Seahawks hope fifth offensive lineman combination will be the last

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On Sunday night in Seattle, the Seahawks will unveil yet another new combination of offensive lineman. They hope this one — the fifth this year — will be the last, and the best.

As explained by Gregg Bell of the Tacoma News Tribune, offensive line coach Tom Cable is looking primarily for continuity.

“That is the whole key right there, is to see if we can keep that group together and let them grow together now, to see if we can keep working on finding the runner,” Cable said. “If we can continue to do that then cohesiveness will start to show itself. And that is always a positive.”

The latest configuration has Duane Brown at left tackle, Joeckel at left guard, Justin Britt at center, Ethan Pocic at right guard, and Germain Ifedi at right tackle.

The odd man out may be Oday Aboushi, who has started eight games at right guard. He missed last week with a shoulder injury, and he’s also listed as out for the Sunday night showdown against the Eagles. If the Seahawks can finally find the right formula with Brown, Joeckel, Britt, Pocic, and Ifedi, they’ll likely be riding it as long as they can.

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  1. I believe this is code for ‘we haven’t been able to run the ball effectively since Marshawn left, but I’d really like to keep my job and am trying to buy time’.

  2. Aboushi has been a turnstile all year and has no power in the run game. On a line full of turnstile’s he was for sure the worst. This version of the hawks are not scaring anybody. Let’s see if Wilson can will the offense and Earl and Bobby can will the defense and turn this season around and make an improbable run. If not it will be a long offseason with lots of holes to fill. Good chance Sherman and Chancellor won’t be back. They do have a quarterback though so all the haters saying the hawks are a little premature. Cap won’t be an issue and solid drafts keep this thing going. We have the right GM to do it.

  3. Hawks fan since 76. Imo Wilson is part of the lines problem. He refuses to move up in the pocket so defenders just pinch the edges and bull the guards. This works great to stop Wilson AND the run. No need to switch things up w stunts slants and blitzes. He constantly misses blitzes in his pre snap read. Against the falcon the will lined up directly over the leo and the ss moved right behind the will. It was amazingly obvious even on the poor ass tv angle that the falcon were blitzing. Of course he did not pick it up. Did not audible out of a bad play. Zone run right at the blitz. Lost 3 yards. This doesn’t even get to the wide open receivers running around that he can’t see (?) or as I’m starting to think…. He doesn’t know what the defense is doing so he thinks his guys are covered when in fact the d rolled over the offense guys are wide open and Wilson is running like a geeked chicken. A qb that can read a defense is what the hawks need. Not linemen.

  4. Wilson is accounting for the most of his offense EVER in the Super Bowl era and currently leads the league in overall yards and tds. Yet people find a way to make up alternative facts. His detractors may just be the most low IQ people on the planet

  5. Got a feeling Ifedi will be gone next year after they sign a real right tackle in free agency. Or at least he’ll be on the bench as a back-up. Let’s call a bust a bust.

  6. LOL Beast Mode just scored on a long 51 yard TD run. Eat your heart out 12th and Pete. You thought that the Beast Mode was washed up. How wrong can you be?

  7. omeimontis says:

    December 3, 2017 at 4:34 pm

    LOL Beast Mode just scored on a long 51 yard TD run. Eat your heart out 12th and Pete. You thought that the Beast Mode was washed up. How wrong can you be?

    This coming from a guy that says “the Seahawks won’t win another game all season,” every week. How wrong can you be?

    Nobody thought Lynch was washed up, he just didn’t have the drive to compete in Seattle anymore. Nobody wished anything but the best for him in his departure from Seattle, and I’d venture to say that most were excited to see him suit up again. Keep living under that rock.

  8. Don’t be a homer. Trust your eyes. Seattle could easily be 5-6 today. With injuries to key player it’s just not their year, and that’s okay. This is more about Pete’s chickens coming home to roost for not firing Bevell on the plane ride back from SB49. Most bone headed playcall anyone has ever seen, and yet Bevell is still in Seattle. Head scratching.

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