Matthew Stafford exits with injury to throwing hand

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A bad day for the Lions is getting even worse.

Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford has exited today’s game after suffering an injury to his right hand. That’s his throwing hand, and it’s a hand he has injured in the past.

There was no immediate word on the nature of Stafford’s injury, but it’s severe enough that he was replaced by backup Jake Rudock, who threw a pick-six on his first series.

Before he suffered the injury, Stafford completed 24 of 29 passes for 292 yards, with one touchdown, one interception and two fumbles. The Lions are getting blown out by the Ravens, and their playoff hopes appear to be over.

13 responses to “Matthew Stafford exits with injury to throwing hand

  1. playoff chances appear to be over….hmmm, how odd. the announcers during the packer game said “if they beat tampa and get to 6-6, they are well positioned to get to the playoffs. after the game against cleveland, they have 3 very winnable games, carolina, minnesota and detroit” 3 very winnable games?? huh?? what??

  2. So what is Matty against teams with winning records? What 7-77 or something. You make a lot of money betting against him when he plays teams with winning records.

  3. Lifelong Lions fan here. What a disappointing game and disappointing season. Whatever hope Lions fans had at the start of the season has evaporated. They will have to improve fast and be fortunate to squeak out a “winning” season. Although the talking heads say the Lions have the easiest remaining schedule, I wouldn’t bet a cup of coffee that they will win any of their remaining games. And now they face the next five years paying Matt Stafford $27 million a year. Good luck finding a bruising runner who can get them one yard when needed (clearly, an elusive goal), a pass rusher, or an o-line upgrade other than in the draft. Who knows who they’ll lose in free agency, too.

  4. last year the finger, this year the whole hand. tough break.

    we took out Rodgers, unintentionally, and the door was wide open for you.

  5. Let the Lions annual late season collapse begin:
    at T.B = L
    vs Chi = L
    at Cin = L
    vs GB = L

    Not being sarcastic; these are my legit pics. I just find it jaw-dropping that almost every season we see the Lions inexplicably collapse as the end of the regular season approaches.

  6. If I were Stafford, I’d sit out the rest of the year with that injury and hope that the Lions lose out. Maybe then the Lions will fire their gutless, overdependent-on-the-qb coach and hire someone who at least knows how to put together a balanced team!

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