Eagles defensive coordinator Jim Schwartz looking for rebound


Much like the reaction of Eagles center Jason Kelce, defensive coordinator Jim Schwartz believes most of the errors for Philadelphia’s defense Sunday night in Seattle were self-inflicted and fixable.

According to Les Bowen of the Philadelphia Inquirer, Schwartz gave credit to Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson and his ability to extend plays and create big plays out of nothing. However, there were opportunities to keep Seattle’s structured offense from causing as many problems as they did for the Eagles on Sunday night.

We didn’t play our best game. I think that was pretty obvious. In all three levels of the defense … I don’t know if we had one person on the field who would have considered the game one of their better performances, and quite honestly, we had a lot of guys that it was probably one of their worst performances,” Schwartz said.

“We didn’t play the pick routes very well. We knew they were coming; we got ’em last year. We didn’t do a good job, particularly that first drive, we didn’t give up any big plays, but they were methodically moving down the field. We didn’t anticipate those well enough.”

“After the first series we did a better job, we still didn’t do a great job of responding to them. It’s built in; when you play man-to-man, you’re going to get those kinds of rubs and picks and all those things. There are things we can do with alignments, [playing] up vs. off, press vs. off in some of those situations, and we weren’t in the best positions on some of those plays.”

Of course, the Los Angeles Rams – and everyone else remaining on the Eagles regular season schedule – don’t have Wilson playing quarterback either.

The 24-10 defeat was the first time in three weeks the Eagles had even allowed more than nine points in a game. They still rank third in total defense, sixth in points allowed and remain the league’s top defense against the run through 13 weeks.

“It shows you a little bit about where our guys are that that’s considered a bad performance,” Schwartz said.

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  1. Seattle brought their A Game and the Birds didn’t handle the playoff level intensity of the game very well. How they handle the Rams this week will go a long a way toward being able to identify whether this is truly a Super Bowl caliber team or just a good team having a nice season.

  2. If wentz doesnt fumble on the goaline and the illegal pass from wilson is challenged, this game is pretty much tied at 17-17 in the 4th, both team are legit good, the seahawks just had the upper hand and it could have easily gone either way. Both teams got away with holding, but the hawks holding in coverage was just about every play. The eagles have to realize LT will be an issues against top defenses without peters, Carson took a lot of heat these past weeks, especially against seattle.

  3. “However, there were opportunities to keep Seattle’s structured offense from…”

    For Pete’s sake, “Seattle’s structured offense”?? With THAT offensive line? Right after saying “create big plays out of nothing”??

    Russell Wilson IS the offense. Wilson leads the league in total accrued yards — rushing and passing — and total offensive touchdowns responsible for, and he is second only to Brady in the number of first downs he’s been responsible for.

    That’s not “structured”. That’s a one-man show.

  4. Jimmy had a bad game. Jimmy is gonna do better next time. If jimmy wants to be a head coach again, then jimmy knows jimmy call a better game.

    Seinfeld fun aside, pretty game plan from Schwartz. I fully expect him and the defense as a whole to play much better.

  5. “We didn’t play the pick routes very well. We knew they were coming; we got ’em last year”…..Seriously is this guy delusional, The game last year was a worse beat down than this year, and we had less playmakers on the field on both sides of the ball this year. If he’s saying not one guy on defense had their best game, and even some of the worst performance of the year type play, that points straight to the game preparation and the coaching. I would put this both on Doug Pedersen and Schwartz

  6. If wentz doesnt fumble on the goaline and the illegal pass from wilson is challenged, this game is pretty much tied at 17-17

    Yes, because you’ve automatically decided that the Eagles would have scored on both sets of circumstances…smh…

  7. Actually the Eagles defense did pretty well against Seattle, better than the falcons did for example, in terms of points allowed. NFL defenses have always had trouble defending against mobile quarterbacks, whether they were Fran Tarkenton, Roger Staubach, Steve young, or Aaron Rodgers, because most NFL teams do not allow their quarterbacks to run the ball, unlike the NCAA. If more NFL quarterbacks run the ball, the defenses would be better prepared.

  8. Man, it’s a loss, whatever the circumstances. There’s always things that a 10-2 team could’ve done differently in a loss that “could have” changed the outcome, I assure everyone. This game was no different.

    10-2. Move on. No good comes from bemoaning a loss at Seattle for this team at this point in the season. The win for Seattle was way more important to them– that’s who I expect to be on here saying things. Well done. Outplayed and certainly out coached the Eagles on this night. I hope to play again soon in Philly.

  9. Yes, because you’ve automatically decided that the Eagles would have scored on both sets of circumstances…smh…

    First off… the Eagles only needed to score once to make it 17-17 and if Wentz doesn’t fumble they are at the 1 for God sakes. And if they challenge the forward lateral the Seahawks likely don’t score on their drive. There were 3 other plays that eagles could of scored an easy TD but missed their opportunity.

    The Eagles put up 420 yards of offense on Seattle. Wentz threw for 303 yards in the 2nd half alone. Eagles out-gained the Hawks by over 100 yards. The Eagles belong with the top teams and can play with them. Why they lose you ask? They didn’t take advantage of their opportunities against a solid Seattle team. Plain and simple.

  10. FOCUS, on the Rams. If you thought Seattle’s offense gave you troubles, wait until you have to stop the offensive weapons on the Rams, and Gurley himself is a handful both running and catching the ball out of the backfield.

    Plus, Seattle needs YOU to beat the Rams.

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