Giants owners need to be protected from themselves

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The same people who hired Ben McAdoo and Jerry Reese and who have fired them will now hire their replacements. What could go wrong?

Giants co-owners John Mara and Steve Tisch thought it would be a good idea to make McAdoo the head coach. It went about as badly as it could have gone. So what will they do next?

The retention of former G.M. Ernie Accorsi to serve as a consultant for the process provides a layer of protection, even if it was Accorsi who handed the baton to Reese, and even if McAdoo traces directly to Accorsi, who hired Coughlin — who hired, eventually, McAdoo. That said, hiring Accorsi to be a consultant means that the Giants eventually will be hiring a friend, crony, colleague, etc. of Accorsi to be the G.M., and the new G.M. may be inclined to recommend someone who will be sufficiently grateful so as to accept and heed any armchair advice from Accorsi.

That still may be better than whatever Mara and Tisch would do on their own. Indeed, common sense suggests it was a failure to protect Mara and Tisch from themselves in connection with the misguided benching of Eli Manning that got McAdoo and Reese fired. Now, Accorsi’s primary job will be to nudge the owners away from making yet another mistake.

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17 responses to “Giants owners need to be protected from themselves

  1. “Some have suggested he may not be ready, and as I said last week, we want a coach who feels like he has something to prove.” John Mara, Giants President/CEO, January 16, 2016 announcing McAdoo’s promotion to head coach

    Whoever the “some” were were right. He wasn’t ready.

  2. Why don’t they get advice from the ultimate owner? Jerry in Dallas. He will get the giants back to glory hole

  3. Easy to say this in hindsight, but McAdoo did coach the Giants to an 11-5 record last year, and to the playoffs. Unless you predicted this collapse before the start of the season, this commentary seems little more than an exercise in the gratuitous kicking of a team when they are down.

  4. @ jpherling says:

    Did McAdoo seem like such a terrible choice after his team went 11-5 and made the playoffs last year?”

    This isn’t last year, Swifty. This is a what have you done for me lately, league. And btw, when you spend just under $200 million on only 3 FA’s, you expect your Head Coach to get a LOT more out of your investment.

    With that said, Mara gets exactly what he deserves after his behavior regarding the cap situation against Dallas and Washington, not getting penalized for keeping the Josh Brown DV problem quiet, and now the benching of Manning and the complete and utter failure of a season. Karma is quite the female pooch, isn’t it Mara?

  5. The Mara family is a disgusting collection of criminal wannabees – they colluded to contrive a salary cap in an uncapped year and are complicit in organized criminal conduct because of that.

    These fools should be stripped of an NFL franchise.

  6. This reads like you are annoyed that Accorsi is in involved there. Maybe he doesnt rsspond to you?!?

    Yes, he had Reese under him. Doesnt mean anything. Once he was gone, the onus is/was in Reese.

    Accorsi is a well respected personnel guy. It is correct for the Giants to keep him in play. They could bring Coughlin back as team president. For all we know, he might coax Parcells to come back….

  7. “Did McAdoo seem like such a terrible choice when his team went 11-5 and made the playoffs last season?”

    When they were flying to Miami to go boating the week of that playoff game with his blessing, YES!

  8. Mara is a slime ball, he was too busy trying to control Roger and the league office then paying attention to his own team

  9. Enough with all these posts about that 11-5 record last year. They won those 11 games by a total of 57 points or an average of about 5 points each — in other words, usually a late Eli TD drive when he threw out Ben’s playbook followed by a defensive stand. Ben’s offense never produced 30 points once even when everyone was healthy and Jerry’s semi-pro O-line did everything a line could to kill Eli. That record last year was a testament to the leaders in the locker room and on the field, not the ice cream company. So just stop please. Time to rebuild and the top is where it needs to start. *rant concluded*

  10. xbam says:
    December 4, 2017 at 9:56 pm
    don’t hire Gettleman!
    Any particular reason? He did bring the Panthers to a Super Bowl and they had a competetive team under him!

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