Lions players told “not to talk about” having only nine players on field

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Lions players were told not to discuss having nine players on the field for a third-down play Sunday.

“We were told not to talk about it,” one player told Dave Birkett of the Detroit Free Press.

It’s no wonder they were told to keep quiet considering the ineptness the Lions have shown the past two weeks. It was the second time in as many weeks that Detroit had fewer than 11 players on the field for a critical play.

The Lions had 10 players on the field two weeks ago on a Vikings touchdown. They lined up with nine players against the Ravens on a third-and-seven, with Baltimore gaining 27 yards.

“Don’t need to take you through it,” Caldwell said Monday. “It didn’t take me to look at the film to find out what’s happening. Someone asked me the question [Sunday] night, and I’m going to answer it the exact same way.

“Completely my fault, got to get it straightened out, not acceptable — horrendous, actually. So I got to get that straightened out. I’ve got to be better.”

18 responses to “Lions players told “not to talk about” having only nine players on field

  1. many many coaches lose to me, Jim

    take your beating like a good little boy

    world champion head coach John Harbaugh

  2. 9 Players on defense is a start… The league needs to reduce the number of players and coaches per roster. It is obvious that there is not enough professional football personnel in the nation (world) to meet the employment demands of 32 teams.

    The consistent week-to-week unprofessional play is inexcusable. Football fans should be outraged at the weekly celebration of the unprofessional play before MNF… C’Mon Man!!

  3. Lions fans have gone from thinking they were a lock to win the NFC North, to the realization that they won’t even make the playoffs. Caldwell should be pink slipped. The only one I’d consider keeping is Cooter, but the next Head Coach will want his own people in place.

    The nagging issue is that Caldwell was just given a contract extension. I don’t think Martha Ford agrees with us that he should be fired. She needs to transition control of the team to her daughter.

  4. Obviously a nice man, therefore he should get a new contract after tearing up the recent new contract.

    I also think Coach is loved by the very same players who play 10-12 games a season being outcoached from beginning to end–therefore his new contract should be torn up and replaced with another new contract.

    I’m sure he is respected by those who know him well, thus his new contract should be torn up and replaced with another new contract.

    Next year, when the Lions come out roaring to a 4-1 start the narrative will be how Mr. Caldwell is a coach of the year candidate. And even though he will be on his way to another 7-9 season it will probably by appropriate that his contract is torn up and replaced with another new contract.

    I pity the suffering Lions fans. It seems that the national NFL media has more control over the long term coaching decisions than anyone does the coin flipping organization. Nice guy, that Coach Caldwell.

  5. Funny how the Lions caught the Ravens off guard with too many players on the field, twice in one drive. But the Ravens benefit from the Lions not having enough players on the field and it all went downhill from there for the Lions.

  6. When will the Lions explore better options at QB? The Bears finally removed Cutler and their new QB seems to be doing ok. It only makes sense cuz Cutler is better than Stafford.

    Playoff wins:

    Cutler 1
    Stafford 0

    Playoff wins in the last 60 years:

    Lions 1

  7. These last three comments show how clueless people really are. Vikingforlife’s chest is all pumped out because they are having a good season, but the air will be sucked out when they choke in the playoffs.

    vikingf0rlife says:
    December 7, 2017 at 12:13 pm
    The Lions days are numbered as an NFL team. The CFL would take them, though. Worst Franchise in the NFC, period!

  8. Ivan Pavlov says:
    December 6, 2017 at 7:49 pm

    Lions fans have gone from thinking they were a lock to win the NFC North….
    And that is mostly due to the fact they made the playoffs last year. But if Blair Walsh make an extra point. The Lions are 8-8 and miss the playoff. The Lions weren’t that good. Caldwell clearly for most isn’t that good either.

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