Geno Smith fires back at Rex Ryan

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Former Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez didn’t fire back when his former head coach, Rex Ryan, opted to clumsily engage in revisionist history. Former Jets quarterback Geno Smith did.

“I did see one of my ex-coaches say he didn’t want me to be his quarterback,” Smith told reporters after Sunday’s Giants-Raiders game, his first start for the other New York team. “That really upset me. I saved his job in 2013. We fought our ass for him both years. For him to say that shows how much of a coward he is.”

In October, Ryan said that he never believed Sanchez would be a franchise quarterback. Rex’s own words, from his own book, conflicted directly with that sentiment.

So while “coward” may fit, the bigger problem is that Rex is disingenuous. Surely, he said plenty of great things to and about Geno Smith and Mark Sanchez. To take all of those things back now makes him look like a liar.

42 responses to “Geno Smith fires back at Rex Ryan

  1. The Ryan brothers just need to go away. They failed everywhere and still never shut their mouths.

  2. “I saved his job” good god this kid still hasn’t learned. He had an awful rookie year outside of two games and the Jets had a top 5 offensive line and Defense. I’m not excusing Rex’s comments but this is exactly why Geno has a glass jaw.

  3. 80% of my comments get censored (I’m taking a cyber knee to raise awareness for the censoring of comments) says:
    December 3, 2017 at 8:27 pm
    Geno used coward because he hasn’t quite mastered 3 syllables yet, let alone 5


    Thumbs up for your screen name alone. Let alone your comment.

  4. Rex Ryan is a loud-mouth jerk and a hypocrite. As he yammered on and mouthed-off the whole time he was a head coach, his teams stuck to the downward trend of Losing. He has absolutely nothing to offer anyone when it comes to football. Wish the guy would just go away.

  5. December 3, 2017 at 8:38 pm
    Geno wasn’t great, but he wasn’t terrible either. He would have a bad game one week and have a good one the next, resulting in a 8-8 season and giving Woody just enough encouragement to keep Rex’s worthless ass around for 2014.

    So yeah, Geno did save Rex’s job.

    P.S. the “glass jaw” dig was really cheap.

  6. Smith has no credence. What the hell has he accomplished on the field but garner a huge paycheck.
    Worthless. And so is his comment about Ryan.

  7. I guarantee Geno wouldn’t call Rex a coward to his face, as he would get pummeled. Talk about a coward…

  8. That whole Ryan clan are skunks.
    The old man when alive and his twin sons were/are lowlifes.
    I am surprised only one of the sons is employed by ESPN.
    The are attracted by scum bags

  9. greenwhodat26 says:
    December 3, 2017 at 9:06 pm

    I guarantee Geno wouldn’t call Rex a coward to his face, as he would get pummeled. Talk about a coward…


    I’ll guarantee you Geno – a professional athlete in his physical prime – could say whatever he wanted to at fat a** Rex’s face. I would imagine Vegas would put odds on Geno’s side.

  10. Maybe Geno should of been less concerned about his brand when came into the league.
    He would of been a better quarterback.

  11. Geno Smith is a horrific player.

    He can look competent for minutes and then spends the rest of the time clueless.

    He has never been above mediocre. He will destroy any effort that shows he is improving. And he doesn’t just shovel dirt over his own grave. He uses a bulldozer.

  12. Geno is a horrible quarterback and rex is a horrible coach, commentator and person. At least Smith doesn’t have a toe fetish

  13. sameer1138 says:

    December 3, 2017 at 9:03 pm

    So Rex got a tattoo showing his love for someone he didn’t think was a franchise quarterback? Um….
    Actually, that was a tattoo of his wife wearing a Sanchez jersey. Maybe he was showing his wife’s love for someone he didn’t think was a franchise QB. Hmmmm…..

  14. Ask Ray Lewis, Ed Reed and Bart Scott if Rex is a coward. And you Mike Florio, do you really expect a head coach to say his incumbent starter is no good? Maybe Sanchez should not have rolled his eyes at Joe Namath when he talked ball protection in a QB meeting, and maybe Geno shouldn’t say he saved Rex job on the lowest QB rating in the NFL and his key role in leading the NFL in turnovers. Starting QB his jaw broken with no one coming to his defense including his then head coach Todd Bowles. Rex may have saved Genos job by having a bunch of safeties playing corner during his talent hamstringing via John Itzik. Antonio Allen was his #1 corner. A 7th round safety. Rex Ryan owes you nothing Geno. Go miss another meeting.

  15. Ryan. The same guy Charlie Casserly said should have been Coach of the Year in 2013 for going 8-8 with the talent her had should be in the hall for going up to New England in the divisional 2010 and beating Brady with Mark Sanchez and an aging defensive line. That was 8 days after beating Peyton in the Wild Card, with Mark. Eight in the box anyone?

  16. So here we have a story about 3 failed NFL players & coach. What a waste of 5 minutes. Mark & Geno are below avg qb’s who have done almost nothing in the NFL. Geno will be out of football soon. A whole 34 passes this year.

  17. Wrecks Ryan has always been big mouthed fat blow hard in search of a bus ticket and he finally got one out of the NFL because of his inability to coach and his big fat mouth yammering all the time.

  18. Yeah remember te last time geno opened his mouth and that dude lost today….again! He should not be saying anything about anyone. Saved Rex’s job that’s a laugh, I’m sure the defense had nothing to do with that. This clown cried himself out of the waiting room after he wasn’t drafted in the first round. Rex is a blowhard and all but geno has no room to say anything.

  19. Telling lies about how great employees are, while they are still employed or shortly afterwards, is a standard management practice. The same applies to students, soldiers, cops, and voters.

    When the POTUS says “Americans are great” is he lying? Have any said “Some Americans are great”. Has any POTUS said of a cabinet official he fired “He was a really bad Secretary of X”. No he lies and says nice things at the time and may tell the truth as he saw it down the road.

  20. mandcdad says:
    December 3, 2017 at 8:27 pm
    Did he win today? Guess Geno really showed Rex.

    His team lost. How did Rex’s team do today? Oh that’s right!

  21. Geno apparently hasn’t learned that you earn respect and that talking smack only is legitimate if you’ve won games and have earned respect.

  22. Wish everyone would quite misspelling Ryan’s first name…..its Wrecks! Cause that’s what he does wherever he goes!

  23. Ok geno I agree Rex is a bone head but when someone sucks as much as you do, you should keep the trash talk to a minimum. You didn’t save anybodies job. You are terrible lol.

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