Group of former Giants may wear Eli Manning jerseys to next week’s game

Getty Images

The Giants play their first home game of the post-Eli era next Sunday against the Cowboys. It could get ugly in the stands — and on the sidelines.

Jay Glazer of FOX reports that a group of former Giants players may show up for the game wearing Eli jerseys. Regardless of how the organization reacts, the sight could make prompt an even strong reaction from the fans who show up for the game.

Assuming any of them do.

Meanwhile, Glazer reports that the Giants sent a confidential email to all employees asking them not to comment on the Eli situation due to the potential ramifications. As if the organization hadn’t already done enough to screw things up without having to worry about what the rank and file would do.

However things play out over the next few weeks, write this one down: Eli will start the Week 17 finale against Washington, and it will be widely viewed as a Montana/Romo style swan song. That may be the only way to get fans to show up for the game.