Report: Multiple firings could be coming soon at Giants HQ


Ben McAdoo’s key card works. For now. That may be a temporary situation.

According to Kimberly Jones of the NFL Network, the Giants may be about to clean house, as she says “firings — plural — ‘are imminent.'”

While getting rid of McAdoo at this point almost seems the merciful thing to do, getting rid of other coaches (or perhaps General Manager Jerry Reese) at this point leaves them in an awkward spot.

Regardless the future, they still have a month of games to play, with no goal within reach.

Stay tuned, and keep your key cards handy.

26 responses to “Report: Multiple firings could be coming soon at Giants HQ

  1. They most likely will fire Ben McAdoo and promote Mike Sullivan or Steve Spagnuolo to head coach, I could see Reese getting let go to so the giants can get a head start of the new head coach search!!

  2. Earlier the better. Announce that Eli will be your starter and resign him to a two year deal. Then fill in the holes on OL and RB. Tag Beckham. Make your run and then in two years blow it up if all fails. It doesn’t make sense to get a QB now and start over with all they spent and are locked into on D.

  3. So it was Mara’s idea to bench Eli, and Mara proposed the ridiculous idea that Eli starts games and then hits the bench, and the media refuses to point fingers at anyone except McAdoo? Sure…McAdoo is in over his head, but there some people way higher up the chain that this falls on.
    Good to know that the Mara’s are so classy and the NFL’s favored family! They never do any wrong…

  4. Benching Eli was a gamble, but he had to do something drastic. If Geno’s Giants had won, he’d be alright for now. But teams that tank love to fire the coach and have that nice high pick to entice a new coach.

  5. Interesting this team went from Super Bowl contention (“Win-Now”) mode, to full-on rebuild in 10 weeks. It’s only McAdoo and Mayhews’ second year.

    Anyone think they’d now prefer to have their money back on Oliver Vernon, Brandon Marshall, Janoris Jenkins, Damon Harrison? Word to the wise, you don’t build your team through free agency. You build your team through the draft, even if it sets you back a few years. Beyond McAdoo and Mayhew, this was their biggest mistake- investing so heavily in free agency. Consider, if the players were so great, why were they allowed to test the market? If you’re not getting enough talent from the draft, invest in your scouts and front office. Free agency is merely a band-aid and sign of poor draft efficiency.

    Tanking may help their draft position for ’18, but if they don’t get their front office in order, it won’t matter who’s coaching. See Cleveland.

  6. That key card comment was comincal. I came onto the article to drop the obvious ‘so tomorrow then?’ one liner but then found about a half dozen people had beaten me to it. And now they are proven correct.

  7. McAdoo has been fired. They MUST get rid of Reese. I’m not a Giants fan but never hated them. But what they did to Eli was inexcusable. And allowing McAdoo to do it when they knew they were firing him Monday is a joke.

  8. I’m sure I speak for all Giants fans when I say THANK YOU! Also, Reese better be on that train home, too. If not, the next head coach fares no better with his terrible drafting.

    -Giants and big Eli fan

  9. I would feign being shocked, but its hard to be shocked about this when everyone and their mother predicted this.

    All I know is if Mcadoofus or Reese are two of those firingsx everyone in NY will throw a parade of epic proportions

  10. The Giants would have to be near the top of the list of teams to work for. They should be able to hire the best GM candidate out there. There are at least four franchise QB’s coming out in this next draft. The Giants could turn it around in a hurry if they hire a good GM.

  11. The Giants are a complete train wreck, 2nd only to the Packturds.
    They’ll likely fire McAdon’t and if they were smart, they’d hire Pat Shurmur.
    I doubt he’d go there though.
    Why give up the great thing they are building in Minnesota and a chance to go to the Super Bowl over the next several years to go to that cesspool.

  12. I’ve been a Giants fan for many years. I long ago realized that the Mara family garbage about the Giants being special and the Maras having class was a load of garbage.

    Wellington Mara did one thing that endeared himself to his fellow owners. He agreed to share revenue. When the Maras and the Halases (Chicago Bears) agreed to share revenue (two biggest TV markets for the NFL at the time) with smaller markets, that was great for NFL competitive balance. It is very easy to understand why the rest of the NFL was greatful to Wellington Mara and George Halas.

    But that doesn’t explain why Wellington supported his old drinking buddies to run the Giants into the ground in the 1960’s and 1970’s. Wellington’s nephew Tim (from the half of the family that later sold to their stake in the Giants to the Tisches) kept complaining that Wellington was incompetent and just liked making his drinking buddies happy by giving them jobs with the Giants. Pete Rozelle finally stepped in and got Wellington and Tim to compromise on bringing in an outsider (George Young) to run the team with full authority. Young professionalized the Giants and Wellington Mara just became a symbol or face of the Giants without power (it wasn’t that George Young had power on his own, it was that the compromise between Wellington and Tim was that Wellington and Tim agreed to stop their in-house fighting and let Young run the team; had Wellington challenged Young, that would have broken the Wellington-Tim truce).

    I enjoy watching the Giants win and I don’t like seeing them lose. They are my local team. But I don’t make up false myths about the owners.

  13. Do people really think that Macadoo “fired” Eli?

    You really think a lame duck head coach is just going to fire a 13 year starting QB set to break an all-time record? Really??? seriously???

    He might have sucked as a coach but let’s put the blame for the Eli debacle where it belongs….Squarely on Mara’s shoulders. Pure Evil.

  14. What’s obscene TO ME is that Eli, who had the 2nd longest streak of starts for a QB in league history, had his streak snapped by a coach who gets fired less than 24 hours after the streak ended. This is a travesty and I hope NO ONE shows up for the Giants’ final four games.

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