Raiders make it a three-way tie atop the AFC West

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The Raiders have had their fair share of sloppy moments during Sunday’s game against the Giants, but it wasn’t enough to keep them from getting a 24-17 win over their hapless visitors from New Jersey.

That’s a nice summary for their season to date as the sloppiness that has led to six losses on the season hasn’t stopped the Raiders from finding themselves in the mix for the AFC West title. Sunday’s win moves them into a three-way tie with the rising Chargers and fading Chiefs at the top of the division.

That won’t hold through next weekend because the Raiders will be in Kansas City for a Sunday afternoon matchup with a team they beat 31-30 at home earlier this season. In order to pull off a sweep, they’ll need more of the good thing from Sunday’s game — strong work from Khalil Mack, big plays on offense and 101 rushing yards from Marshawn Lynch — while cleaning up some of the uglier parts.

Derek Carr threw a couple of passes that were dropped by Giants defensive backs and punt returner Jalen Richard lost the ball three times without penalty because the Raiders were able to recover each time. Any one of those plays could have changed the game and a team better than the Giants could have taken advantage of those opportunities.

Getting wide receiver Michael Crabtree back from suspension will help and they’ll be hoping that Amari Cooper can get cleared from the concussion protocol in time to face the Chiefs as well.

That wasn’t in the cards for the Giants, who saw Geno Smith go 21-of-34 for 212 yards and a touchdown in his first start since being anointed as the man to end Eli Manning‘s consecutive start streak at 210 games. Smith lost a pair of fumbles on sacks, however, and the Giants weren’t able to support him with anything of consequence on the ground.

Word before the game was that the Giants might fire Ben McAdoo before the end of business on Monday, which is unsurprising given their 2-10 record. Sunday’s game was no worse than most of what they’ve done this season and certainly wasn’t as bad as the back-to-back losses to the Rams and 49ers that preceded the Giants saying they’d make their call on the coach’s future after the entire season.

The criticism of the way Manning’s benching was handled appears to have caused some second thoughts within the organization, which may not be proactive leadership but it feels like the inevitable response to a terrible season.

Oakland’s season was teetering on a similar brink earlier this year, but they were able to bounce back in a way that the Giants couldn’t and now they’re very much in the playoff hunt with a quarter of the season to go.

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  1. Another decent effort by the Raiders against a bad team. The Raiders D is bad but the Giants D defense may be even worse. Good job by Carr and the backup receivers given that both Cooper and Crabtree were out.

    I think next week’s game in K.C. is a toss-up. The Chiefs are in free-fall but these 2 teams generally play each other tough regardless of where they are in the standings. I still feel that the Chargers will wind up winning the weak AFCW.

  2. Macadoofuss kicks a field goal at the end of the game instead of going for the first down dude is a tool

  3. Giants showed up and played hard but luckily gave up two huge plays and protected their draft position. At this point thats about the best I could hope for as a Giants fan.

  4. McAdoo calling a TO when the 1st quarter was about to end merits getting fired alone. Just let the clock run out and talk it over during the break? There was 3 seconds with the clock running..

  5. No it wasn’t first off it was a 52 yarder you need a touch down as your first score the odds of recovering an onside kick is zero are you a macadoofuss relative ?

  6. Geno Smith is not the answer

    Ben McAdoo is not the answer

    Jerry Reese is not the answer

    Eli is not the problem (nor the answer) but the organization undid 100 years of class in one shot.

    I have ZERO respect for Mara and Tisch. For Mara to then throw McAdoo under the bus (and literally he is about to be rolled over by said bus), makes Mara look even worse. BE A MAN.

    I love the game more than the Giants. But the Giants are a very close 2nd. To disrespect Eli is to disrespect ALL OF US who appreciated him playing in 210 games and being a 2 time Super Bowl MVP.

    Eli will show up at his Ring of Honor Day. He will get an incredible ovation because of his great and classy career. Mara will show up and he will be get booed. Because he has no class.

    ‘Just win baby’, doesn’t fly in NY. Loyalty is a part of that equation.

    We won’t forget what Mara did for a long time, if ever…

  7. I thought Jim Irsay was a buffoon; John Mara makes him seem a MENSA alumnus. The streak can never be resurrected; Manning’s dignity cannot be restored; the credibility of the NY Giants has been forfeited – all for nothing. Geno is who we thought he was; McAdoo is a clown who will shortly be unemployed and the vaunted Giant’s legacy will be forever diminished if it has not been entirely destroyed. Mara (and the NFL) will soon be reaping the benefits of enormous sponsor dissatisfaction while Eli will never be given the opportunity to take his rightful place in NY Giant lore. WHY? Why hasn’t a NY media reporter asked the hard questions of John Mara? I never thought the NY media shy or fearful but isn’t it time to demand an accounting from Mara? He is responsible! Perhaps Mara can get Goodell to turn back time and undo the humiliation he visited on Eli. Anything else will live in NY sports history as a travesty.

  8. I love all the people saying benching Manning was wrong because he was on a team that won’t a Super Bowl. That’s just funny. Manning is not a good player. In fact, he pretty bad. They should have cut him before this season.

  9. Why do you NEED a td as your first score?? You have to recover the onsides kick regardless with under 2 minutes to play (assuming that you arent going to kick off). Watch football much?

  10. arriv why are you so wrapped up with a two win team not just keeping the drive going with going for a 4 th and 6 you realize the giants are not in the playoff hunt right or did you just start watching them

  11. Elmer brown, must be the name given to you after you graduated clown college. You need 10 points. They had 1 time out left. You kick the FG and try to extend the game ie onside kick, which you have to do anyways. If they don’t convert, the game is over, down 10, giving the raiders the ball, with only one chance to stop the clock. I’m sure you think you’re clever by using terms like “Mcdoofus”, but it’s clear from your unpunctuated, run-on sentences, and terrible syntax, that you likely wrote your replies in crayon before asking someone to type it out for you.

  12. *face palm* Elmer brown… you even know football? Even if they converted, then scored the TD.. get this. THEY.. STILL.. NEED.. TO.. RECOVER.. THE.. ONSIDE.. KICK.
    On 4th and 6 you take the points and extend the game. You can’t seriously be this much of a Franklin the Turtle

  13. Franklin the Turtle , face palm ,clown college ,replies in crayon ,terrible syntax ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,angry much ?

  14. If only we were the team that blew out bad teams and just barely beat the good teams instead we’re the team that barely beats the bad teams when we do win that is and we get blown out by the good teams

  15. skawh says:
    December 3, 2017 at 10:37 pm

    MARSHAWN, over 100 yards rushing. Where are you haters?


    Wow, ONE good game in 11 outings. Certainly justifies wasting 6 mil. on a disruptive team cancer when the Raiders would’ve been better off keeping Murray or drafting another RB in the late rounds.

  16. bolts2017 says:
    December 3, 2017 at 10:45 pm
    As a Chargers fan I have no love for Eli Manning, but that SOB pulls wins out of nowhere. If he was the QB the Giants would have won today.

    As much as I don’t think Geno is the answer at QB, if it weren’t for his mobility, the Raider front 7 would have had MORE sacks against that statue with cement shoes Manning.

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