Belichick on possible Gronk suspension: We control what we can control

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After the final whistle in Sunday’s 23-3 win over the Bills, Patriots coach Bill Belichick told Buffalo counterpart Sean McDermott that tight end Rob Gronkowski‘s forearm to the back of cornerback Tre'Davious White‘s head after a play was “bulls—” and apologized before the two men left the field.

Belichick was asked about Gronkowski’s late hit during a Monday conference call, but didn’t repeat those comments. He said he thought Gronkowski addressed it with a postgame apology and that he doesn’t “have anything else to add.” Belichick was also asked about potentially losing Gronkowski to a suspension.

“Well, I’d say on anything that is out of our control, such as injuries that could go down to pregame workouts and so forth, things that are out of our control are out of our control,” Belichick said. “We’ll address the things that we can address.”

After apologizing to White, Gronkowski went on to complain about the lack of calls he gets from officials as well as having the “craziest stuff” called on him. Belichick was asked if he’s spoken to the league office about the way officials handle Gronkowski, but declined to “talk about any of the personal calls I’ve had with league officials” over the years.

40 responses to “Belichick on possible Gronk suspension: We control what we can control

  1. Good on Gronk for finally saying what all Pats fans have been seeing for over 7 years under the cheating Goodell Regime.

    Cheating is cheating and we saw more of it yesterday.

    Fire Goodell.

  2. I suspect Belichick was fairly livid about that hit. Lack of discipline and jeopardizing the team.

    I remember Mike Vrabel telling a story of how Belichick kept showing the same blown play by him Vrabel in film study, replaying it again and again and again.

    Gronk will be made an example of how NOT to behave.

  3. There IS a different set of rules against Gronkowski….He gets held 2-3 times per pattern, and that’s because he’s the only player in NFL who cannot be covered by 1 person.

    He did what he did…and max suspension is 1 game…BUT, the crap he has to put up with, and lack of penalties [ could call one or more per play] is now out of control.

  4. I didn’t hear Gase apologize for the three cheap shots on Brady last week.
    Gronkowski lost it for a second and he will pay for it.
    Don’t see Suh or Alonzo getting punished forREPEAT offenses.

  5. ruffbufffire says:
    December 4, 2017 at 12:12 pm

    Gronk is the push off king! Thats how he gets half of his receptions! Suspend the clown

    Yeah, because he pushes all the illegal hands off of himself.

  6. He should be suspended the rest of the year….professionals don’t do that kind of thing. Get frustrated and just completely flip out and hurt a defenseless person. Shameful . If the league doesn’t get tough on this kind of thing, it will continue to happen.

  7. Bengals vs Steelers tonight. That matchup always results in a lot of fingerpointing in the days after. Some of you folks trying to indict Gronk today might want to hold up in case you find yourself on the other side of your words by tomortow morning.

  8. Pats and Gronk fan… but this was ridiculous. Sorry Gronk. Get ready to sit out a suspension.

    That said I wouldn’t doubt that Roger will try to sit him for the rest of the season to see if he can get a different Sbowl winner!

  9. How about suspending him yourself, Hoodie? Who plays on your team and how they conduct themselves is directly in your control.

  10. ariani1985 says:
    December 4, 2017 at 12:13 pm
    2 yard tom will cringe with the suspension!!!


    Too bad you don’t watch the Pats play, follow stats or know anything about football for that matter, because Tom’s leading the league in ‘yards per attempt’ for active QBs.

  11. Patriot fans attempting to justify this is just hilarious. “Waaah, Gronk got held, so what he did is OK!! Goodell hates us, waaah!!”


  12. Belicheks schtick is so old and tired. You’re so serious and all business ooooooooh wow. Whatever.

    Eagles looked good last night. Almost pulled that one out. MVP Wentz looked especially good fumbling the ball out the back of the end zone. Whatever

  13. The reason Gronk is the “push off king” is that he’s held on every play. It’s his only option for separation. And all receivers throughout the league who are regularly held by DBs do it. It’s become a skill set for receivers to push off without getting a flag. Same for the DBs in the other direction. Same for OL and DL play. There are multiple penalties on every play in every game. It’s just a question of degree and interpretation by the officials whether they get called. Just like in the NBA.

    Officials are calling it tight on Gronk, so he needs to adapt. Might not be fair, but that’s the game.

    Still, it’s sad that the only hope other teams have of seeing the Patriots hobbled is through suspensions….

    Gronk deserves to be suspended. To make it supremely fair to the aggrieved Bills, he should be suspended for the next Bills game.

  14. If he doesn’t get suspended, it’s only because White wasn’t seriously injured on the play (which he could have been). If he would have been knocked out from an elbow to the back of the head, then Gronk would easily be looking at a two-game suspension, but because he wasn’t hurt it’s being debated whether he deserves one or not.

    I hope he gets a game for that one. If Talib-Crabtree get a game for a fight, then Gronk deserves one for a cheapshot.

  15. Let me know when suh, burfict, and ward get what they deserve, each and every time they blatantly break rules and hurt players….then we’ll talk. Until that happens, bfd. Note to refs: when 5 opposing players are mauling Gronkowski, grow a spine and throw a flag.

  16. just checking, but has bobby mccain been suspended from last week’s slamming of amendola’s head
    into the turf and mccain’s ejection.


    just checking!

  17. kemdawg says:
    December 4, 2017 at 12:30 pm
    He should be suspended the rest of the year….professionals don’t do that kind of thing. Get frustrated and just completely flip out and hurt a defenseless person. Shameful . If the league doesn’t get tough on this kind of thing, it will continue to happen.

    You mean professional like the DB that grabbed AJ Green from behind
    Neither one was suspended

  18. negadelphianinjersey says:
    December 4, 2017 at 12:23 pm
    Belicheks schtick is so old and tired. You’re so serious and all business ooooooooh wow. Whatever.


    Bill’s “schtick” is winning and I for one am not tired of it yet whatsoever. In fact, I am looking forward to it for the foreseeable future.

  19. Gronkowski had a PI penalty called on him Sunday… He IS the push off king because he is too slow to outrun anyone and too Gronk to run clean routes. If he didn’t use the push off he gets away with 90% of the time he’d be just another TE.

  20. Not a chance in hell I’m suiting him up on Christmas Eve when they see Buffalo again. Let them cry “coward!” all they want, the entire defensive backfield will be gunning for his knees, as if they weren’t already.

  21. In this instance, a one game suspension is necessary and just. However, we cannot ignore the fact that this was also an issue with officiating. Gronk is treated differently then other players in the league. He is held, face guarded, hit, pushed, and interfered with on almost every rout he runs. Because of his size and stature, defenders are given wide latitude when it comes to covering him. If the refs called the game equal and didn’t call a horrible offensive pass interference call earlier in the game, this never happens. Gronk was wrong for what he did and should be punished, however, the officials also needs to accept responsibility for creating the environment that caused the blow up.

  22. What irritates me is the patsies justifying his action. Him being held on every play maybe in fact legit, but what he did was borderline criminal and he should be held accountable.

    Even his apology was nothing more than a PR stunt to get in front of the mic and plead his case.

    The fact that he tried to end the guys career and you fans think nothing of it is embarrassing. You think we all hate you because of your teams success? Not at all. Jealous? Sure but I hate you because of your dumb comments.
    You have no bearing on the teams success or failure so hating you because of their success is laughable at best.
    Him being held all the time gives him no right to literally attack someone like that..

    The fact that you bring up Amendola, who lets face it, is basically a scrub for getting popped in the head should be on board with anyone being suspended for such actions but again, you fail to realize the sports world doesn’t revolve around you

  23. Some of that “schtick” would have served Gronk well yesterday. There is no acceptable excuse for that level of self indulgence, period. I’m a Pats fan and the consensus of the conversations after the game and around the water coolers here are largely whether it’s a suspension or a fine Gronk has it coming. Once again trollaw is hardly representative of Pats fans.

  24. i agree 100%. its rediculous to expect coach belicheck to be able to control his te’s behavior. gronk has forsaken the patriot way and his actions have lead him into a life a depravity. may god have mercy on his soul.

  25. williamshatnerstoupee says:
    December 4, 2017 at 12:53 pm
    Patriot fans attempting to justify this is just hilarious. “Waaah, Gronk got held, so what he did is OK!! Goodell hates us, waaah!!”



    As a Raven’s fan, YOUR frustration is funny. That said, I have to agree with something you once posted….”people are completely uninformed and let hatred cloud their vision.” You should relax, sit back, and watch the Pats…the GOAT probably only has 5 or 8 years left to play…don’t miss it because of hatred for the fans.

  26. Gronk is 270 & crying about Db’s holding he out weighs by almost 100 pounds? Gronk pushes off 85% of the time and he actually knows the routes he’s running unlike him he Db & he expects sympathy? Gronk is ever the clown even after trying to hurt people intentionally after the whistle!

  27. You know what the Patriots and their players can control… not giving out cheap shots that put themselves/NFL where they have to suspend a player like Gronk.

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