Seahawks defense taking things personally

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The Seahawks aren’t the same, defensively, after losing Richard Sherman and Kam Chancellor and Cliff Avril.

That does not mean they’re not capable of taking over a game, which the Eagles learned last night.

Linebacker K.J. Wright warned people “don’t sleep on us,” last week, and they spent the night giving the Eagles and the rest of the NFC nightmares. The Eagles got some cosmetic yardage late, but the top scoring offense in the league managed 10 points, and the Seahawks thinks that sends a message.

“Word was getting around that we’re not the same defense,” replacement safety Bradley McDougald said, via Matt Calkins of the Seattle Times. “Guys are taking that personally.”

The Seahawks were able to make the Eagles one-dimensional over the course of the game, barely bothering to run late in the game (though the score had a role in that).

And Wright didn’t back away from last week’s confidence when approached after the game.

“We just showed them that we’re the best,” Wright said. “We’re still a Super Bowl team. . . .

“We should run the table.”

If they do, that would include beating the Rams in Week 15 and likely going into the playoffs as division champion. And that means a home game. And that looks and sounds like trouble for visitors, based on last night.

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  1. Well, if they run the table, they’ll still need some help to try to get a bye week. That’d be two more losses by Philly or Minny. Possible…possible. Last night was a bigger win for the Seahawks than it was a loss for the Eagles. It’s a nice confidence boost going into the last quarter of the season. It’s all on Wilson’s shoulders now. Also…Jimmy Graham has 9 tds in 8 games…where are the Graham haters this morning?

  2. How will they “need help” when they own the head to head tiebreaker over the Eagles and would own it via a sweep (in this scenario) over the Rams?

    Do you understand how playoff seedings work in the NFL?

  3. They’d need help to have homefield THROUGHOUT, but I’m not sure it will matter where Seattle and Minnesota play (if that is the NFC Championship), the game will be hard fought and a spectacle with no blowout either way — most likely.

  4. The most dangerous team in the league right now…the team no one wants to play…isn’t the Seahawks. It’s the New Orleans Saints. I’m more worried about playing them on the road than Philly or the Vikings.

  5. As a Rams fan this is exactly what I feared but then again I’m not surprised. I said in a post last week that if anyone thinks Philly is going walk into Seattle and blow them out is delusional.This puts huge pressure on the Rams starting next week against these same Eagles. If they lose and Seattle beats the Jags then they are tied based on record but Seattle holds the tiebreaker based on beating L.A. earlier. This makes the Rams-Hawks game in 2 weeks essentially for the division title and the Rams suck in Seattle.

  6. Seattle played outstanding and got a lot of help from Philly fumbles/interception and Refs. Seattle caused the fumbles and interception. Refs caused minus 14 philly points and 7 plus Seattle points. Like three defensive holdings in a row but Seattle had none and what was that pass interference reversal in the 4th quarter. UNBLEIEVABLE. See you in Philadelphia in January Seahawks.

  7. They should still be offended this morning seeing as how the Eagles still gained 425 yards or so in their house.

  8. I told you the Seahawks would win. Why didn’t you believe me? The Seahawks have better players on their bench then most teams starters.

    Special thanks to the Seahawks for giving the Vikings a template to beat Filthadephia.

  9. The Seattle D deserves plenty of credit, but Doug Petersen ran a bizarrely conservative offense throughout the first half. He needs to realize that in these big games, you have to be aggressive to maximize every opportunity to get into opposing territory, because you’re not likely to get a TD each time you do.

  10. “schmitty2 says:

    December 4, 2017 at 10:05 am
    As a Rams fan this is exactly what I feared but then again I’m not surprised…”

    Actually, as a Hawks fan, I have been saying for a few years that the Rams have a lot more talent than they’re given credit for. Even with the losses in free agency, their front-7 has been one of the best in the league for a long time. Those defeats the Hawks suffered almost every year were not flukes.

    I am hoping we can win here on December 21st, but I would not be surprised by a Rams win.

  11. kamthechancellor says:
    December 4, 2017 at 8:58 am

    The most dangerous team in the league right now…the team no one wants to play…isn’t the Seahawks. It’s the New Orleans Saints.
    The Vikings and Rams showed everyone how you beat the Saints.Stop their running game. Their defense isn’t that good, nowhere near what they talk about. Improved but not good enough to stop RussellWilson, Doug Balwin & Jimmy Graham.You don’t think Jimmy will be ready for that game? Your take is all about Brees and not thinking about the whole team.

  12. Seahawks can beat any team on any given Sunday on any field. That said if the Seahawks play the Eagles again in the playoffs, I think the game goes a lot different. Same goes for the Rams coming up in two weeks. That game even though its in Seattle is going to be a lot closer than week 5. Once you play the Seahawks once you’re able to game plan against them a lot different the second time around. Especially on defense. I’m going to piss a lot of people off in saying that our defense gets lucky a lot of the times with big plays not happening because the other team doesn’t quite execute to reach the outcome. Well the second time around usually happens. Next 4 games I’m not worried about going the Seahawks way, I’m worried about the playoffs and who we have to face and where.

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