Matthew Stafford’s hand is sore, uncertain outlook for this week

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The Lions will be in Tampa to face the Buccaneers next Sunday, but they’re not yet sure if Matthew Stafford will be at quarterback when their offense takes the field.

Stafford left last Sunday’s loss to the Ravens after having his right hand stepped on following an interception and X-rays taken after the game showed no signs of a broken bone. Stafford described having “burning nerve pain” on Sunday while coach Jim Caldwell said on Monday that the quarterback is “just sore,” which is enough to keep him from being certain about Stafford’s status.

“We’ll just kind of see how that goes to be honest with you,” Caldwell said, via the Detroit Free Press. “Obviously, anytime that you’re dealing with a throwing hand it’s not going to be easy. We’ll see how it heals.”

Stafford remained in the lineup after suffering a finger injury late last season and he finished with five interceptions while the Lions went 1-3 in their final four games. Anything similar would snuff out the few lingering playoff hopes that may exist in Detroit, although even winning out doesn’t guarantee the Lions anything other than a chance to slide into the postseason ahead of a team that stumbles down the stretch.

19 responses to “Matthew Stafford’s hand is sore, uncertain outlook for this week

  1. Their playoff hopes were snuffed out when the Lions hitched their wagon to this contract for a player with impressive stats, but rarely if ever wins the big game.

  2. Stafford has won his super bowls…….he already has made over $100M and his new contract pays at least another $100M.

  3. Hate that he’s hurt. Matt is the best 1.5 quarter QB in the league.

    If he could play with the same urgency in Q1 and 2… wow!

    Oh.. and get a running game Lions.

  4. Stafford = 6-52 against teams with a winning record. Lions fans blame it all on lack of running game, defense, coaching…anything you can think of. Meanwhile, Russell Wilson puts up another W against a quality team without any supporting factors. Big Ben with another W. Brady with another W. If Rodgers was healthy he’d be putting up W’s. Stafford is average at best. He’s got a great arm and throws a beautiful ball, but he’s average. Misses blitzes pre-snap. Misses wide open screens. Takes a ton of sacks he shouldn’t. He’s average and the Lions, not seeing greatness in some time at the position, mistook it for elite. They’ll be average for years with Stafford and Caldwell at the helm. Sorry, Bob Quinn. You saddled yourself to a couple of losing horses.

  5. Vikings magic number is down to 1. Next win assures them of the Division, which likely would leave Detroit (and Green Bay) out of the playoffs.

    Honestly unless both of them win out (not possible as they play each other at the end of the season) they would not be able to make it as a wild card.

    I think 10 wins will be minimum for an NFC wildcard and I’m seriously doubting it will be the Lions.

  6. Ummm, Russel Wilson doesn’t have a coach who repeatedly puts 9 men on the field during key plays. I think Pete Carroll does a heckuva job in Seattle and that Detroit would be lucky to have someone of his caliber calling the plays.

  7. vikingf0rlife says:
    December 5, 2017 at 12:15 pm
    The most overrated QB in the NFC North. Anytime he’s in a critical playoff situation he turns the ball over or is hurt.

    And the Vikings would still take him. Imagine Stafford playing on a team with a defense, a running game, and an OL. The Atlanta game would have been 30-9

  8. You’re forgetting his fumbles and picks, which Keenum doesn’t do. Also, you’d have to dump a bit of salary. Don’t think this clown can help the Vikes.

  9. Rodgers > Stafford > Keenum > Trubisky

    Vikings D > Bears D > Packers D > Lions D

    Vikings OL > Bears OL > Packer OL > Lions OL

    Lions last in rushing as well.

    Lions are in 2nd place in this divsion only because of Stafford.

  10. bringbackwayne, thank you for setting the Stafford-bashers straight. Like I said in another thread, 95% of the other NFL teams would bend over backwards to get Stafford as their starting QB.

    I do think our D is better than the Packers though.


  11. neelymessier says:
    December 5, 2017 at 2:28 pm

    You’re forgetting his fumbles and picks, which Keenum doesn’t do. Also, you’d have to dump a bit of salary. Don’t think this clown can help the Vikes.


    The salary comment is amusing… remember how all three QBs on the Vikes don’t have contracts next year? Just wait until you see what you’re going to be paying Keenum to stay… remember that contract STARTS at guaranteeing 35+million that it would cost to franchise him.

    The Vikes had the worst thing happen to them this year: they had a QB breakout in a contract year. They’ll now overpay Keenum, risk Bridgewater’s bionic knee, or severely overpay Bradford. No matter what happens, you’ll likely be stuck in a Flacco situation.

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