Eli Manning told Steve Spagnuolo he wants to start this week

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Giants co-owner John Mara said at a Monday press conference that it will be up to interim head coach Steve Spagnuolo to decide whether Eli Manning returns to the lineup as the starting quarterback against the Cowboys in Week 14.

Manning confirmed that he’d like that to happen later in the day. During his weekly appearance with Mike Francesa on WFAN, Manning said that he told Spagnuolo that he wants to start.

While Manning is still interested in playing for the Giants this year, he said “I don’t know” when asked if he still saw a future for himself with the Giants. Manning said he was “crushed” by the team’s decision to bench him last week and suggested that things could have been handled differently, but that he wasn’t happy about coach Ben McAdoo and General Manager Jerry Reese getting fired on Monday.

Manning said that his immediate hope is to play the final four games and then let things play out from there. However things work themselves out with the Giants, he also reiterated that he wants to continue playing in 2018.

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  1. I think Eli is overrated, but he has 2 superbowl wins and has been a warrior for the Giants. If they had someone to give them a chance to win, I would get it. To pull him for Geno Stinking Smith should be a frigging crime.

  2. Keep Eli and get him a damn offensive line. This isn’t a bad defense if it doesn’t have to play 75% of the plays. The receivers will be back next year with EE having proven himself to boot. Two good running backs in Darkwa and Gallman. I don’t know how far that will go but it if Reece had not wrecked the offensive line and stubbornly kept Flowers as an LT when he might be a very good RT and this never would have happened. Oh, we still have Apple instead of the LT we should have had. This just gets worse the more you think about it.

  3. I will be very surprised if Eli continues to play for the Giants, as long as Mara is the owner! Surely, he knows he was benched with Mara’s blessing…….

  4. Only a Manning would get this much attention and create this much of a crapstorm over a QB change for a 2-9 team.
    QBs get replaced all the time especially when losing happens. Only a Manning and the Giants would make SUCH of a big deal about it. And will be even better when they end the season wtih 4 total wins WITH Manning in.
    Spin the headlines as much as you want. Anyone who WATCHES eli play understands this

  5. Eli should have been pulled years ago but no reliable backups. If the Giants had Jimmy Garrappolo as a backup, Eli would have been gone a long time ago. OBJ saved Eli.

    The Mannings have the power. He chose the team he wanted to play for, Pappa negotiated the deal with Mara (just a guess), Eli gets his feelings hurt and the Coach and GM get fired.

  6. Let Eli be what he is….The NY Giants QB. They can draft his replacement in the spring, but it ain’t gonna be Geno and it ain’t Davis Webb.

  7. .
    Vegas has so much faith in 38 year old Eli that they have installed the home field Giants as 6.5 point underdogs to the 6-6 and undermanned Cowboys.

  8. I’ve always liked (not loved) Eli Manning. I liked his dad when he played. I haven’t seen every Giants game this year, but from what I’ve seen, Eli is finished. At least he’s finished in NY. Unless you have a dominant offensive line, Eli isn’t the answer. I’d give Eli a parade, or a statue, or whatever he wants, but the Giants need to move on. There are at least four great QB’s coming out in the next draft, and possibly more. This is the year to draft a QB. It’s like when Eli, Rivers, and Big Ben came out. The best one doesn’t necessarily go #1.

  9. I poke fun at Eli because I’m a Chargers fan but I would never want to face him in a playoff game. I think he’s overrated but that dude pulls wins out of nowhere

  10. 210 straight games. At worst he is a top 16 QB. Top 16 QB’s can win you SB’s if you have the players around you. Eli won 2 and while the 2007 team was good (2008 was better) the 2011 team was average to good. Just got hot at the right time and things fell their way.

    So bash Eli. 16 other teams out there have NO chance of winning a SB now or in the near future. The Giants can turn this around with coaching (look at the Rams) and a stud LT. Not signing Andre Whitworth and ADMITTING he didn’t even try was Reese’s final gaffe.

    Speaking of stud LT’s. Furure HOF’r. Tyron Smith and the vaunted Dallas Oline have won how many SBs? NONE. Eli could win one with that team. Prescott is beyond over rated. He would have been killed in Cleveland or most of those other cities with bad coaching and bad teams. But then so would most Qb’s.

  11. And if a career ending injury happens to Eli because of that piece of crap offensive line and no wide receivers, when there is no hope for a salvageable winning season, Giants fans are going to be very unhappy.

  12. Eli Manning hosting Saturday Night Live is about the only thing I like of him over the years. How many entitled players demanded they land with a certain team or they won’t play. I understand how his fans and his two Super Bowl wins can make him untouchable somehow. Personally, I want him in there and I want to hear boos or cheers based on his current gameplay rather than his history. And don’t give me any grief about how he is surrounded by bad players. If you’re that good, you find a way to win. Like Rogers at QB for the Packers…

  13. Spags had better let him start or he will be Crucified in the media because you know you can’t bench a Manning…..

    The pregame shows last week was like people remembering where they were when JFK was shot.

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