Kurt Warner will step in for Cris Collinsworth on two December games

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Kurt Warner has been a studio analyst on NFL Network for some time and he’s going to get some time as a game analyst this month.

NBC announced on Tuesday that Warner will step in for Cris Collinsworth as Mike Tirico’s partner for two games. He’ll call the December 16 game between the Bears and Lions on NFL Network as well as the Christmas night game between the Steelers and Texans. That game will be on NFL Network and NBC.

“There is nothing I enjoy more than being at the stadium on game day — being able to watch the action up close and experience the energy of the fans — so I am extremely excited about joining Mike, [sideline reporter Heather Cox] and the entire NBC team as an analyst for these two games in December,” Warner said in a statement.

Warner worked as a game analyst for FOX in 2010 and has worked on Monday night games for Westwood One radio as well.

42 responses to “Kurt Warner will step in for Cris Collinsworth on two December games

  1. Collingsworth seems to think he has to continuously babble non-stop with this aww-shucks schtick. We dont need to hear a long story after every play. I have to just turn off the volume

  2. I long for the Pat-John days of minimalism….

    “Montana…to Rice…touchdown”. (nothing else needed)

  3. He is not replacing Collinsworth, but merely moving into NBC’s “B” squad. The “A” team is Al Michaels, Collinsworth, and Michele Tafoya. Collinsworth was the only one doing double duty as he would join Tirico and Cox. Looks like this is a try out for completing the second squad.

  4. FINALLY!!!!!!!!!!

    Collinsworth has been one of, if not the worst color commentator in the NFL since his debut years ago. Dude should’ve never been considered for a primetime role.

    Don’t get me wrong, I do like Al Michaels as the play-by-play guy, but Collinsworth!?!?! Yikes.

    The “awww shucks shtick” puts it perfectly…. time to move on NBC…it’s been time for a loooong time.

  5. I grow weary of Collinsworth continuous shilling. The other night he said, if Green Bay can win this Sunday, then they get Aaron Rodgers back and look out! Won’t that be fun?”

    Really, does he have to promote a bunch of what-ifs strung together as if they are likely to happen? Just stop it.

  6. For a couple seasons I enjoyed Collinsworth. He is pretty good at calling out young players to watch for and is fairly unbiased in his game day analysis. More and more lately though I’m not getting a whole lot that I didn’t already have. He seems to be more content to just punctuate the plays with an “Awwww man! Look at that!” than add any real substance. I think Romo has in many ways moved the bar up for color commentary which is quite good.

  7. Quit with all the whiny announcing complaints. Nothing wrong with Collinsworth. He is informed, he is accurate, at times entertaining, and does a great job.

    Just shut up with the “This guy sucks, “can’t stand him” stuff.

    NEVER understand the CONSTANT whining on this site about the announcers.

    Only thing that bugs me is homerism of former athletes. They should not even be PUT on games with the team they used to play on. So sick of that…

  8. Now here’s a guy..

    I actually like Collinsworth and Michaels. Personally, there’s not really a group I’d prefer to listen to more. And as a Giants fan, I can’t believe it but I’m enjoying Romo as well.

  9. Actually, Michael’s is the guy that has to go. He is out of touch and slurring his words at times. Whats with the goofy grey sweater that he wears every week now?
    For a man that made his name on the Miracle on Ice, really all we do is suffer through the Buffoon on the grass or turf.

  10. Wow, I might actually watch my first game this year on Christmas since the Steelers are playing and Collingsworth WON’T be an announcer for it! But then again, it’s Christmas and I probably will have better things to do than watch football.

  11. IMO, Collinsworth is the best followed by Romo. Gruden is a little over the top but enjoyable. He was much better with Tirico. McDonough is horrible and brings Gruden down. Listened to Greg Jennings this weekend. Not bad for a newbie. Phil Simms was the worst analyst in the history of sports.

  12. I can’t wait for when Bill Belichick decides to retire and become a color commentator. That will be the best ever.

  13. Collinsworth is the worst. Every fast player is the fastest in the NFL…sometimes even two guys in the same game. Every good catch is the greatest ever. Every hard hit is the hardest ever. The guy spews so much hyperbole. I’m happy to hear Warner. He actually gives insight into the game. He’ll break down a QB’s mechanics and have something useful to say about it. Warner needs to be doing more games. Hopefully he’s not asked to dumb it down for TV and he calls it like he does on radio.

  14. Should be permanent. Nothing worse than watching a game being called Aikman, Buck, Collinsworthless, or Charles Davis. Talk about nails on a chalkboard.

  15. Like many, I’m not big on Collinsworth. I find his commentary lacking. That said I think his biggest failing is he digs in on his first opinion on a play. I would prefer a color commentator that develops the story as the facts of the play clarify.

  16. I like both. Phil Simms was the only color guy I didn’t care for. Aikman, Collinsworth, Romo, Gruden. All good. Welcome, Kurt. Let’s see what you got..

  17. people who get paid to speak in public should work on their ability to pronounce phrases and words correctly.
    Florio is immaculate when it comes to this
    cris collinsworth… not so much

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