Rams alter practice plans due to fire in Ventura County

Getty Images

A fire in Ventura County, California has led to a change in the Rams’ practice schedule this week.

Rich Hammond of the Orange County Register reports that concerns about poor air quality resulting from the fire have led the Rams to call off their usual 90-minute practice for Wednesday afternoon. They will hold a lighter walkthrough practice instead of the regular session.

The fire in Ventura County started about 25 miles northwest of the Rams’ practice home at Cal Lutheran in Thousand Oaks. There’s no word on any change of plans for Thursday at this point.

The Eagles are also practicing in Southern California ahead of Sunday’s game at the Coliseum, but their practice at the Angels’ stadium in Anaheim is expected to proceed as scheduled on Wednesday.

This isn’t the first time fires in California have had an impact on NFL practice schedules this year. Fires near Oakland forced the Raiders to make changes to their practice plans earlier this year.