Alex Smith: I felt like we couldn’t get a single call

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Chiefs quarterback Alex Smith has come in for a lot of criticism as the Chiefs have slipped from 5-0 to 6-6 over their last seven games, but he looked just fine on Sunday against the Jets.

Smith threw four touchdowns and had a 70-yard run in the 38-31 loss, which meant that the Chiefs had to look elsewhere when assigning blame for their latest defeat. One obvious place to look would be the defense, which allowed the Jets to rack up 488 yards while scoring on seven of their nine possessions.

The last of those possessions was an extended one as the Jets ran 10 plays inside the Kansas City 10-yard-line due to penalties that set up Josh McCown‘s go-ahead touchdown. Smith hit Tyreek Hill for a long gain to give the Chiefs a chance, but an incompletion on a fourth down throw to tight end Travis Kelce left the Chiefs with a loss and Smith looking for a flag that never came.

“I just felt like there had been a bunch of contact on Kelce all day,” Smith said in comments distributed by the team. “Everywhere he went, shallow, vertical, he was getting a lot of attention and a lot of physical play. It felt like we couldn’t get a single call and then to watch the end of the game and what happened there as he was scrambling around and they were still throwing out defensive holding calls, I thought was tough. I mean, it’s a bang-bang play. I know those guys have a job to do to, but I just felt that there given the circumstances and the magnitude of that play.”

Kelce agreed with Smith, saying, via the Kansas City Star, that the Jets “got a little help from the refs at the end.” The Jets also did plenty to help themselves over the course of the afternoon and the Chiefs have to figure out a way to do that if they’re going to end a slide that now finds them in a three-way tie at the top of the AFC West.

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  1. Alex Smith is mentally weak. That’s why he throws coaches and refs under the bus, and that’s why he can’t make the winning plays. Get we get Mahomes in the game now?

  2. You think that was bad? Play a game against Green Bay in Green Bay and see how that compares.

  3. Its time to rid this team of its biggest cancer…..Marcus Peters.
    Trade him for whatever can be brought in return.

    Cut Phillip Gaines, Steven Nelson, Eric Murray and save some cap space at the first opportunity by cutting Justin Houston.

    Fire Bob Sutton and bring in a young, fresh , new defensive staff.

    If Andy Reid doesnt want to do the above things, then fire Andy Reid and bring in a new Head coach who WILL do the above

  4. Even if you do get hosed by the refs, which i’m not saying was or wasn’t the case here, it’s generally a bad look to infer you lost due to the refs. Man, the 5-0 curse is real, but they could have a great year next year if they upgrade some pieces.

  5. He must’ve been referring to defensive calls by their d coordinator bob Sutton. Justin Huston is getting paid 20 million to be as effective as most teams 3rd string OLB’s. Marcus Peters is a DA, and the opposite CB’s are garbage. No pressure on revolving door Josh McWho and some receiver for the jets has 140 yards.

    Who would’ve thought losing two players, Berry and Poe would make this defense a bunch of…

    And now Alex blames the refs? I suppose he’s just protecting his teammates and venting somehow, or maybe portraying leadership for his next leading role. Hopefully KC can get a 2nd rounder for his services, but definitely not on the refs.

  6. You are 3rd and inches and you throw an incomplete pass to an Offensive Tackle. And now you want to blame the Refs?
    Riddle me this Alex:
    1) Hunt had just peeled off two 4+ yd runs on 1st and 2nd down. They weren’t stopping him, why not hand the ball to him again?
    2) Why was Kelce on the sidelines for that 3rd down play?
    3) Why would any decent coach call a pass to a Tackle in that situation?
    Let’s get some answers to those questions before you start questioning the officials.

  7. I didn’t watch the game because well it was a Jet game after all but I think this is the first time I’ve ever heard that the Jets got the calls go their way.

  8. @charliecharger – Why are you referring to the Chiefs as “we”? Stick to complaining about how the Chargers, Raiders, and Rams moving is going to destroy the NFL. That’s a terrible take, but it makes more sense than claiming the Chiefs as your team.

    Also, the next time you’re crying about the Chargers move, make sure to mention the multiple times San Diego residents voted down the opportunity to keep the Chargers.

  9. So true, 3rd and inches and you try a trick play. On top of that, only 10 rushing attempts all game.

    His blame is completely misdirected.

  10. @jjackwagon – Issues with the referees are mutually exclusive from not running Hunt on 3rd down, not having Kelce on the field, and the tackle eligible play call. A team’s mistakes do not excuse poor officiating. Playing a perfect game is not a prerequisite to pointing out other people’s mistakes.

  11. How long has this guy been in the NFL? You don’t get calls on the road like you do at home. You have to go into road games with the mindset that you won’t catch a break and you have zero margin of error. The Eagles found that out last night, too. You can’t just be a better team on paper; you need to play mistake-free if you hope to win road games because the zebras are not on your side.

  12. Alice had the chance to take her team downfield to score on their last possession. McCown did it for his team. McCown > Alice Smith.

  13. How many times has The Alex led Chiefs offense had the ball at the end of a game and all he needs to do is score, or get a 1st down to win?

    I’ll tell you… Steelers, Raiders, Giants, Bills, Jets.

    Only the Dallas loss was out of hand.

    The whole team knows the defense sucks. But if you have a chance to put it away, do it Mr. 12 year vet.

    I’ll give him all the props for the Patriots, Chargers, Redskins, Broncos, and Eagles loss. But he also has to accept his role in those 5 losses too.

  14. cardinealsfan20 says:
    December 4, 2017 at 9:33 am
    @jjackwagon – Issues with the referees are mutually exclusive from not running Hunt on 3rd down, not having Kelce on the field, and the tackle eligible play call. A team’s mistakes do not excuse poor officiating. Playing a perfect game is not a prerequisite to pointing out other people’s mistakes.
    Officiating has never been a perfect science. Blaming the loss on poor officiating is just sour grapes when there are so many areas of potential improvement of which you have positive control.

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