Goodell, Boldin, Jenkins tout partnership between owners and Players Coalition

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NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell joined Eagles safety Malcolm Jenkins and retired wide receiver Anquan Boldin, founders of the Players Coalition, today on a conference call to tout a partnership that will result in NFL owners providing $89 million to social justice causes supported by the players.

“We have a unique opportunity here for NFL players and for NFL owners to work together,” Goodell said. “This is a result of unprecedented dialogue and cooperation between NFL players, ownership and our office over the last year.”

Goodell did not stay on the conference call long enough to answer reporters’ questions, but Boldin said he did not necessarily see the owners’ commitment to players’ causes as an indication that the players would stop kneeling during the national anthem.

“This deal for us was never about telling guys what they can or can’t do. It was never about telling guys that they can’t protest or to stop protesting. This agreement was the NFL listening to the concerns of its players and responding in a like matter,” Boldin said.

Jenkins said he believes players and owners can lobby together for criminal justice reform and education, issues that many players and many owners support.

“We want to take money out of sending people to jail and put it toward education and opportunities for economic advancement,” Jenkins said.

Still, not all players are on board. Russell Okung called the deal “a farce” and said that if the owners were sincere, then they would stop blackballing Colin Kaepernick. So while the league is on the same page with some of its players, not everyone sees the players and owners as unified.

15 responses to “Goodell, Boldin, Jenkins tout partnership between owners and Players Coalition

  1. The NFL and a lot of NFL players spend tons of time and money helping people out. That’s nothing new. What these guys are planning, and what Kaepernick was protesting, are in no way similar. Kaepernick wasn’t asking the NFL, or anyone else for money. He was concerned about innocent black people being shot by police officers, and wanted to try to see if there was a way to help out. If anything, he talked about better training for officers. But better police training was an issue that most of us could agree on. It seems like we only like issues that everyone can disagree on, so the entire narrative was changed. Now the NFL is taking millions of dollars from some programs, and giving it to other programs. How many people think that’s going to solve all these problems? How many people are surprised that the NFL seems to have screwed this up?

  2. Well, I guess some players were serious about trying to help with what they view as inequalities, while others just wanted to get Colin a job.

    The problem is, the league isn’t blackballing Colin, in fact this agreement with a group of the players that are protesting also devalues that premise.

    The league doesn’t have to say anything, all they have to do is let the teams sort it out themselves. The teams seem to have decided that Colin isn’t worth the trouble. All they care about is the money.

    Mike Vick, Greg Hardy, Ray McDonald, Adrian Peterson are all examples of people that did things that were/are considered horrible. They still got another chance because they brought something to the table.

    Colin on the other hand while he has a lot of talent, keeps causing derision which is usually not something that business owners want to bring into their ranks. Maybe, he should slow himself down and actually let some of this die down and he might be able to get another shot in the league.

  3. This is a shakedown, pure and simple. Anyone who believes for one second that any of this money will actually go towards doing any good in the community is out of their mind. It will be squandered and gobbled up by overhead.

    I was already leaning towards not renewing our season tickets next year (after 12 years), but this announcement made the decision easy. I will never spend another dime on an NFL ticket, or any NFL swag, after this fiasco. See all those empty seats this year? How many of those guys do you think will be renewing? They’ve already checked out and their seats are paid for. Expect seas of additional empty seats next year as the NFL slowly circles the drain.

  4. I don’t like the activism in football but I can respect a guy like Eric Reid for dropping out of this “coalition” because he doesn’t think they should be taken funds from other causes to support his own.

  5. If the NFL has an extra $89 million laying around then why they asking taxpayers to fund their stadiums and charging fan outrageous ticket, parking, and concession prices? I’m about done with this league, they are not only ungrateful to fans, but they’re insulting!

  6. “We want to take money out of sending people to jail and put it toward education and opportunities for economic advancement,” Jenkins said.

    So he’s saying the NFL owners were spending millions to send people to jail?

  7. “We want to take money out of sending people to jail and put it toward education and opportunities for economic advancement,” Jenkins said.

    This is real simple and doesn’t cost any more money then taxes already being paid. Stay in school and don’t commit crimes.

    If the players really want to help out black youth, stop supporting your home town posies that have done nothing to help themselves out but take your money!

  8. If they can teach kids and crooks not to break the law, great.
    If they can teach kids and crooks to obey the police when given commands, great
    If they can teach people to get an education, support themselves and their families and not leach off of the government, great.
    Just don’t see it happening.

    Criminal justice reform?
    Getting rid of laws so that bad things are no longer a crime? Not so great.
    Getting criminals a pass and not punishing them? Not so great.

    This is merely extortion outside of the standard CBA process.

  9. Ratings down yet again, even the Thursday Redskins Cowboys game, which usually draws a big crowd. People dressed like seats in stadiums. Players still protesting against the country, nice deal by the Kneeling Football League.

  10. Where’s the coalition with the fans?
    Goodell keeps partying on the sinking ship of fools.
    Pete Rozelle is frowning.

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