Ryan Shazier returns to Pittsburgh to continue medical treatment

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Ryan Shazier has returned to Pittsburgh, the Steelers announced Wednesday. The linebacker will receive medical attention at a University of Pittsburgh Medical Center facility.

The team, though, did not provide any new information on Shazier’s injury.

“He will continue tests and evaluations before his medical team provides any further updates on his condition,” Steelers spokesman Burt Lauten said.

The fact that Shazier was transported back to Pittsburgh provides hope that he is making progress from a spine injury. He was transported by ambulance to the University of Cincinnati Medical Center during the Steelers’ victory over the Bengals on Monday night after a scary hit.

23 responses to “Ryan Shazier returns to Pittsburgh to continue medical treatment

  1. Assuming a return to full health, I’m not sure I’d be able to get over the psychological hurdle to go out there and do it again.

  2. Not sure the fact he’s now able to move or actually has moved means anything better about his future recovery but at least he is able to move back close to home and his 2nd family. BUT, I can’t help but think based on everything we’ve seen, heard and read since the injury happened that despite reports of slight movement of his lower limbs that he’s still hasn’t truly gained the use of them and/or his lower body. It’s a sad story for sure. We’ve all seen injuries like this play out in the past and it’s just tragic when we see it every time. You feel for the kid and his family but mostly the kid. We pray for them because nobody ever wants to see anyone face that type of injury whether they’re a football player or desk jockey. In the end, I think we’re all hear praying that even if he can never play the game again, that he can at least gain the ability to walk. Sounds like officials are still hopeful for this, so I’ll remain the same until hearing otherwise. Though hearing some of the messages out of his family it doesn’t sound good, sadly. God bless him! ~ Pats Fan

  3. I would be shocked that anybody would down vote a comment like, “BEST OF LUCK” but . . . I’ve been to Cincinnati.

  4. I really wish they would say those types of things that we all want to hear (it is not catastrophic, he is moving his feet, etc). The lack of information only scares me. I don’t care if he ever plays again, but I’d like (and want) to know he isn’t paralyzed. Scary they aren’t saying anything…

  5. It could have been Giovanni Bernard in his hospital bed a couple of years ago with the crown of his helmet hit to his facemask that Shazier laid on him. Dude has been playing like this from day one. Tomlin did nothing to reign him in but beat his own chest with a fist. This one’s on Mike.

  6. I don’t know, if I’m Shazier I would probably wait to make a public statement until the diagnoses is pretty solid. There are treatments that can occur immediately after injury and it can take a while to see what level of injury may have occurred. I think it would be easier to go through that first part with my family and not having them all reading dozens of news stories with a different take on the injury. One thing is certain, there will be fallout from such a serious injury. We all just hope that fallout will be a minimum type. I am not the biggest Steeler fan, but I have always thought Shazier was a gifted athlete that was lucky enough to be a fantastic football player as well. I hope for the best for him here.

  7. blacknyellablacknyella says:
    December 6, 2017 at 6:04 pm
    I would be shocked that anybody would down vote a comment like, “BEST OF LUCK” but . . . I’ve been to Cincinnati.


    Those are trolls and not the fine folks I’d Cincinnati or other parts of the country.

  8. I’m wondering why a Bus (Ambulance)? One would think a 30 minute helicopter ride would have been safer.

    A lot of great hospitals in the world and Pittsburgh has a few.

    Hoping for the best.

    PS: Just put Lidocaine behind my right shoulder, elbow feels like a knife is in it 1/2 the time, cortisone shots for the shoulder. Whiplash issue. Take muscle relaxants most every day. And I can look back and thank god I chose Baseball over Football. It was an incredibly hard choice. Love both.

    Lucked out, the pain I have can’t even be remotely be as bad as these guys have.

    In my day pitchers were abused. Had quite a few 200 pitch games. Started the 1st game a summer league double header and usually pitched the last 4 of the 2nd game. I always iced my elbow to numb it between innings (even in college) and everyone thought I was nuts. Especially the scouts. Now Ice is the next big thing. That was 40 years ago.

  9. Usually teams who have “good” news to provide do it as soon as possible. The statement of surgery is not needed at this time is a prime example. No news on leg movement improvement isn’t a good sign. But miracles do happen. However we have a highly skilled athlete who had 4.4 time playing a very violent sport at the highest level. Repairing the psychological hurdles to overcome will be far more difficult than the physical ones. We can only pray for him.

  10. So thankful he has been able to make the move back to Pittsburgh–both because it means he has improved enough to be transported and because it will be easier on his family to be close to home. Grateful to the medical personnel in Cincinnati for the wonderful care he received while there and to the good people of Cincinnati for their prayers and well wishes. Some things transcend sports rivalries, and this is certainly one of them. Continuing to pray for his recovery.

  11. It amazes me to see the well-wishes and then the keyboard warriors that give the positivity a thumbs down…. losers…

  12. I am hoping Ryan you recover! Please go back to youth football and relearn how to tackle…You’re so talented, tackling that way is cheap and a disservice to your skills. Please kids watch you play you owe it to all the youth who watch you…

  13. It has always amazed me that one of the most brutally physical sports on the planet (Rugby)is played without protection, yet injuries are are so few and come so seldom. There’s something to be said for believing helmets and shoulder and hip pads lull you into a false sense of safety and security to the point where helmet-to-helmet and helmet-to-body hits are not dangerous to either the attacker or the defender. Do you honestly think any of the hits that took place in that (Steelers/Bengals) game would have taken place if none of the players were wearing protection or any sort? They throw their bodies at each other with abandon, believing the equipment they wear will keep them safe, and keep finding out, time after time, that is just not the case. The equipment makers have a vested interest in keeping the players geared up with more and more and “better and better” back plates and hip pads and high-tech helmets and shoulder pads, and the teams keep buying into the hype. The players believe it, otherwise they would not ram their bodies into each other the way they do, and the fact of the matter is this: Teams take bigger, stronger, massive players, dress them in what the players perceive as a suit of armor and hurl themselves at each other with amazing force and speed. The lovers of this type of football will hate this comment, much the same way NASCAR fans will tell you they don’t come for the crashes, but take away the protective gear, and football goes from the brutal full contact, CTE inducing danger it is now, and becomes, once again (as it was in the days of the leather helmets) a game of style and finesse, where players relied on their inherent athletic skills to make plays rather than brute force.

    Let’s assume the NFL will never go to that extreme and take away the protective gear and field teams that look like rugby players, the very least they can do is take a few pages from Rugby’s playbook and institute new rules for tackling that mirror what rugby allows. Say what you will, you will never see 2 rugby players going head-to-head, or even head-to-body. They just know how to tackle without getting hurt.

  14. The fact that no new information has been provided, even as little as he has feeling in all extremities is worrying.

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