If Gronk is suspended, NFL expects to announce it today

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If Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski is suspended, he should find out today.

NFL spokesman Joe Lockhart said today that a decision on discipline for Gronkowski’s cheap shot on Bills cornerback Tre'Davious White should come by the end of the day today.

“When it comes to suspensions we do our very best to let the team know as early in the week as possible,” Lockhart said. “Monday is our internal goal. So I would say on this one if there is some news from the league office we would try to get it to you by close of business today.”

If there is no announcement from the league of a Gronkowski suspension, that presumably means he will only be fined, and not suspended. If that’s the case, official confirmation from the league likely would not come until Friday.

58 responses to “If Gronk is suspended, NFL expects to announce it today

  1. He deserves a suspension for that cheap shot. Honestly, a lengthy suspension is warranted. Defenders get a one game suspension for bang-bang hits when they miss their target by an inch. Deliberate late hits after the play is over should start at 2 games, maybe even 4.

  2. He needs to be suspended multiple games. It was a retaliation hit and not in the field of play. I’ve seen far less hits on the field yield a game suspension, this better be multiple. It does not matter if he is not a repeat offender.

  3. Cue up the GIF of Judge Smails saying, “Well? We’re waiting!” Anything less than a suspension will be a complete travesty.

  4. Never thought I would see the day where Gronk gets suspended for an illegal vicious cheap shot before shotgunning a beer to celebrate a touchdown

  5. Good. Give him some rest Next Monday night. And frankly if he was suspended against Pittsburg too, would only de-escalate this so called ‘rivalry’ with Pittsburg. Getting beaten without Gronk would only solidify the Steelers as pretenders.

    Hes an elite athlete who gets climbed on every single game. He let off some steam.
    Get over yourselves.

  6. He should be suspended! That could have caused devastating consequences, and players have been suspended for far less of a vicious hit. Player safety, IF the NFL remembers…..

  7. 2 game suspension if the NFL are serious about head injuries.

    Regardless of who he plays for, before the New England fans revolt.

  8. Maybe one of the biggest punk moves I have ever seen. That meathead has the IQ of a tree stump anyways. I’m surprised he even graduated from high school. If not for football, he would be flipping burgers at McDonalds.

  9. He’ll get 1 game. No history of doing these things at all should play into it. It was a dirty thing he did, but he’s never been that type of player at all.

    I would absolutely watch my back for retribution against Buffalo in 3 weeks though. Something will happen and they’re going to go after his knees. It might get ugly.

  10. By all means sit him til the playoffs, fine him a bazillion dollars, make him wear shirts with sleeves or do basic math problems…

    But in the mean time lets all sit back and enjoy all the little trolls desperately scrambling around trying to plant their flags on Mount Moral High Ground

  11. Huge Pats guy here, I agree a suspension is warranted no matter how hot you get you cannot target an unsuspecting player like that. First time offender, 1 game and 30K fine is my guess.

    What CANNOT get overlooked here is if the official just does his job and throws the flag on a blatant PI penalty this never occurs. This official need a full review for his part in the process.

  12. In before the Pats homers to defend this cheap shot. I see they are already downvoting anything that is not one of the following:

    “Brady is the GOAT”
    “Belichick is the GOAT”
    “Every other team is trash except New England”

  13. I wonder what was going thru Gronk’s head right before he decided this was a good idea? I am not a fan of the Patriots but Gronk always seemed like a decent person/great player. This action seems way outside normal behavior for him. Is something else going on with Gronk?

  14. Indeed it was a dirty play. It was almost as dirty as the hit on Joe Flacco delivered by Kiko Alonso. You know, the hit that got Kiko Alonso fined $9,115 with no suspension whatsoever.

    Yes, Alonso should have gotten worse, and a game off seems fair for Gronk as it would have been fair for Alonso.

    But there needs to be some consistency. Those wanting 2, 3 4 games, please try to reconcile that with the Alonso fine.

  15. mudmandenny says:
    There should be no IF. That was a blatantly DIRTY play.
    No doubt it was dirty, but hardly any players get suspended for a dirty plays. It must be especially egregious and the player usually has a history of dirty play, which Gronk doesn’t.

  16. Its like Gronk KNEW fantasy playoffs were starting next week and was just trying to screw with all of us.

  17. NFL suspended Evans for 1 game for a first offense cheap shot that they claimed was due to him not being ejected. Gronk should get the exact same, if anything his was worse. Dude straight up aimed for White’s head and made sure to line it up with a stutter step. Both plays were completely out of character for both guys but still both should have/be suspended for them.

  18. Everyone should be able to admit that Gronk is not a dirty player, but what he did was not cool at all. One game seems reasonable and if he gets some rest before the playoff stretch, so be it.

  19. I don’t approve of Gronks actions. With that being said, on that ONE PLAY alne you can see the DB hold him not ONCE but several times..had his hand on him all over him. I bet that was happening all day and Gronk just snapped.

  20. It has to be a suspension, and I suspect it will be two games.

    1 for the after-the-whistle elbow drop + 1 for causing a concussion with the elbow drop. If he’d just landed on the kid, 1 would be enough, but what he did was objectively worse than any fight I’ve seen. A helpless player was given a concussion.

    The suspension also needs to come with a warning that the next time anything like it happens with Gronk, it’s 6+ games.

    And I say this as a huge Gronk fan.

  21. First offense. It will be a good size fine or one game.

    both are completely separate but seeing highlights on NFL network of the coverage against him I guess you cannot commit foul against him. He is grabbed by the shirt, arm, hit beyond 5 yards and defenders flop like soccer players.

  22. Gotta love the guys calling for illegal hits on Gronk for his illegal hit. Kind of hypocritical wouldn’t you say?

  23. 1 game and a fine would be proportional. If you gave long suspensions for cheap shots like that the Bengals and Dolphins would never field a team.

  24. joker65 says:
    December 4, 2017 at 2:56 pm
    Gotta love the guys calling for illegal hits on Gronk for his illegal hit. Kind of hypocritical wouldn’t you say?

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    Well, why stop now? Goodell has all but encouraged it for years. Say, hey! Has TJ Ward been suspended for that filthy hit, targeting Gronk’s knee back in 2012?

  25. If he’s isn’t suspended I’m sure Bill would at least sit him for a series, maybe a half. Either way patriots have shown they can with without him, won the greatest super bowl ever without him.

  26. If Brady got 4 games for PSI (although unproven), what should the penalty be for drilling a guy on the ground, giving him a concussion AFTER the play is over? A play Gronk admitted was a cheap shot and BB called BS.

  27. ampatsisahypocrite says:
    December 4, 2017 at 3:06 pm
    Cheapest shot I’ve seen in years….

    You obviously do not watch much football, which is understandable given how your favorite team underachieves year after year.

    One game suspension for Gronk which is, surprisingly, the correct call by the NFL execs.

  28. Pass out the tutus. A guy got hit late, big deal. 15 yd flag and play on. At least we have these ridiculous choreographed end zone dances. I’m sure the Deacon Jones’, Jack Tatum, Jack Lamberts’ of the world, who were true gladiators who built this league into what it has become approve of the way the NFL has gutted the hitting into glorified Arena flag football and turned scoring a TD into a clown show. A guy got hit playing football…..waaaaaaaaaa. Grow a pair or go watch soccer1

  29. Once his suspension is determined, then that precedent will apply towards any other player who chooses to do the same to another player. In other words, a rookie DE, NT or LB could do the exact same thing to Brady & incur the same punishment Gronk is delivered. If it’s only 1 game, then I think a lot of guys / teams would be considering the trade-off…& so be it.

  30. luckyforus says:
    December 4, 2017 at 3:03 pm

    Patriots hurry up and destroy the evidence. It worked for spygate and deflategate.
    There was no evidence for deflategate. The NFL admitted that in court. Only fools would consider something that can never be seen, such as a privately owned telephone, to be evidence. The NFL had no right to ever see it,, so it was irrelevant. That didn’t stop the NFL from using the media to dupe dimwits with the “brady destroyed his phone” headlines. The NFL is good at marketing.

    The NFL continues to hide the only evidence for deflategate. The NFL is still hiding the PSI information that was collected during the 2015 NFL season because just like science that PSI evidence shows that Brady was innocent and that the NFL cheated the Patriots in the name of league parity.

  31. Gronk caught 9 catches for major yardage’s it’s not like he had no catches folks. So his reason to terminate White is because he held him on a play, give a break.

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