Jets sat Darron Lee after he was late to practice

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Linebacker Darron Lee was an unexpected addition to the Jets’ inactive list for Sunday’s game against the Chiefs as he wasn’t injured and had started each of the team’s first 11 games.

That led to speculation that Lee was being punished for a violation of team rules and Lee confirmed as much after the game.

“I paid my dues, let my guys down,” Lee said, via Connor Hughes of “I’ll be back tomorrow. That’s all there is to it.”

Hughes reports that Lee was late for practice on Saturday and he wasn’t the only player who had an issue getting to work on time. Defensive end Muhammad Wilkerson did not play in the first quarter of the 38-31 Jets win after he was late to a team meeting.

It’s not the first time Wilkerson has had an issue with tardiness. He sat out a quarter of a game in each of the last two seasons for the same reason.

Coach Todd Bowles said both players should return to the starting lineup next weekend when the Jets take on the Broncos.

5 responses to “Jets sat Darron Lee after he was late to practice

  1. I was critical of Bowles in another article over this but I gotta say the way the Jets responded is impressive. No touchdown antics from Anderson and Wilkerson played his rear end off when he finally got into the game. These players respect him, and if Lee doesn’t give his all next week he needs to go, Wilkerson needs to go as well there’s no reason for him to be late or missing practice when he’s paid as much as he is. That means the Jets should have 100m in cap space next season. Can you say Kirk Cousins with Enunwa, Kearse, and Anderson next season? lethal.

  2. Players are constantly saying they are grown men and should be treated as such. If they are grown men they should be able to make it to meetings/practices on time. It’s their only job.

  3. Pay me $18MM/year and I won’t be lat to work, I promise.
    This may seem minor, but the season is 17 weeks long, and Wilkersen has been late to meeting every season, along with Ex-Jet Sheldon Richardson.
    I expect Wilkerson to be cut after the season, or accept a big pay cut for his lack of production.

    As for Darron Lee, he hasn’t proven himself yet, he can’t afford minor transgressions.

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