Philip Rivers has no desire to play until he’s 45

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With Patriots quarterback Tom Brady and Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson making it clear that they plan to play until they turn 45, Chargers quarterback Philip Rivers has no such aspiration.

“I don’t have a number in mind,” Rivers told the PFT PM podcast on Wednesday. “I can tell you right now it ain’t gonna be 45. I have no desire for it to be that long. I hope I help lead my son’s high school team to a state championship by the time I’m 45. I don’t think I’m gonna have a helmet on when I’m 45.”

But even though he doesn’t plan to stick around for another decade, Rivers hopes to remain with the Chargers for the rest of his career.

“I think so as we sit today,” Rivers said. “You said it best. Times can change, things change. Sometimes you have different feelings in the offseason and teams have different feelings in the offseason. But you do know this that it doesn’t last forever. Some of those that you mentioned that didn’t get to finish for different reasons whether it be for injury, whether it be organizational decisions. Lot of those guys were on my wall as a kid. I had a poster of those guys. You’re talking about some of the best to ever play. You know, it can happen to anybody. As we sit today I certainly hope so. I certainly hope to. It’s been an interesting transition with the move up north but I think I speak for my wife and my children they would all say it’s gone smoother than anticipated thus far. Hopefully it’s a handful more years.”

So enjoy it while it last, Chargers fans. Because Rivers won’t be around for as long as others intend to be. Whatever “a handful of years” precisely means, that’s what it will be.

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30 responses to “Philip Rivers has no desire to play until he’s 45

  1. He can always pick golf as a hobby. It will get him out of the house for at least a half day and nobody will run after him to body-slam into the turf.

  2. Always liked him, he should’ve won a ring when he had LT/Gates in his prime/Jackson/Floyd.

    Russell won’t last to 35 with the kind of o-lines Seattle has every year.

  3. Dude is a gamer. I still remember The guy running around taking hit after hit and making a ton of throws on one leg during a playoff game. Stud. Fun to watch play. He’s quietly had a great career.

  4. I’ve always had a huge amount of respect for Rivers as a player – he plays hard and he plays hurt and he’s had amazing career. Although I admire Brady’s drive to further cement GOAT status, Rivers in his own right has little more to prove as a professional QB. ‘

    So no surprise to think that he has his priorities straight and would give up a major risk of injury and quality of life at some point soon

    Very glad that Brady is focused on keeping a 40 something body in what is in some ways better shape today than ever before – but that’s Brady’s priority, and one can make the case that Rivers is making the smarter choice.

  5. What a wasted career. I feel awful for him. One of the best, durable quarterbacks in a generation and gets stuck on awful teams. Imagine if he had someone like AJ Green, Julio Jones, etc. Guy would kill it.

    And also if he had a decent defense.

    Biggest “What if” player ever if you ask me.

  6. One of my favorite players I’ve ever watched, hate the Chargers now but I’ll always be a Rivers fan.

  7. rivers has a brain……and an acyual life.
    Unlike Brady, who is just all about attention for imself

  8. Of course he doesn’t want to play that long. All the humiliation and futility of being in the chokers organization takes a toll on you. I’m sure if he wasn’t the father of a baseball team he could afford to retire now.

  9. As a Raiders fan, I’ve always had alot of respect for Phillip. His trash talking is awesome; he’s the ultimate competitor. I think this guy is in the top 5 of players that deserve a ring. Rivers, Fitzgerald, Gates, Joe Thomas..

  10. He’s always been such a genuine human when he’s not on the field. Consummate pro, but hates Jay Cuddles. Amen.

  11. mzew233 says:
    December 6, 2017 at 9:22 pm

    Charges patriots steelers ravens
    Only AFC teams to be worried about this year

    No one is worried about the Ravens this year.

  12. I’m just wondering if he’s the one guy, who without trying or intending it, will outlast Brady and Wilson and Brees and Rodgers, kinda like Earl Morral.

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