Sunday Night wrap-up: Russell Wilson states case for MVP


The Seahawks have started six different running backs this year. They finally found a left tackle at the trade deadline, but their line has been a revolving door (if not a turnstile) all year. Their receivers are good, not great.

Their quarterback, on the other hand, is fantastic.

Seattle quarterback Russell Wilson was brilliant again Sunday, leading the Seahawks to a 24-10 win over the Eagles.

He finished 20-of-31 passing for 227 yards and three touchdowns.

But it’s the way he orchestrates everything, when nothing around him is perfect, that separates Wilson from most.

He’s grown as a passer, which adds to the knack for late-game situations he’s always had. He doesn’t have to be running around to make plays anymore, though the reality of the Seahawks offensive line is that he’s usually running for his life.

But he keeps producing, even if it’s on his own. He’s either rushed or passed for 29 of the Seahawks’ 30 touchdowns this season, a remarkable stat which ought to put him in the conversation for the league’s most valuable player honors.

And more importantly, he’s moved them to 8-4, within a game of the Rams for the top of the NFC West, and they have a win over their division rivals in their pocket, with a Week 15 game at their place looming.

Here are five more things we learned during Sunday Night Football:

1. Eagles quarterback Carson Wentz was quiet for most of the night, and mostly that was because of the Seahawks.

But in the fourth quarter, he showed the kind of talent that has him in MVP conversations.

His rolling to the right/falling with a guy around his legs/51-yard dart to Nelson Agholor was simply a matter of having a strong arm, and the rest of the body to go with it.

It’s the kind of throw probably a third of the league’s starting quarterbacks can make, and he has made a number of them this season. His athleticism puts him in position to make big plays downfield, and his arm talent (even though that’s a terrible scouting cliche it just happens to be true in this case) allows him to put them in the books.

2. Seahawks tight end Jimmy Graham is playing like it’s a contract year.

Maybe that’s because it’s a contract year.

While it seems like it took forever for Graham to figure out how the Seahawks do business, there’s no doubt he gets it now. With his first quarter touchdown, Graham now has five touchdowns over the last four games (and nine for the season).

The 31-year-old Graham can $till make play$ in the pa$$ing game, and he’$ making them at the right time when it come$ to his fi$cal future.

3. Speaking of contracts, the Eagles just gave wide receiver Alshon Jeffery one.

What they didn’t do is let him earn it, at least early.

Jeffery wasn’t targeted with a pass in the first half, and they made sure to look his way twice on the first possession of the second half to get him involved.

He finished with four catches for 61 yards.

4. The Seahawks have built a strong defense on the foundation of their pass-rush, which is talented and deep.

But the Eagles had to blanch when some of that pressure was coming from defensive end Marcus Smith.

The former Eagles first-rounder was the definition of a draft bust, with four sacks in three seasons there.

But he has 2.5 this year and had a hurry Sunday night, and is part of the rotation that can keep the Seahawks defense dangerous even though they’re so depleted by injuries.

That said, the Seattle secondary made its share of plays, with Bradley McDougald and Byron Maxwell filling in. Those two guys aren’t going to make anyone forget Kam Chancellor and Richard Sherman, but along with rookie cornerback Shaquill Griffin, it’s still a solid group.

5. On the other hand, the Eagles are cashing in when it comes to wide receiver Nelson Agholor, finally.

The 2015 first-rounder had battled drops and mental errors and inconsistency through his first two seasons, but has become a useful part of a very good offense.

Sunday was clearly his best game of the season (seven catches for 141 yards and a touchdown), but he’s made considerable strides and it wasn’t a total outlier.

It’s good to see Agholor push through the problems and improve, but it’s also encouraging for the Eagles to have patience for him to get to this point. Not every organization is so inclined.

67 responses to “Sunday Night wrap-up: Russell Wilson states case for MVP

  1. I sense a SLIDE coming for the iggles and it ain’t the ELECTRIC kind ,,,DILLY DILLY ! Can’t beat teams with more than 3wins told ya so !

  2. The rumors of the demise of the Seahawks dynasty have been greatly exaggerated. The defense is still elite even without 2 Hall of Famers and a Pro Bowler. Russell Wilson isn’t just an MVP, he’s on his way to the Hall of Fame.

    What you saw tonight should chill the hearts of every other team in the NFL.

    What you saw is domination.

  3. Annnnnd tonight has pretty much shown us who is who and who is real, and we have been exposed as frauds. Oh well. Such is the life of an Eagles fan. This is why as an Eagles an, or Philly sports fan in general, you cannot make the mistake of allowing yourself to become excited or enjoy anything too much. All of the people saying that we haven’t beaten anyone were right. We finally get a challenge, and the Seahwaks aren’t even at 100 percent, and we get smacked back into reality. If we make the playoffs Minnesota or New Orleans will DESTROY us.

  4. We all knew this would happen when the Eagles finally ran into a playoff caliber team. It amazes me to think that the national media – who basically gets paid to know football, supposedly – thought the Eagles were a top 3 team for so long. Lol.

  5. seahawkboymike says:
    December 3, 2017 at 11:38 pm
    The rumors of the demise of the Seahawks dynasty have been greatly exaggerated. The defense is still elite even without 2 Hall of Famers and a Pro Bowler. Russell Wilson isn’t just an MVP, he’s on his way to the Hall of Fame.

    What you saw tonight should chill the hearts of every other team in the NFL.

    What you saw is domination.


  6. A lot of respect for the Eagles. The game was closer than the score showed. This year’s Hawks reminds me of the Giants and Ravens most recent SB runs. Everyone is looking everywhere else. I like it.

    Go HAWKS

  7. I think the Eagles are fine. I think some of you are over reacting. They were still making big time plays tonight on offense and defense. They lost tonight because Wilson was impossible to catch and he wore down their defense.

  8. Wilson has definitely built a case for MVP and probably better than Rivers has but I wouldn’t be surprised if Rivers doesn’t at least get mentioned. He’s doing it with a rookie HC

  9. footballneblog says:
    December 3, 2017 at 11:41 pm


    Believe me, my friend. Those wounds may never heal. It was a good night tonight though. #GoHawks!

  10. 1. Eagles quarterback Carson Wentz was quiet for most of the night, and mostly that was because of the Seahawks.


    I disagree. I think it was mostly game plan. How many quick passing plays did Carson throw even when he wasn’t pressured? How many shots downfield did he take before the 4th quarter? The Eagles played ultra conservative and were going to try to win it with defense.

    Russell Wilson was spectacular but the Eagles were thoroughly outcoached in this one and that was the difference. The Eagles are going to have lots of teachable moments when they look at this game tape.

  11. Wilson is a baller. Plain and simple. Maybe an MVP, maybe not, but the kid makes plays. What would he be with a real offensive line? Not going to hate on the Philly fans. They probably win that one at home. Good win for the Seahawks but they’ll have to do that on the road this year in the playoffs.

  12. That 4th and 1 punt early in the game by the Eagles on around the 45 was baffling–especially since Wentz has been pretty consistent at getting the yardage needed. The conservative play calling may not have cost them the game but it sure didn’t help.

  13. Pedersen was passive, Wentz missed plays he makes in his sleep and the fumble was brutal. If they play this team again they win easy. Left at least 20 points on the field. Way too many opportunities missed.

  14. Thank you Seattle. Just made us #1 seed. We win out, and you gotta go thru here to play in February. Which with our defense, won’t be easy for anyone.

  15. Tom Brady is the clear MVP over Wilson. Look at every single passing statistic and then look at wins too.

    Just because you are tired of him being the best is no reason to deny that he is the best.

  16. NFC just got more complicated now that the Eagles offensive line has been exposed. Seahawks don’t even have most of their good players on defense and they still made the Eagles look like chumps. I always wondered why people always write off the Seahawks so quickly.

  17. Keep in mind that if the Seahawks had even a league average kicker, they’d be 10-2. If the Green Bay game was called correctly, they’d be 11-1.

  18. footballneblog says:
    December 3, 2017 at 11:41 pm

    Derrell Bevell

  19. If the season ended today Eagles are #1 or #2 seed? point is seahawks are still fighting to hold onto a wildcard spot. Talk about over reaction…it was just one game in a hostile environment. Russell wilson MVP HA! good stuff 😀

  20. Mike Davis had a run where I saw two of the hardest cuts I have ever seen(hyperbole?) First that lateral cut to the outside…was like 90 degrees full speed. Then he does it again to go upfield. Defenders couldn’t defeat physics to stay with him…runs like that get me so hyped.

    Next year will be Mike Davis, Chris Carson and J.D for change of pace 3rd down back… it’s a shame really they waited so long to bring Mike Davis up we might have won that Washington game.

  21. jerrykill4pres says:
    December 3, 2017 at 11:57 pm

    Thank you Seattle. Just made us #1 seed. We win out, and you gotta go thru here to play in February. Which with our defense, won’t be easy for anyone.

    You’re welcome. But that’s ok, we can just wait and let Walsh “win” it for you.

    Oh, wait… Uh, crap.

    Seattle to Buffalo on Line One. Can we have Hauschka back?

  22. Thank you Seattle. Just made us #1 seed.


    Right back at ya. Seattle thanks the Vikings for beating Atlanta today making Seattle the 5th seed after jumping Carolina due to conference record. If Atlanta had won, Seattle would still be on the outside looking in.

  23. As a Cowboys fan, I know our season will probably end without making the playoffs. But as long as the Eagles don’t win the Super Bowl, it will be a good year. Keep the Lombardi trophy away from Philly for another year!

  24. Guys need to calm down. Just because Wilson had a statement game at home doesn’t mean the eagles are a weak team. A few mistakes here & there could have changed the out come of that game.
    Philly is still gonna be in the playoffs, hopefully they see each other again in January after a cross country flight at the Linc

  25. At 10-2 Keenum hadn’t shown anything . 🙄
    Why is there no love for the vikes at 10-2 but more love for the likes of Green Bay the Saunts the Rams and Atl when the vikes beat all of em ?

  26. In all honesty, as a vikes fan, I’d rather face the eagles in the playoffs than Seattle. Seattle can be flat out electric when they are at their best. But dang, wentz is the real deal.

  27. Wow, Eagle got a bit exposed tonight and the soft schedule has hurt them in the sense of playing scared for 3 quarters. SeaChickens really a one and done playoff team if they make the playoffs so Eagles need to play better if they intend to compete with Teams like the Vikings,Saints, Steelers, Patriots. Next week is another tough test for them and if you get the same results then Philly is in big trouble for making a playoff run. Good win by the Vikes today and their fans seemed to travel well as I saw a lot of Vikings fans at the game today. If you don’t like Case K. and his “lunch box work mentality” then you just are a hater, his understanding of looking off defensive backs and ability to beat the blitz Reading a defense has to be as anybody playing QB in the game today. Impressive win today so let’s keep it going Vikes.

  28. The Eagles are frauds and will probably lose out the rest of their games, lose in the first round of the wild card playoffs. Minnesota may become the first team to play a SB in their home stadium. That would be kind of awesome.

  29. From a Vikings fan, THANKS SEAHAWKS!!!

    Watching the game, I noticed that your offensive line looks really bad. Every other play, Russel Wilson was running around for his life. If it wasn’t for his ability, they would have had no chance.

    Seahawks remind me of the Packers this year, but their QB isn’t injured. Russel Wilson should absolutely be in the MVP conversation. No doubt about it.

  30. Also, the only reason people still doubt the Vikings is because their QB’s name is Case Keenum. Look at the Eagle’s strength of schedule against teams this year, it’s kinda weak. Last 4 weeks the Vikings have played, and won all of them. And they were against:

    @ Redskins
    VS Rams
    @ Lions
    @ Atlanta

    Keep doubting us!

  31. Wilson is good but not even close to MVP. His scrambling ability helps, other than that some lucky toss ups and blown coverages. He has few good throws only.

  32. At 8-4 he really isn’t any serious conversation for MVP. Brady should be on top with Wentz almost neck and neck. One tier down I’d throw Wilson, Brees, Goff, and maybe even Keenum in there. But again, not for serious consideration… unless any of them set the world on fire OR the top two collapse heading down the stretch, both scenarios being HIGHLY unlikely.

  33. As a Seahawks fan, I’ve often heard of how disadvantaged they are when traveling to the east coast for a game that starts at 10 am Pacific.

    No mention at all though this week of the disadvantage the Eagles faced, starting a game at 8:30 pm Eastern, which finishes around midnight. A rare case of west coast bias?

    Had that been an early game in Phila, the score would have been almost exactly reversed. Seahawks, Russell Wilson, in December, in Seattle, in primetime? There isn’t a team in the league that would have beat Seattle in this game. Eagles played well enough to stay in the game, and but for a bad break and some odd coaching choices, still looked like a top-3 team. I would certainly put them above the Vikings still, who are going to run out of luck with Case Keenum. A Vikings fan though will be sure to point out that their team beat the Falcons in ATL, who beat the Seahawks in Seattle, who just beat the Eagles, so that means the Vikings are better.

    Anyway, pretty fun Sunday, I spent 9 hpurs watching three great matchups that didn’t much disappoint. I think the Saints made the biggest impression on me though. Then the Vikings, then ‘Hawks.

  34. Eagles fans still have a lot to look forward to. This was the wake-up call that they needed. Too much talk around that team about how they were blowing the doors off teams and obviously that got to the coaches head. Too conservative against a decent team (not a great team but a good team). Eagles have a great Qb that can make things happen and a great defense that can wreak havoc on teams (it just didn’t happen last night).

    Seahawks need to keep rolling and ignore the noise. They still have 2 really tough games coming up and some upset games in the works. Jags are a great defense and can play against anybody. Rams keep taking care of business. It will be a fun week 15 that’s for sure!

  35. Wilson seems to play very well at home. He hasn’t had a better year than Brady and isn’t better than Brady. However, there is a sentiment out there that Brady is not the MVP, so Wilson and Wentz should finigh 1-2 (in either order).

  36. Let’s don’t go hog wild. It was the first time in forever the Eagles faced a good team. If they had to play teams I the NFC North or South their record would be somewhere between the Rams and Washington.

    If I had to pick NFC MVP right now it is honestly close.

    Case is a 3rd string qb leading the best or second best team in the NFL.

    Wilson is his entire teams offense.

    Wentz is playing his ass off.

  37. So the Vikings are now clearly the class of the NFC. Where in the playoffs can they go and not win? 1st round bye is locked up (thanks Pete)

    They’ve beaten all the PO contenders save for the Eagles.

  38. For the NFC the playoffs start NOW. Best record for 1st round bye AND home-field, and whose in and whose out.

  39. At halftime the Eagles had 19 rushes for 90 yards. They also averaged 3.5 yards per completion. So they clearly ran the ball well but capitalized and pushed the ball downfield. Pederson came out with that KC Chief dink and dunk passing game. Terrible game plan to start the game, terrible officiating, two things that cost you in tight games.

  40. taintedsaints2009 says:
    December 3, 2017 at 11:42 pm
    Some throws were made by wentz and Wilson tonight that were just insane.

    Russ made great throws.

    Wentz got lucky on two and missed several others. Maxwell gets caught flat footed looking into the backfield in MAN COVERAGE and gave up on one of the hail mary blind throws, and was even worse staring into the backfield on the TD pass after that.

    Russ made PLAYS.

  41. Starting in December, every team need to put on their big boy pants, and step it up a couple of notches. If you snooze, you loose. The second season is just beginning.

  42. Oh no the sky is falling. Now they are only tied for the best record in the league. Did anybody think they were going 15-1? I didn’t. Pedersen was conservative. Wentz had a bad game. The Seahawks got most of the calls and non calls for that matter. They still had plenty of chances and just didn’t execute. If these 2 teams play their best games it isn’t close, but they didn’t. Wilson played better then Wentz and Doug left his giant nuggets in Philly. Wentz has been really good all year, but he crapped the bed in this one.

  43. floriosbaldspot says:
    December 4, 2017 at 12:12 am
    If the season ended today Eagles are #1 or #2 seed? point is seahawks are still fighting to hold onto a wildcard spot. Talk about over reaction…it was just one game in a hostile environment. Russell wilson MVP HA! good stuff 😀

    Yeah, they’d be the #1 or #2 seed, but, their problem will be that all those sub .500 teams that they have beating wont be in the playoffs. They have played exactly 2 teams with a winning record and split those games. The other 10 teams are a combined 45-75 (.375)…..yeah, now thats an over reaction….I dont know how anyone can really tell how good Philly is off this garbage schedule.

  44. Haha wow “if both teams played their best, it wouldn’t be close”

    Correct, but it would be the Seahawks way on top. 8 probowlers on defense, 7 of whom have played in 2 super bowls. You must be high if you think a hot streak in one season against sub-.500 teams is more meaningful than a bunch of guys who have been together for a long time and won a playoff game in each of 5 straight seasons.

  45. MVP, I don’t much care about. But comparing Wilson to Brady, sure Brady has better numbers, but if Brady were on the Seahawks, do you think he could match Russell’s numbers? I don’t. I think he would be injured in the first drive.

    Russell on the Patriots, that’s still a playoff team. Brady on the Seahawks, 2-14. So who is actually more valuable to their team?

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