Owner expects Odell Beckham Jr. to be part of Giants future

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Most of the questions Giants co-owner John Mara answered yesterday centered on the firing of his coach and General Manager, as one would expect.

But the Giants have plenty of other issues looming this offseason, including star wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr.

But Mara said he hoped Beckham would be a part of the answer to the current problem, whatever it looks like.

I certainly expect him to be a part of this team in the future, but that will be a discussion with the incoming General Manager and incoming head coach,” Mara said, via John Healy of the New York Daily News. “We’ll make whatever decision is appropriate going forward.”

The fact it’s a question speaks to the level of drama surrounding drama surrounding the star wideout.

He was hoping for a new contract this offseason, one which would make him the highest-paid player in the game. That didn’t work out. Then he played briefly, scored a touchdown and celebrated by marking his territory. That earned him a scolding from Mara, who clearly didn’t like the image it presented (though his team proceded to turn this season into a metaphorical fire hydrant).

Beckham is under contract next year, thanks to the $8.45 million option they picked up on his deal earlier this year.

But as with all things Giants, the identities of the next G.M. and coach will have a large bearing on Beckham’s future, and whether they want to invest in a player who has been brilliant but high-maintenance when available.

7 responses to “Owner expects Odell Beckham Jr. to be part of Giants future

  1. I feel I have to apologize even more than low class John Mara. For many years I have been consumed by anger over the Giants poor play and low class operations (look at the low quality people the Giants have had as key players: Josh Brown, Luke Petitgout, Christian Peter, LT, Dave Meggett, Mark Ingram Sr, the list goes on and on.). My anger led me to go into denial and make foolish comments critical of any team but my beloved Giants.

    I was wrong. The Giants are a low class outfit. The Maras are incompetent and have only had success when decision making was taken out of their hands.

    It is a shame that a high quality family man like Tiki Barber can’t come back to save the Giants. Tiki is beloved by his former teammates and coaches. He is respected by his former colleagues at NBC and Fox who thought he was incredibly talented and a class act.

  2. I’ve already excoriated Jerry Reece for not moving up a couple of spots and getting a linemen instead of Eli Apple. He got taken to the woodshed with that one. Brilliant as he can be, remember that Odell Beckham could have been Zack Martin. Let’s see what the long haul brings.

  3. You all are going to keep pushing this narrative that Odell is a “distraction” and comes with “drama” until the peabrains all believe it, huh? Few bigger lies exist than this one.

    You tried to make it seem like he was going to cause an issue with his contract. He didn’t.

    You make it seem as though he caused any kind of stir or even drew attention to himself since his injury. He hasn’t. You would almost forget he’s on the team if not for announcers having to bring up the effect his and others’ loss due to injury has had on the team.

    Just stop it already.

  4. His absence this year shows how valuable Beckham is to the team. It’s time to extend his contract—pay him whatever he wants. Since the team will be moving on from Eli they should have plenty of money for Beckham.

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