Steelers rally from 17 down to earn 23-20 victory over Bengals

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With linebacker Ryan Shazier enduring a scary injury in the first five minutes of Monday night’s game against the Cincinnati Bengals, it’s no surprise that the Pittsburgh Steelers didn’t seam particularly focused on playing football for much of the first half.

Pittsburgh fell into a 17-0 hole late in the second quarter before rallying to steal a 23-20 victory over the Bengals on a 38-yard Chris Boswell field goal as time expired.

The outcome of the game was secondary compared to the status of Shazier, who was taken to the hospital immediately following a hit on Bengals wide receiver Josh Malone. Shazier immediately grabbed for the middle of his back following the hit and was strapped to a backboard before leaving the stadium.

A Ben Roethlisberger interception was converted into a 35-yard field goal from Randy Bullock to give Cincinnati an early 3-0 lead. Andy Dalton twice connected with A.J. Green for touchdowns as the Bengals lead climbed to 17-0 with 31 seconds left in the first half. A pass interference call on the Bengals allowed Pittsburgh to get a 30-yard field goal from Boswell before halftime to close the deficit to 17-3.

Green caught seven passes for 77 yards and two touchdowns.

Le'Veon Bell took over in the second half as he finished with 182 total yards from scrimmage and a touchdown for the Steelers the trimmed the deficit to 17-10. After Bullock and Boswell traded field goals, Roethlisberger connected with Antonio Brown for a 6-yard touchdown with 3:51 remaining to knot the game at 20-20.

Brown finished with 101 yards and a touchdown for the Steelers.

After a Bengals three-and-out, Boswell’s field goal as time expired gave the Steelers the win to improve to 10-2 on the season.

The game was not the best advertisement for the safety of the NFL. Shazier’s injury was one of many in a brutally physical AFC North matchup. Bengals linebacker Vontaze Burfict was knocked out on an illegal block from JuJu Smith-Schuster. Steelers linebacker Tyler Matakevich left with a shoulder injury. Bengals cornerback Adam Jones injured his groin intercepting Roethlisberger in the first quarter.

Bengals running back Joe Mixon and cornerback Dre Kirkpatrick also left with concussions.

Like Shazier, Burfict was carted off the field on a backboard as he was ruled out due to a head injury. However, he entered the locker room under his own power once the cart departed the field.

The Bengals also set a franchise record with 173 penalty yards assessed. They’d never allowed more than 134 penalty yards in a game, which came against Baltimore in 2013.

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  1. Sloppy, penalty and injury filled game in tough weather. Just brutal. Ben, Brown, Bell and Boswell all come through in the clutch though, and I’ll happily take this win.

    Go Steelers!

  2. Here’s the thing I don’t understand; everyone always complains that the rules are becoming to restrictive on hitting, you always complain about the game becoming too “soft”. Same exact people complain about the hits in this game, specifically by Burfict and Iloka… So which way do you want it? Old school style or 2000s style? Because you can’t have it both ways. Me? I love seeing hits like that. That’s football to me. Idk what Aikman and Gruden are complaining about. Tell me you’d rather watch a Jaguars/Colts or Texans/Broncos game than a Bengals/Steelers game where you KNOW people are going to be smashed and bashed all over the field. What’s more exciting? “Oh it’s hard to watch”…. really? Seriously?

  3. It’s hard to take the players serious about blamimg the nfl on player safety after games like tonight.

  4. Overall, an extremely ugly game. Actually, an embarrassing game…. like every Steelers/Bengals game. Big Ben says ” that’s AFC North football”…. Ugly….. and, Marvin Lewis needs to go in Cincy.

  5. What a violent football game. Vontaze Burfict looked to be okay after that terrible cheap shot by JuJu Smith-Schuster. But Ryan Shazier didn’t look too good at all.

  6. T.J. Watt is the luckiest player in the NFL. Last week he gets away with a helmet hit in crunch time, this week he draws a phantom holding call that negated a third A.J. Green Touchdown. He must have some dirt on the league.

  7. These 2 teams hate one another and it showed but I was disappointed in Juju. I get that he just turned 21 but been young is no excuse for being stupid. Not only was the hit illegal, he then stood over Burfict and in turn hurt himself because I will be surprised if he isn’t suspended. He also hurt the team with his penalty and possibly his availability for next week against a surging division opponent.

    We can’t play this undisciplined against the Pats or the game will get out of hand quickly.

  8. Help from the refs certainly didn’t hurt. Must keep a game as close as possible to the end, you know.

    It’s gotten so blatant, the NFL will eventually become unwatchable. I don’t like the Bengals, but they got hosed.

  9. Right. They got outplayed because someone got injured?. Quit making excuses for them. They are squeeking past mediocre teams. They’re not as great as you think they are.

  10. Just more proof the state of Ohio (zero super bowl titles) has the two most inept franchises in the NFL. Plus two of the most incompetent coaches in the history of the league. A painful game to watch, if not for fantasy implications I surely wouldn’t have bothered.

  11. The Bungles, the Doltz, the Cowardly Lion’s, and the Cheddar Heads all could have been losses, and the Steelers would be 6-6, a game behind Bmore.

  12. What a shocker. The Steelers allowing, probably teaching, a rookie WR to take cheap
    shots when he gets a chance. That moon pie faced Whines Hard probably spent some serious
    time during training camp to personally teach him. lol

    OF COURSE, the league and Steelers fans will back/support this kind of play as long as they
    are the one’s dishing it out. If they’re on the receiving end, they cry, piss and moan for months!! lol

  13. Now I see why the Bengals have the record they have. Hey Bengals, here’s a hint: if it’s 3rd and 2, all you have to do is get 3. If it’s 3rd and 4, all you have to do is get 5. Not every play has to be 30 to 40 yards down the field to Green. Yes, he’s a great receiver, but use your head. That offensive coordinator should be fired. And if it’s coming from the head coach, he should be fired. Not a fan of either team, but the Bengals are their own worst enemy. A well coached team would have walked away with that game.

  14. I went to bed with the Bungals up 17-0 and knowing they would end up losing like they did.

    I’m sure Marvin will tell them it’s alright because they won the first half.

  15. Another game coached by Marvin Lewis with no discipline from his players (league high penalty yards) and no halftime adjustments. Please stop this 15 year experiment with Marvin while there is still some talent on this team.

  16. Went to bed at halftime knowing that no matter how dominating the Bengals were in the first half, letting up a FG with 31 seconds left in the half would be their doom. Not at surprised to see the score when I woke.

    As much as I despise the classless, Patriot obsessed Steeler trolls who lurk here, I wish Shazier all the best for a full recovery.

  17. The corrupt referees of the nfl helped the steelers out…. once again.

    13 penalties – 167 yards for Cincinnati
    7 penalties – 66 yards for pittsburgh

    It never stops.

  18. The refs call back a Bengals’ TD on a phantom holding call….

    This officiating crew needs to be disband….they call more penalties than any other crew

  19. How do you mention all of the hits in the game and not mention George Iloka’s head hunting hit to Antonion Brown on the last TD? Is it because Brown walked away? Besides Juju’s hit on Burfict, all the other injuries were just run of the mill injuries that happen every week in the NFL.

  20. Turned the game off with 5 minutes to go. Went to sleep thinking, yup Steelers will stop the Bengals, get the ball, kick a field goal to win the game. Haha Ive seen way too many of these steeler/bengals games. It was the refs that just ruined my experience last night. Im starting to hate the NFL now… refs and Goodell.

  21. Cincy looked like they tanked on purpose…especially that last drive on offense when they looked listless. Maybe they are just that bad that trying to win…looks like tanking.

  22. Steelers continue to be in the psyche of the Bengal’s players and fans. Coming back down after not showing up in first half by the Steelers is just another blow to the Cincinnati area. How many times the Steelers have come from behind in the Bengal field is unreal. All the announcers in the sports world want to talk about is the word Karma and the taunt by a Steeler player. Amazing.

  23. Whether anyone wants to say it or not AJ Green getting his 3rd touchdown taken away by a terrible call and Dre getting flagged for little contact on the PI was what decided it. I can’t say it’s surprising with officating always losing control when these 2 teams play.

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