh next weekend on NBC, at a time when Pittsburgh may be peeking past the Ravens for the first of potentially two games against the Patriots. Ravens safety Eric Weddle has no problem with that.

“I understand what he’s saying,” Weddle told PFT after Sunday’s 44-20 win over the Lions, regarding Steelers coach Mike Tomlin’s much-discussed remarks to Tony Dungy about the proverbial “elephant in the room” of facing New England once and maybe twice. “But we’re going to be prepared to play the Steelers, and if the Steelers aren’t prepared to play us, that’s their problem.”

The Ravens are always prepared to play the Steelers, whenever and wherever. With a 7-5 record and a three-game winning streak, the Ravens understand that this one gets about as big as it can be, and that it potentially becomes the second of three games to be played between Baltimore and Pittsburgh in the 2017 season.

So what’s going right for the Ravens? The injury bug has subsided to a certain extent (notwithstanding Sunday’s season-ending Achilles tendon tear suffered by cornerback Jimmy Smith). Also, the offense delivered when it needed to do so, scoring points and protecting the ball as the Lions tried to mount a comeback.

“That’s what championship teams do,” Weddle said regarding the existence of balance that Baltimore currently enjoys.

For now, Weddle will enjoy an “epic night” of ice cream with his kids. He indulges after each win; it will be a bigger feast than usual, given that Weddle had a sack, a forced fumble, an interception, and a touchdown.

It’s safe to say he’ll burn off the extra calories next Sunday night in Pittsburgh.

16 responses to “Eric Weddle: We’ll be prepared for the Steelers

  1. I can’t imagine Baltimore or Pittsburgh ever looking past each other because they kinda hate each I other. Same with Cincinnati. The Browns are maybe a bit of a different matter though.

    Go Steelers!

  2. Weddle is whistling loudly past the graveyard because he knows the Steelers have the Ravens games circled on their calendars since training camp. I just hope if the Steelers win next week that some reporter will ask Weddle “How come you were not prepared?”.

  3. Ravens have had 1 decent offensive game recently, so a lot still to prove. But these teams always slug it out, regardless.

  4. Ohhhh, this can’t be good!
    Locker-room chatter is they are using plaster-cast to dip their shoe laces in!
    This could be a blood bath, these two teams hate each others guts!
    And thats just the cheerleaders!
    There won’t be much left of Big Bent-Over Ben when New England pulls into town!
    This game could be like the old Roller-Ball. No Substitutions, no one gets out alive!
    Jonathan E.

  5. Steelers blew out the ravens in Baltimore earlier in the season and we are supposed to get excited when they travel to Pitt, when the steelers offense is just starting to peak?

  6. ibillwt says:

    December 3, 2017 at 8:28 pm

    pitt wins the 1 seed if they beat NE regardless of result against ravens so tomlin is right.
    Only if they end the season with the same record, that’s why they call them “tie breakers”, only time will tell.

  7. Who?

    Ravens are yesteryear and completely irrelevant. Flacco has saddled the team with that terrible contract.
    They should focus purely on edging the Browns for the next decade.

  8. switchwitch59 says:
    December 3, 2017 at 10:22 pm
    ibillwt says:

    December 3, 2017 at 8:28 pm

    pitt wins the 1 seed if they beat NE regardless of result against ravens so tomlin is right.
    Only if they end the season with the same record, that’s why they call them “tie breakers”, only time will tell.

    It will be awfully tough for the loser of the game to get the #1 seed as the winner would have to lose TWO other games to take the #1 seed back.

  9. And let Steelers/Ravens week begin!

    Here’s what I have to say to all you of you, especially you Pats trolls that love to cling on to what is arguably the best rivalry in the NFL… This game is going to kick butt. It’s going to kick the butt of everyone watching the game in the stadium and on tv. The Steelers/Ravens games never disappoint when the playoffs/season is on the line. It doesn’t matter who has the better record and it doesn’t matter who is the home team or visitor. Strap ’em up, tape ’em up, ice ’em up because when this game is over you may be waiting in line to seek medical attention.

    Go Ravens!

  10. Like I said all along, all Tomlin did was give the rest of their schedule a rallying cry. Every team from now thru the playoffs will be saying the same thing. Teams love to play the disrespect card. It’s unbelievable that, knowing his teams reputation for under performing against big underdogs, he would go on national TV and basically admit overlooking the rest of the AFC in favor of New England. Think the Patriots are doing the same?

  11. Starting to peak? After squeaking by the Packers last week AT HOME and squeaking by the Colts?

    It’ll be a good game. Every time I hear from a Pats fan I’m reminded how fun this rivalry can be.

  12. Two things, Eric: One, the game is in Pittsburgh so you won’t have the crowd on your side. And Two, good luck holding the Steelers to less than the 10 or 12 pts your putrid offense scores.

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