Doug Baldwin thinks Seahawks are poised for another December surge

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Even with the knowledge the Seahawks won’t have Richard Sherman, Kam Chancellor or Cliff Avril for the rest of the season, wide receiver Doug Baldwin is optimistic about his team’s chances of making another late season charge after a 24-10 win over the Philadelphia Eagles on Sunday night.

“I do. I contemplated in my head whether I wanted to say that out loud, whether I wanted to jinx it, but I do,” Baldwin said in the locker room after the game. “I believe that this is the start of something that we’ve seen in the past. Again, like I said I told Russell, whatever this is we need to capture it, we need to hold onto it and continue to push forward to get better because the truth of the matter is we still have so much left in the tank.”

The Seahawks have been remarkably successful in December since 2012 when Russell Wilson took over as the team’s starting quarterback. They are 20-5 in regular season games played in December and January over that span.

Seattle’s beleaguered offensive line as settled in over the last few weeks following the acquisition of Duane Brown and return of Luke Joeckel from knee surgery. A rushing game that’s been nonexistent all year saw a spark from Mike Davis last week against the Eagles. They’ve also had just 11 penalties total over the last two weeks after being on pace to break the league record for penalties in a season through the first 11 weeks.

Whether that will be enough to offset the losses on defense remains to be seen, but their past success has Baldwin believing they are on the cusp of another run.

“With our defense, we’re establishing our run game again, we’ve got some guys who have been banged up for the past few weeks, past few months who are going to come back so we’re looking forward to capturing what we had tonight and using this to make a run and push for it,” Baldwin said.

10 responses to “Doug Baldwin thinks Seahawks are poised for another December surge

  1. Really it has been penalties all year long that has been the issue with the Seahawks this year giving up first downs on defense and stalling drives on the offense. Wilson doesn’t necessarily need a running game. Seahawks are pretty dang good still without those three probowl/allpro players on defense. I think if Earl Thomas can stay healthy we can withstand those injuries. Bobby Wagner, KJ and Earl are the nuclei to that defense and we can stay rolling with them.

  2. I think that so far this season we have unsung heroes on the defensive line. The Seahawks have a great defense line.

  3. bonecrushinghits says:
    December 6, 2017 at 1:06 am
    so a big December and then an embarrassing exit from the post season? Thats been the pattern
    Translation: I’m jealous my team doesn’t go to the playoffs every year and win at least one game.

  4. bonecrushinghits says:
    December 6, 2017 at 1:06 am

    (some tripe)

    A big December for the Rams is getting a front row couch to watch good teams in the post-season.

  5. They are who we thought they were. They can be beaten if you have a competent spy to put on Wilson. Not all defenses do, though. They could win a road game as a wild card, but first they have to beat another team with a defense as good as theirs – the Jags on the road. Looking ahead past the Jaguars would be a mistake.

  6. As much as I despise the Hawks being a Rams fan I have to agree on this. If the Rams lose to Philly and Seattle beats the Jags the Hawks take over the division lead based on the tiebreaker of beating L.A. earlier in the season. Then comes the game between them in Seattle next week. If the Hawks win that they more then likely win the division as it would require the Rams to win out and the Hawks to lose their last 2. Highly unlikely….

  7. Seahawks will be a scary team in the playoffs. And let’s remember, if they had a real NFL kicker, they’d probably be 10-2 and battling with the Vikings and Eagles for a first round bye.

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