Todd Bowles: Disciplined players lost trust, have to earn it back

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The Jets had a surprise on their inactive list for last Sunday’s game against the Chiefs when starting linebacker Darron Lee was left out of the lineup for the first time this season.

Lee confirmed his change in role was due to a violation of team rules, reportedly a late arrival to practice on Saturday, and defensive end Muhammad Wilkerson joined him on the sideline in the first quarter after being later to a team meeting. At his press conference on Monday, Jets coach Todd Bowles was asked if he was confident that the discipline would have the desired effect.

“Time will tell. You earn trust,” Bowles said. “They’ve earned a lot of trust. You make a mistake, and you lose a little trust, and you just have to earn it back. So going forward, we’ll go from there.”

It’s the first time that Lee has run afoul of team rules, but Wilkerson has now missed portions of games in each of the last three seasons because of violations like the one that landed him on the bench on Sunday. Bowles was asked several questions about Wilkerson and said he wasn’t going to “sit here and discuss my players in the media,” although he did offer that he still considers Wilkerson a team leader.

6 responses to “Todd Bowles: Disciplined players lost trust, have to earn it back

  1. He won’t get it but Bowles should be considered for coach of the year. After all the talk of them going winless and being the worst team in the league he has done a great job this season

  2. Wilkerson needs to go, at his age and at his salary this is unacceptable and it’s turning into a yearly occurrence with him. With Lee’s age he should get some time but if it happens again the Jets need to let him go as well. Lee’s been playing great I would hate to see him waste his talent.

  3. Remember 13 weeks ago when everyone was wondering who will McCown throw the ball to?…and decided Eli Manning had too many “weapons” and was a lock for the playoffs again?

  4. hard to believe the jets have had 4 pro-bowl, 2 all-pro defensive linemen not too long ago…i was hesitant to sign wilkerson to a long-term deal, 9 times out of 10 i wouldnt have signed him but, you know, over the years the jets missed out on so many of their homegrown talent so i said, what the heck, let’s give him a shot…sadly he hasnt recovered from his leg injury & its time for him to go….williams was the best of the bunch anyway..he’s the guy you lock up…regarding bowles…i soured on him last season but he has shown growth as a coach & i am all for extending him. he’s earned it.

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