John Mara: Eli Manning situation had no impact on firings

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Giants co-owner John Mara held a press conference on Monday afternoon to formally announce and discuss the team’s decision to fire head coach Ben McAdoo and General Manager Jerry Reese with four games left in an “embarrassing” season that Mara said has been “spiraling out of control.”

The team put out a statement three weeks ago saying they’d wait until after the season to make any changes, but said on Monday that it was “pointless to wait” given how bad things have gotten this year. Contrary to some reports, Mara said that the way McAdoo handled the benching of quarterback Eli Manning last week was not the impetus for the change of course.

Mara confirmed that he “initially signed off” on McAdoo’s plan to present Manning with the option to start and play the first half against the Raiders before being pulled in favor of Geno Smith, but that he wanted to go back to McAdoo in hopes he’d be more flexible. McAdoo had already spoken to Manning, however, and Mara said that any anger for the move should be directed at him because he could have “overruled” the former coach.

Mara added that he was cognizant of the team having three home games left and how ugly things could be if McAdoo remained on the job, but that also wasn’t a determining factor.

“Our team isn’t good enough. We’re 2-10,” Mara said.

Mara said that any quarterback decision now will be up to interim coach Steve Spagnuolo, who will be a candidate for the job on a permanent basis. That’s also the case for interim General Manager Kevin Abrams and former G.M. Ernie Accorsi will be a consultant in the search for someone to fill that position.

42 responses to “John Mara: Eli Manning situation had no impact on firings

  1. Maybe they could hire former Carolina Panthers GM Dave Gettleman. He originally was with the Giants.

  2. After taking a Time out when the 1st quarter was ready to end ,,I believe you before that not so much !

  3. McAdodo pulled Eli to get fired! He gets his paycheck and out of a crap situation. College jobs opening up and nfl will add him later (as soon as the checks stop coming in)

    Johnny Morton is next (too bad cause he’s a good guy)

  4. Robomara has long been rumored to have a classified 4th prime directive that shuts him down if he attempts to arrest or bench any senior Manning player.

  5. My guess is, sometime in the (probably near) future, McAdoo &/or Reese will say, “The benching of Eli Manning was at ownership’s direction/suggestion.”

  6. Wow.

    Mara is never going to be accused of being a genius.

    The only words that should fall out of this guys mouth is, “Thanks, Pops.”

    Just sign the checks, play your golf and shut up.

    It’s so easy, I don’t understand how these “smart guys” eff it up all the time.

  7. What exactly is an interim GM going to do for the last four weeks of the season? It’s well past the trade deadline so he’s not going acquire anyone now. The draft is in the spring so is he supposed to scout a few thousand college prospects and prepare a draft board when he doesn’t even know if he’ll still have the job then?

  8. This is karma baby, plain and simple. Mara is a conniving, lying owner and all the birds have come home to roost.
    It will take a few years for this organization to rebuild.
    Is Eli spoiled, no doubt, but he was treated wrongly on his demotion.
    Mara here some plastic ware to eat that crow.

  9. The Giants are in this situation because of the actions of the ownership about 2 years ago.

    It isn’t a mystery why the Giants are so bad and the Jags are on the climb.

  10. Michael LaRocca, Technical Editor says:

    December 4, 2017 at 2:23 pm

    It’s not a lie if you believe it.


    “Who do you think you are? Costanza?” Lol…

  11. NOthing to do with treated your franchise like trash just because he couldn’t pull an Aaron Rodgers out of his butt and save the season? Please. If I were Eli.. Well I wouldn’t be playing football because of all the drama, but if I was Eli and wanted to play football still, I’d do it in Jacksonville. Get another ring.

  12. To the “karma” commenters….only team to win a SB every decade since the 80s so if there’s karma, then shower it on us

  13. This season has been very very tough for us Giants fans. It is heart breaking to see how low class the Mara family is in running the dumpster fire our beloved Giants have become.

    What happened to the superstar class of Tiki Barber? I am so sorry to everyone here for all my bragging comments over the years about the Giants. I know the team hasn’t been good. It has made me very sad. I know that plenty of teams have won several Super Bowls. There’s a new Super Bowl winner every year and the Giants haven’t been part of that for many years.

  14. He’s correct. The bad press and negative fan reaction resulting from the Eli Manning situation, there may be something to that.

  15. Already disliked this guy for the $20k PSLs and then giving us the most drab, generic stadium in the league. To be shared with the Jets, too.

  16. “McAdoo made Rich Kotite look like Vince Lombardi”

    I heard that Kotite is thinking about approaching Mara for the job. He’s only 75 years old…must have a few good years left.

  17. Did he say all that with a straight face? I just heard him on TV saying this season is hurting him more than us mere fans. Guess what? I paid dearly for this hurt. He’s still getting paid. Who’s kidding who here?

  18. Mara deserves everything he gets. While Eli has lost a bit and may never come back with this dumpster fire of a team & Oline no one could be succuessful. And on top of the classy dumping of Coughlin. Eli should just get an injury time out & leave for Jacksonville ASAP. Mara is a clown who was given the team & evidently paid no attention to his dad. Growing up in NH before the Pats came along the Giants were my team – YA Tittle, Sam Huff & Andy R. Sell to Bob Tisch & retire.

  19. Mara is an imbecile. To allow McAdoo and Reese to do what they did to Eli and then fire them both a week later is beyond stupid.
    Wellington Mara must be spinning in his grave to see how his once proud franchise has fallen.
    Meanwhile, this nitwit had no problem with O’Dell Beckham pulling all the crap he has pulled since he’s been in the league. Had he ordered that stooge McAdoo to come down hard on Beckham, I’d have a little respect for him. But they basically slapped him on the wrist and then treated Eli this shamefully.

  20. I have to assume that most of the vitriol against Mara is being put forth by ticked off Cowboy and Redskins fans (salary cap penalty). Actual Giants fans stand behind Mara. He may not be his dad but he isnt the demon that a lot of people are making him out to be.

  21. Benching Eli may not have played a major part in it, but it sure couldn’t have helped. The fact that anyone chose the Human Turnover Machine over a 2 time SB champ shows a major disconnect.

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