Eli Manning’s jersey sales spiked over the last week

Getty Images

The decision to bench Eli Manning last week didn’t work out well for the Giants or their former coach Ben McAdoo, but there was someone who benefitted.

In their weekly update of NFL jersey sales, Dick’s Sporting Goods reports that Manning ranks No. 29 in the league. That’s a modest position, but far closer to the top of the mountain than the No. 50 spot he held before McAdoo decided to roll with Geno Smith against the Raiders.

We’re not sure if the spike can be attributed to the former Giants players who were reportedly planning to wear Manning jerseys to this week’s game against the Cowboys or if there was a run on them because people thought this might be their last chance to by a No. 10 Giants jersey before Manning is wearing a different team’s colors in 2018.

Those who responded to the news of a player’s benching by buying his jersey will likely be happy that the Giants are reversing course in the face of criticism of last week’s move, but it’s unclear if his return will chill the suddenly percolating market for Manning merchandise.