Jordan Poyer: “Of course” we’ll remember Gronk’s hit on Christmas Eve

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The lasting memory from Sunday’s 23-3 Patriots win over the Bills won’t be Patriots running back Rex Burkhead running for one of his two touchdowns or Bills quarterback Tyrod Taylor riding a cart to the locker room after hurting his knee.

It will be Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski‘s flying forearm to the back of Bills cornerback Tre'Davious White‘s head after White intercepted a Tom Brady pass in the fourth quarter. Gronkowski was not ejected from the game, but will be subject to further discipline from the league for a shot that landed White in the concussion protocol.

The Bills could also dole out some payback of their own come Week 16. That’s when they’ll be in New England for a Christmas Eve matchup with the Patriots and safety Jordan Poyer said “of course” on Sunday when asked if Gronkowski’s hit will be battling with sugar plums for a spot in the team’s mind.

“It is unnecessary anywhere in this league,” Poyer said, via “Tre made a great play. Obviously Gronk was frustrated and there’s no where in the league for that type of play. I understand flames are going, heat of the battle, but there’s not any room in the league for that type of crap.”

Gronkowski apologized after the game, but safety Micah Hyde said that doesn’t make the play any less dirty and shared Poyer’s sentiment that they’ll remember it come the rematch.

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  1. The hit was terrible and Gronk should definitely be sitting out at least 1 game if not 2. This is undeniably.

    What’s also undeniable is how White did not make a great play. He held twice and then pushed off for the pick. 3 uncalled penalties on one play isn’t good, it’s the refs trying to even the game out because one team is obviously way better than the other. Just like the NFL has been doing all season.

  2. None of this would have happened had all players had been playing under the same set of rules. It seems as though there are rules for most players, but when it comes to Gronkowski, there’s another set of rules and those allow for him to be held and making up phantom pass interference calls that just aren’t there.

  3. Gronk should get three games. Two for the hit and 1 for his pathic excuse for it. Reduce it to two games after a real apology is issued by Gronk.

  4. And no doubt Gronk will remember every single hold, on every single play.

    Note to the Bills; worry more about actually winning, and less about “payback”

  5. Most Pats fans think it was a dirty play, myself included. Leave that type of play in Cincy, Baltimore, Denver, and Pittsburgh, where players are taught to end opponents’ seasons.

  6. Huge Patriots fan here….(since 1968)….. Gronk will most likely face a 1 game suspension and fine worse case.

    Even though he hasn’t done anything like this in the past 9 years, and he does a ton of charity work, I feel he should sit and pay the fine. It is a play I feel he would take back. And since that is the case, it is something that should not be allowed.

    I listened to his apology after the game and thought he had remorse and regretted his actions. His frustration with the ref’s and the pass interference calls played into yesterdays event, BUT are not an excuse for the event.

    I also listened to the coaches as the met mid field at the end of the game. Bill said it was a BS play and that he apologized. That says it all for me.

    He will sit out he Miami game and be back for Pittsburgh.

  7. Gronkowski doing this in front of his home town makes it much worse than a dirty play, especially considering how much respect he still received as a Buffalo born & bred. He’s a punk… a pure punk.

  8. Whatever the response on Christmas Eve, it won’t be enough. I doubt it is anything but brief and ineffective.

  9. I guess Poyer thinks White holding Gronkowski all the way down the field and pushing him off at the end just before the interception is a great play.
    I don’t condone what Gronk did but I can see why he got frustrated. He is held and interfered with on virtually every play and the ref’s make phantom interference calls on him. The referees need to get their sit together and make proper calls so as to not incite players like in this instance. The holding and interference on leading to this incident was blatant and virtually right in front of the official and no call was made. Hell I was ready to jump through the TV and pop someone its so frustrating to watch what the ref’s let people guarding Gronk get away with.
    I remember the time a couple of years ago in Carolina Luke Kuechley had Gronk in a bear hug in the end zone during a pass play which would have resulted in the Patriots winning the game. The referee nearest threw a flag in a case of obvious pass interference and another referee a mile away reversed the call. It’s incredible the crap ref’s let people guarding Gronk get away with!

  10. Hey Buffalo D, while talking morals don’t forget to congratulate yourselves on cheating almost every play with all those unflagged holds that caused Gronk to boil over. Classless cheating losers, classlessly talking of payback.

  11. streetyson says:
    December 4, 2017 at 7:28 am
    Hey Buffalo D, while talking morals don’t forget to congratulate yourselves on cheating almost every play with all those unflagged holds that caused Gronk to boil over. Classless cheating losers, classlessly talking of payback.
    No, losers attempt to injure other players over actions in a GAME. What would this situation look like had 275 lb Gronk broke the neck of 170 lb White with that elbow to the back of the head? Besides, If I remember correctly Gronkowski had more PI calls than the whole Buffalo D and he’s on Offense!

  12. Tre didn’t make a great play, he got away with pass interference that was blatantly obvious to everyone except the stupid zebras. I’m not condoning Gronk’s retaliation, but I do blame the inept refs for creating the situation in the first place.

  13. No. Frustration doesn’t make it any less acceptable. Sheesh. The refs were bad. We can talk to SJenkins and TKelce and how they handled the exact same problem this week. I suspect if it involved a blind side forearm shiver many would be advocating their suspension as well. If anything JHughes may have handled it better.

  14. Memo from Patriots fans to the nfl:
    Dear NFL,
    We feel that, if a defensive lineman or linebacker is held on a previous play, the next play, that player should be allowed a free hit on Brady after the play. Preferably while he is down and, the hit is to be delivered to the back of his head.
    signed….ALL Patriots Fans

  15. The hit Gronk did was dirty, but it was from emotion. Doesn’t make it right, but not done out of malice. This person is suggesting a pre-meditated assault on another player as a form of retaliation… That’s what fines and suspensions are for. Making a threat should have repercussions as well.

  16. “Jordan Poyer: “Of course” we’ll remember Gronk’s hit on Christmas Eve, when they blow us out yet again.”

    By the way, ultimate losers lose 4 Super Bowls in a row.

    Nothing compares to that.

  17. Some Pats fans in this thread are commendable. The others are making excuses for why he did it and blaming it on White. I guess they blame the victims of their favorite TE too. Some Pats fans are despicable.

  18. I get refs make bad calls, (or no-calls), but it’s pretty easy to sit in our ivory towers and pass judgement. I officiate high school and small college football and basketball. Heck, I’ve missed calls, etc. Feel horrible later on about them. However, being on the field is a much different point of view than up high when you can really see everything. It’s not easy at all.
    I’m not condoning poor officiating, egotistical officials, or lazy work. That needs to be handled. But, it’s not near as easy as many of you make this out to be. The speed of the game and athleticism make it a big challenge. I doubt a lot of you could do the job as effetively as most.

  19. OK, since people are making up faux arguments to protect Gronk, for one who I love, then lets put these things into terms some of you can really understand. If what happened with Crabtree and Talib was in a hockey game, it would be 5:00 in the box for fighting. If what Gronk did was done in a hockey game, he’d be serving a hefty suspension. Driving your shoulder into a defenseless guys head after the whistle has no place in the game and is beyond egregious.

  20. Guy deserved it!! The GRABBED HIS JERSEY, no holding penalty THEN when Gronk gets free is commits an EGREGIOUS PASS INT !!!! Ref saw it, player KNOWS he committed it… WAY you can blame Gronk. That was a BS non call!

  21. paul1990 there is no excuse for 7 officials on the field to all miss at least 3 if not 4 penalties on the same play by the same person. That’s a bs excuse by you to excuse fellow officials that are definitely biased against gronk. And yes I believe what he did was absolutely wrong to retaliate like that.

  22. *shrug* Multiple times in the game Gronk pushed off defensive players, too. Many of them weren’t called, and you don’t see the Bills fans whining about them. And I lost count of how many non-calls there were for holding in the first half – when the Patriots offensive line was getting more than they could handle from the Bills defensive line…

    No – I’m not trying to defend OR complain about the reffing. I’m just pointing out that ALL games have calls that don’t get called, and BS calls when none should’ve been made…

    You Pats fans whining about the non-calls on Gronk REALLY need to stop trying to deflect blame away from the point that hitting a downed defenseless receiver (with half his body in the sideline chalk, mind you) in the back of the head with an armored part of your body should NEVER be considered a valid response – no matter how angry you feel.

    Besides – at the time Gronk attacked – there hadn’t been TIME for him to notice flags or not…

  23. dyims – How can all 7 officials miss a call when all 7 are watching their respected zones during a play. Not all officials follow the ball. Not all officials follow receivers. You clearly illustrated my point exactly. You know zero about what it takes to be on the field wearing stripes. Really think before typing.

  24. It was an unfortunate result of an ongoing League campaign against Gronkowski, and subsequently the Patriots. I think as the week goes on there will be compilations of examples of what Gronkowski has had to endure as a player who is not treated as an equal. We all wish it didn’t happen, but it’s the result of the league turning up the heat on a specific player to negate a legitimate competitive advantage. I’d be frustrated too. But you can’t do that.

    As for Poyer and Hyde, I would be very careful what I say. Patriots fans love their team, and I’m sure nobody wants to see fans getting involved, going after players like Poyer and Hyde, who are clearly premeditating illegal acts. As a matter of fact, the commissioner should be handing out suspensions for that game right now. Poyer and Hyde should be suspended for the next Patriots and Bills game based solely on the comments they just made.

  25. Pat fans complaining about the PI when it’s been the bread and butter of Gronk and countless wide receivers.

    Take the day off people.

    If you’re so frustrated about it, start hitting people in the head and give them a concussion. It will only cost you a weeks pay and knuckleheads will defend you, simply because you were frustrated.

    As a Bills fan, you get no remorse for not getting every call. If anything you know what it feels like to be a Bills fan for 10 seconds.



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