Bruce Arians displeased with officiating after blocked kicks by Rams

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Arizona Cardinals head coach Bruce Arians is upset with officials after the Los Angeles Rams blocked two kicks last week with tactics that are illegal and were missed by referees.

Appearing on SiriusXM NFL Radio, Arians made it clear that he is upset that the Rams twice barreled through long snapper Justin Drescher to block kicks. NFL rules declare a long snapper a “defenseless player,” which should prohibit the type of contact the Rams utilized in blocking an extra point try and a field goal attempt last Sunday.

“While (Drescher’s) head was down there was contact on him,” Arians said.

“I’m on the (NFL Competition) Committee so I know it’s a foul. He’s a defenseless player.”

While defensive tackles Tyrunn Walker and Michael Brockers did not line up over Drescher – which is also prohibited in an attempt to protect long snappers –  both players crashed through Drescher to be able to block their respective kicks.

Both Walker and Brockers came through the line over Drescher as Walker blocked an extra point attempt late in the second quarter to keep the Rams’ lead at 16-13. Brockers block came with 11 minutes remaining and the Cardinals trailing 26-16. A successful field goal would have made it a one-score game with plenty of time remaining for Arizona to potentially tie the game.

“Referees on the field tell you everything’s legal,” Arians said. “We have video now on the sideline. That’s the biggest nemesis for officials now (laughs). You feel like it’s not legal and you can’t get an answer and then on Tuesday or Wednesday you get confirmation (from the NFL) that, yes, it was illegal.

“Ron Torbert is a great referee. I had no problems with asking him anything. But it’s the after-the-fact things. You send the tapes in and it’s, ‘Yeah, that should have been called, that should have been called, that should have been called,’ but it’s not and you get very frustrated with it. To me, it’s just the inconsistency.”

Arians renewed his desire to see full-time officials mandated in the hopes of improving consistency. The NFL began hiring full-time officials for the first time last offseason.

8 responses to “Bruce Arians displeased with officiating after blocked kicks by Rams

  1. Some crews are letting teams go right through the snapper. The Lions did it too on Thanksgiving day.Roger poor officiating is turning off fans.

  2. Another reason the NFL needs it’s officials to be full time employees. Spend their non game time studying rules, watching film, etc.

  3. Props to Bruce…at least he is now throwing the refs under the bus instead of his own players.

  4. Players make mistakes. Coaches make mistakes. Why should we think its odd that the refs make mistakes. It’s a part of the game that is played, coached and reffed by HUMAN, who all make mistakes!!!!

    Once again, instead of b!tching about it, Arians needs to take a lesson from Bill Bellichick who has long ago decided that mistakes by the refs are just part of the game. They are going to happen just like mistakes by the players and coaches. He TRIES to get his players in the mindset that its how you OVERCOME those obstacles, just like you would when its a pick, fumble,bad play call or bad penalty.

    When the Pats get a bad call (Yes haters it happens to them too.), BB will never use it as an excuse. He didn’t defend Gronk’s melt down by complaining about all the deserved calls that didn’t go their way. His attitude is if the refs are going to let that stuff go in that particular game, then its up to the players to understand that’s the way it is and DEAL with it and get on to the “next play”. Control what you can control, and you can’t control the refs.

    In fact part of the Pats preparation every week is to scout the refs, and try to get an idea of what they call and don’t call, so they know that this ref calls OPI’s close and that ref doesn’t.

    I’m sure Bellichick sends clips of bad calls into the league after games just like every other team, but he never allows his team to use bad calls as an excuse because they are going to happen in EVERY game, and he understands that in the big scheme of things that for every bad call that happens against you, you will benefit from a bad call that helps. Remember Gronk tried to defend his behavior by complaining about the refs non-calls all game. Bellichick NEVER used that excuse.

    BTW – There were many fans who thought that Gronk should have been thrown out of the game after that penalty. I was among them. But is should be noted that while the refs didn’t throw him out, Bellichick DID. Gronk didn’t play another snap after his melt down. BB essentially threw him out.

  5. It is difficult to get a fair ref for a Cardinals game. There are 2 or 3 refs that consistently ref Cards games, and whenever we see them, we always groan, knowing the Cards will get the shaft. Can we have different ref crews? Refs develop a bias against certain teams and unless they get rotated out then the teams have little chance at a fairly-called game. I can name names

  6. Some folks clearly will blame Arians for anything possible. He’s on the competition committee. If a guy on the competition committee cannot call out refereeing mistakes, who is allowed to?




    Ya’ll snowflakes need to buck up and be open to hearing the truth. This ain’t no fake news, kiddos, this is football. If Arians sees a pig, he’s gonna call it a pig. His candor and honesty is refreshing.

    And for the Pats fan who posted about Belichik, just google Belichik and bad calls, and you get countless results. Ole’ Billy boy has even been fined $50,000 for contact with an official. I respect the hoodie, but to pretend he doesn’t complain about bad calls is pure fantasy.

  7. Boo Hoo…Why even have the defense on the field for the PAT then? Does that same rule prevent the long snapper from blocking after the snap? It should.

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