Report: Eli Manning could start for the Giants this week

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The Giants have fired head coach Ben McAdoo and General Manager Jerry Reese less than a week after McAdoo announced that Geno Smith would start at quarterback instead of Eli Manning.

The way McAdoo presented that decision to the public, including an offer to let Manning start games with Smith or rookie Davis Webb entering later, was roundly criticized, but co-owner John Mara made it clear that it had been done with his OK. Mara also suggested that what was discussed with McAdoo and Reese was somewhat different than what wound up being presented and said that the negative reaction was louder than he expected.

That likely contributed to the decision to fire McAdoo now rather than sticking to the originally stated plan to wait until the end of the season. It may also result in an attempt to walk the Manning benching back altogether. Ian Rapoport of NFL Media reports that his “understanding” is that Manning will start in in Week 14 against the Cowboys.

Given the negativity of the last week and the 2-10 season as a whole, one can understand the Giants’ desire to shove the toothpaste back in the tube. Mara said he was on board with wanting to see Smith and Webb play when he spoke the media last week, however, and reversing course on that after one game won’t do much to alter the dysfunctional self-portrait the Giants have painted this season.

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  1. As a Cowboy fan I absolutely want this stiff board taking the snap this week -the dysfunction of this organization is absolutely hilarious. No running attack, no offensive line – no wide receiver threats – defense is starting to crumble -this is beautiful.

  2. They should just save Manning from the inept O-line and a career-ending injury.

    I’d be OK if the rookie started the rest of the games this season. I don’t see any benefit from playing Geno, however.

  3. Bench Eli for Geno, now you wanna go back to Eli and Mara was ok with it when Ben McAdoo suggested it to him, guess he didn’t think the Giants would get much backlash from fans, media and former members/players of the giants!

  4. I hope the Cowboys beat the brakes off of the Giants. Eli makes 20M a year, he should be able to make do with a makeshift line and waiver wire WRs. That’s what brady had for years.

  5. Eli has a better chance to win another Super Bowl elsewhere than in New York.

    Jags ain’t got no receivers or Olsen/Graham-level TE. Lil’ bro Manning gon’be 37 after New Years, so he gettin’ old/clock tickin’.

    Best spot for Eli is to hook up with Fitz in Arizona.
    Carson Palmer ain’t never done nothin’ fo’ nobody (quadruple negative?)

    All right y’all peeps! lol

  6. People are forgetting this:

    Manning would not have been benched if the owners didn’t go along with McAdoo’s decision.

    Manning should remember that too. McAdoo and Reese are just fall guys, thrown under the bus by Mara in hopes that they can save face for the brutal reaction around the league and fans.

  7. Eli isn’t stupid and he knows who really ordered the benching. He’ll stay silent the rest of the season but will high-tail it out of North Jersey as soon as this season is done. He’s gotta be hoping he doesn’t get hurt playing the last stinking weeks with this dreadful team. Welcome to the Jags next year.

  8. so they essentially let an incompetent coach end Eli’s consecutive games played streak and then fired that coach after the streak was ended. How incompetent can the owner’s of the Giants be? I mean fire the dolt before the streak ends. This looks even worse now.

  9. The Giants can save their season, or what’s left of it anyway, by beating the Cowboys this Sunday. It’s not likely, but it could happen. Let’s not forget that Eli Manning won the first game ever played at Jerry World, and he has won twice as many Super Bowls as Jerry Jones since 1995-96. Scratch that, 2 x 0 = 0. He has won two more Super Bowls than Jerry Jones since 1995-96, and both were against Tom Brady, who has won five more Super Bowls than Jerry Jones since 1995-96 and two more than Jerry Jones has ever won since 1992-93.

    Divisional games in the NFC East are always hard fought, especially at home. A victory against Dallas would substantially boost Manning’s prospects of signing with another team next year.

  10. To those who are ticked off that the streak was stopped, like me, maybe thats what it took for Mara to wake up and clean house. If that is the case then it was worth it. The streak was great but getting this team back to respectability is much more important.

    Yes, Mara shouldnt have let it get to where it did, but he did.

  11. EPIC. Let the public think Macadoo had any power in the Eli benching.

    Can Macadoo.

    Reinstate Eli as starter as save face.

    I would say this is the scummiest thing Mara has done but it ain’t even close.

    All will be revealed.


  12. .
    Why we love the media – Chapter 2017

    The media loves to waste time on drama involving 38 year old, has been QBs with 2-10 records because it’s not only low hanging fruit. It’s fruit that has fallen on the ground and is rotting.

    People with the last name of Manning operate under a different set of media rules than the rest of the NFL.

  13. Eli is under contract….he cant just “high tail it” off of the Giants. He either retires, gets traded, or gets cut. He isnt retiring and I doubt anyone trades for that contract, so if he doesnt get cut he’ll be a Giant next year.

  14. Let Webb start. Putting Eli back serves no purpose other than “appeasing the fans.”

    Apparently, Trump was wrong. It’s not the players who run the game. It’s the fans.

  15. If he was willing to let Manning start, he should have just started Manning and waited until they were inevitably down after the first and then threw Geno in. Prep Geno for the week as though he’s starting. Maybe even let the two know that the front office would like to see what Geno and Webb can do if they get down again. It would have been much easier to explain to the media after the game that you wanted a taste of what you have in a lost season during a lost game than to do whatever they thought they were doing before the game.

  16. I love how starting Geno Smith for all of one game was enough to cost the coach and GM their jobs, and bring back a QB who appeared headed out the door. To paraphrase Highlander, it’s a kind of magic.

  17. I still see Eli being traded and they start over with low first round draft pick at QB. His star is tarnished, yes he lost one very good receiver but they werent the only ones on the team.

  18. EVERYONE knew the Giants had offensive line issues last year based on how much Eli Manning was getting pounded last year. But for some inexplicable reason, the coach and GM decided NOT to address the issue in free agency and waited until around the fourth round to take an offensive lineman in the draft.

    After not going after folks in free agency, ownership SHOULD have been asking why not and whether they planned to address the issue in the draft.

    McA-don’t and Reese earned being fired but MAYBE ownership SHOULD bear some responsibility for lack of oversight and/or NOT asking enough questions about the team’s direction.

  19. Eli should say..nah…I’m good. Why am i going to go out there and maybe get hurt for this dumpster fire. I’ll save it up for next year…and my new team.

  20. A lot of people in the NFL have been making a LOT of bad decisions lately. Goodell has made a mess of them. Chargers ownership. Raiders ownership. Giants ownership and front office. Everything the Browns have done.

    They’re all making Jerry Jones look competent. That’s not easy to do.

  21. it’s not just karma against Mara…it’s also karma against Eli… remember he screwed San Diego out of their right to draft him… claiming they don’t treat their players right… now he’s getting treated the way he thought he was going to get treated in San Diego… so I don’t feel sorry for Eli one bit and I’m glad his streak ended for a bs reason…he absolutely deserved it!!!

  22. McAdoo knew he was gone at the end of the season. He gets paid for the entire season either way. Anyone think he botched the Manning thing on purpose, so he could start his new job search earlier?

  23. brodams says:
    December 4, 2017 at 2:23 pm

    Meanwhile….the Jags have Tom Coughlin and are tied for first in their division.

    Tied for first in the NFL’s worst division. Big deal.

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