Adam Gase said his onside kick wasn’t about John Elway


Dolphins coach Adam Gase said his decision to go for an onside kick while up 33-9 on the Broncos was about sending a message to his own team, not to Broncos executive John Elway.

Presumably, he said it with a straight face.

While Broncos cornerback Chris Harris acknowledged the “bad blood,” Gase denied that Monday.

“You guys have seen every game we’ve played,” Gase said, via Chris Perkins of the South Florida Sun Sentinel. “It’s not like we’ve been dominating, and we haven’t had big leads. And I think the whole point of that was for our guys to understand we have to play 60 minutes every week and you have to play that game like it’s 0-0 for 60 minutes.

“That was the biggest point that I wanted to make to our guys, that we’re going to be aggressive the entire time and that’s the mentality I want our guys to have. That’s why those guys on the other sideline, those offensive players, they know where my mind’s at for an entire game. They’ve been through it with me before.”

Not everyone buys that, and there is enough circumstantial and anecdotal evidence to draw that conclusion.

Armando Salguero of the Miami Herald lays out the reasons he might have wanted to stick it to his old boss, citing sources close to Gase that said Elway did not offer support for his candidacy for previous head coaching opportunities.

Specifically, he thinks Elway bad-mouthed him to then-49ers General Manager Trent Baalke, who would go on to hire Jim Tomsula and get them both fired (Good call, Trent). Elway was conducting his own search at the moment, and interviewed Gase, but ultimately hired longtime friend Gary Kubiak to coach the Broncos. Perhaps feeling double-crossed, Gase left to spend a year as offensive coordinator for the Bears, before getting the Dolphins job.

So while Gase has his own problems to worry about (he was able to break a five-game losing streak thanks to the Broncos being even worse), it’s also reasonable to think it was hard for Gase to divorce his context from his actions.

But he said that’s not it, leaving it for you to decide whether to buy it or not.

12 responses to “Adam Gase said his onside kick wasn’t about John Elway

  1. I’m all for anything that can be done to make the Broncos look and play worse than they are right now. Arrogance has a price and they are paying for it.

  2. He can’t be sore that the 49ers hired future HOF coach Jim Tomsula. I don’t buy that for a second.

  3. If he thinks he thinks Elway bad-mouthed him to then-49ers General Manager Trent Baalke, he should send Elway a Thank-You note.

  4. Unlike former Eagles coach Buddy Ryan, who ran up the score against Jimmy Johnson’s Cowboys at the end of a 1989 game that Philadelphia had well in hand, and then bragged about it afterward, Gase is taking the high road here. Still, don’t believe for a second that he didn’t want to stick it to his former boss. Whether Gase saw the opportunity to stick it to Elway as the icing on the cake for successfully executing an onside kick, or vice versa, we’ll never know, but only someone who is extremely naive would think that both factors weren’t in play for the Dolphins coach when he called the play.

  5. This is a bunch of nonsense. Armando Salguero is a notorious pot stirrer who says whatever someone with the Dolphins tells him to say whether it’s accurate or not. Gase wanted the job but was told to keep Tomsula and thus he balked. Elway didn’t have anything to do with it. Exactly why would Trent Baalke who has no close relationship with him listen to him about hiring a coach? Some of you need to use your own critical thinking skills and research that coaching cycle because it was well known that he was offered the job but turned it down because of the Tomsula stipulation.

  6. It’s hard for a coach to preach team-first to his players when he does something stupid like this.

  7. “Every Dog Has It’s Day”

    Adam Gase won the game last Sunday but John Elway made the moves to win the Super Bowl under Head Coach Gary Kubiak. I’ll take the Super Bowl. Elway did not see Gase as his Head Coach in Denver and who can argue with the Super Bowl won by hiring Kubiak instead of Gase.

  8. He’s trying to prove he can be every bit as crazy as Nutjob so Ross shouldn’t consider replacing him.

  9. anyone who complains about getting a score run up against them is in the wrong business. if you stink it’s your fault not the other guy’s.

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