Dave Gettleman could resurface as next Giants G.M.

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Before the Giants hire a coach, they’ll most likely hire a General Manager. And with former Giants G.M. Ernie Accorsi serving as a consultant, one name is already making the rounds in some league circles as the most likely candidate for the job: Former Panthers G.M. Dave Gettleman.

The 66-year-old Gettleman, who spent more than a decade with the Giants before being hired by the Panthers (at Accorsi’s recommendation), was abruptly fired late in the offseason. Because he’s currently not connected to any team, he could be hired right now. (And if he’s initially hired on an interim basis, the Giants could hire him without complying with the Rooney Rule.)

Some believe that Accorsi will essentially be making the hire, which makes Gettleman an even more viable candidate. Despite being fired by Panthers owner Jerry Richardson, Gettleman did a solid job in Carolina, putting the finishing touches on a Super Bowl team that has been largely built by Marty Hurney.

Hiring Gettleman also would mesh with the insular nature of the Giants organization, installing someone they know instead of rolling the dice on someone they don’t.

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  1. mara will likely hire a goodell cronie so goodell doesnt blow the lid on his cheating scandal when goodell doesnt get his 50 mil

  2. makes sense

    carolina is led by a bunch of delusional

    they allowed old, vet players to send them
    into cap hell and block player development from the draft

  3. Gettleman was basically fired for his handling of esteemed veteran players (Jordan Gross, DeAngelo Williams, Josh Norman, Greg Olsen, Thomas Davis, etc…).

    Yeah, that seems like a perfect candidate to step into the Eli Manning saga.

  4. As a Giants fan I feel that we could do worse, but Id really like to see some totally new blood. Gettleman hasnt been around for a while, but he’s still a Giant.

  5. “And if he’s initially hired on an interim basis, the Giants could hire him without complying with the Rooney Rule.”

    Giants already have an interim GM… their Assistant GM Kevin Abrams now has the ‘Interim’ title.

    While Gettleman is certainly qualified, he’s also 66. I would imagine the team does not want to hire another GM again any time soon. If Gettleman is not interested in still having the job 10, 12, 15 years from now, then he’s not a good candidate. VP/GM is seen by the Giants as a long-term job – they’ve only had three in the last 38 years.

  6. Caserio and McDaniels…..trade their number 2 to SF for Garoppolo and use their number 1 on McGlinchey

  7. You have no confidence? There last two Head Coach hires prior to McAdoo took the Giants to Super Bowls; winning 2 of 3. Some people should engage their brains before engaging their mouths.

  8. I can’t think of any level headed Panther fan that wanted to see Dave leave Charlotte. I think he was an excellent GM and hope to see him do well wherever he lands.

    Thanks for the expertise sir – I feel we’ll truly miss it here in Carolina!

  9. Trent Baalke is hanging out on the other side of the river at the League Office isn’t he?
    Came from the Parcells Tree as well.
    Give him some stable Ownership, (and lots of help on the Offensive side) and, he could be possible alternative?

  10. This would be silly. Why would you bring BACK someone who has contributed to the roster being the way it is? Is it for familiarity’s sake? If you wanted “more of the same” hire the person directly under Jerry Reese. However, if you want to press the reset button, go with someone with fresh new idea and has NO FORMER TIES to the organization!!! This is ridiculous. Especially when part of the reason Gettleman was fired was poor communication in Carolina. Which is also why you just fired McaDoo

  11. That should work well. Get the guy who didn’t draft particularly well in Carolina himself and blundered the Norman FA departure and meld him back with the same staff that got Reese fired. Something tells me the whole organization needs a reset, but the Giants don’t like to do that.

  12. I could see it as a more likely scenario that Gettleman be brought in to the Giants in a similar capacity to what Coughlin is doing in Jacksonville. Let him guide Abrams and a new coach in the short term, and retire in a few years once the ship is stable.

  13. No need to recycle yesterdays garbage. This would not be a “fresh” start. Use the next few weeks to complete your due diligence (which SHOULD HAVE began before you fired the HC and GM — much the same as a person who chooses to leave their job SHOULD HAVE another one lined up before they quit!). Consider thinking outside the box, and stick to your plan.
    Part of rebuilding means out with the old, and in with the new. You don’t want to rebuild often, so when you have to – make sure you do it right the first time, or else you could find yourself in constant rebuild mode with little hope of escaping.

  14. Ah….the ol’ trial balloon to throw a name out and gauge the reaction…

    that said, I think I agree with the reaction that Gettleman is a short term solution, to guide someone and groom someone for then long term.

    They do need to firm this position first before a head coach. And the head coach needs to be someone with head coaching experience. A solid college guy would be very good.

  15. before you trash-talk eli manning go take a few series at qb for the giants. I have a feeling he came home and said “dad so this is what playing for the 1980 New Orleans Saints was like?”
    What a disaster, hopefully whoever they’ve replaced McAdoo with can scrape together the stats to meet bonus incentives for players who deserve/need it. Any notions of pride are long gone!

  16. Look at his 1st & 2nd round picks from last year.

    At 8 took a Slot Receiver…CMC is not a 1st round NFL RB.

    At 40 took a the same player as he did at 8 but Samuel is a project who needs to learn how to run routes.

  17. I like the fact that he’s ‘ruthless,’ almost Belichickian, and that’s how you should run an organization in the salary cap era. Getting into salary cap hell is how you can get fired.

    I think he also learned his lesson at Carolina and now know how to have a balance and not lose the locker room. He’s ready!

  18. Gettleman would be a very solid pick as GM for the GIANTS.

    He drafted well with the Panthers, and that is the first thing the GIANTS need to fix.

    Reese had some very, very good drafts back to back, and then they almost all got bad. We had some bad luck with guys (David Wilson, Chad Jones), but we misses on way, way too many guys, too many times.

    Personally I would really want a Nick Caserio/Josh McDaniels partnership, but if it ends up being David Gettleman/Mike Smith, or something like that, I would be fine with it.

    The other thing we have to get is a QB of the Future in the upcoming draft.

    Sam Darnold/Josh Rosen/Josh Allen/Baker Mayfield. We have to get one of those guys.

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