Josh McCown named AFC offensive player of the week

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Josh McCown was supposed to be a placeholder. Or a bridge. Or just the guy holding wheel of the tank.

Instead, he’s on a roll.

The Jets quarterback was named AFC offensive player of the week, after winning last week’s shootout against the Chiefs.

McCown was 26-of-36 passing for 331 yards and a touchdown, and he ran for another one, outdueling Alex Smith. Considering the Chiefs’ struggles, that’s conditional, but it’s still been an incredible year for the 38-year-old McCown.

He’s completing 67.8 percent of his passes this year for 2,880 yards, with 18 touchdowns and just eight interceptions. He’s also run for five scores, and generally been the kind of steady hand the Jets needed this year.

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  1. Would love to see the Jets bring him back and allow whichever quarterback they draft to sit for a year and learn from McCown. Obviously, if they draft Rosen or Darnold, those guys need to be Day 1 Starters, but I don’t think the Jets will be drafting high enough for either of them. I’d be totally fine if they pickup the kid from Wyoming, bring McCown back for another year and allow him to start/mentor, and fix their Left Tackle situation. With Enunwa coming back next year, Anderson having a breakout year, and Kearse proving to be reliable, they’re set at receiving positions; even ASJ has been a reliable target this year. Let Forte walk, add a workhouse RB, trade Wilkerson and pickup a good OLB. The organization has a great young foundation. The transition period will be critical.

  2. I dunno … I was forced to watch the end of this game when the network switched to a “more competitive matchup” than NE-BUF, and McCown was ridiculous. There was a botched 2 pt conversion where he ended up running backwards about 30 yards, and thanks to the refs the Jets were able to run about 10 plays from the goal line before they managed to score. I’m glad they won this NFL equivalent of a bum fight, but awards seem excessive.

  3. @robkeezy

    Agreed on all parts except for the choice on which QB to draft. The Jets need to go Mayfield all the way, Baker brings swagger to the QB position the Jets have lacked since Joe Namath.

  4. Most surprising thing about the McCown brothers is how fast they can both run. Each of them can consistently beat a d lineman around the edge for a short gain. Very fun to watch

  5. @schultzbrigade sorry but the factory of sadness is located in Cleveland. And they moved some of their operations next door to the Jets but in the Giants locker room not the Jets.

    I see a well coached team with a bunch of young guys playing hard and playing fast. Thwy’ve been in every game so far this year no matter the opponent. And a journeyman QB that has found his niche in an offense well tailored to him… Look elsewhere for sadness this Jets team is proving all the talking heads wrong, the ones who had them tanking and barely winning 2 games all year. I’m not saying they are a playoff caliber team but they are playing hard and are not the pushovers everyone thought that would be.

  6. This just in… The jets currently have as many wins as all of last season. You know, last year, when they had all that veteran “talent”.

    “Tanks” for the memories…

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