Bengals move into top 10 (in 2018 NFL Draft order)

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The Bengals lost last night, but moved up a few spots in the draft order, which is all the consolation you get this time of year when you’re not in the playoff mix.

Of course, the Browns (0-12) would still pick first in the 2018 NFL Draft if the season ended today. Also, a lot of people would be saying: “Why did the season end the Tuesday after Week 13?”

The Giants (2-10) leapfrogged the 49ers (2-10) for the second spot this week, thanks to Geno Smith‘s and Jimmy Garoppolo‘s respective 2017 debuts.

The Broncos sit atop the group of 3-9 teams in the fourth spot, followed by the Colts and Bears. The Browns also own the seventh pick as it stands now, with Houston’s slot ahead of Tampa Bay (4-8).

The Bengals (5-7) would pick ninth based on the current standings, followed by the Cardinals, Jets, Washington and the Dolphins.

Draft order ties are broken based on strength of schedule, with teams with the lower number there getting preference.

So with the above group not playing for anything meaningful in the current context, this at least gives them something to look forward to the rest of the year.


11 responses to “Bengals move into top 10 (in 2018 NFL Draft order)

  1. After that game of poor/lopsided officiating… I don’t really care about draft order…because these games are unwatchable.

    You know what IS happening… and… you know what WILL happen (due to the terribly odorous officiating).

    13 penalties – 167 yards for Cincinnati
    7 penalties – 66 yards for pittsburgh

    If that is what it takes to keep one of the bandwagon ‘marquee’ teams of football relevant… I will not support it.

    The nfl is in decline.

  2. .
    As usual Cleveland will control the early rounds of the draft, as they have two firsts and three seconds. But the team to watch is Buffalo. They have two picks in each of the first three rounds and seem to be intent on getting a top flight QB.

    Added to the list of bad teams that desperately need a QB, is the Patriots. They have their own picks and the 49ers second, but Belichick has a history of being aggressive in pursuit of a player he covets.

  3. Bengals continue to have all this talent but every year for the most part don’t play up to their talent.

  4. They’re going to have to promote an OC or DC either from within or outside, because absolutely no HC is going to want to deal with Mike Brown.

  5. Sorry…but in case you haven’t noticed…the Jets are NOT tanking. So, the draft order is of little interest to them and their fans.

  6. The Browns won’t fire their head coach now because it means the new coach may try to win and succeed, and that could adversely affect their number 1 overall pick status.

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