Todd Bowles: Josh McCown is our starter for the rest of the season

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When the 2017 season got underway, there were a lot of people who thought that the Jets would be the Jersey-based team changing head coaches and starting multiple quarterbacks.

Unless injury forces them to change their plans, it looks like the Giants will be the only team in the Garden State to do either of those things. Coach Todd Bowles isn’t going to be fired before the year is out and he said at his Wednesday press conference that Josh McCown is his starter the rest of the way.

It’s not a shock to hear that from Bowles as he’s said for several weeks now that he doesn’t see any reason to bench McCown in order to give playing time to Bryce Petty or Christian Hackenberg. McCown hasn’t provided any and was named AFC offensive player of the week after throwing for 331 yards and a touchdown and running for two others in last Sunday’s win over the Chiefs.

Assuming Bowles sticks with that plan and no health concerns crop up, Hackenberg would end his first two years in the NFL without seeing any regular season action. That probably makes the top offseason questions at quarterback for the Jets to whether McCown, who is set for free agency, is part of the plan for next season and whether there’s a young quarterback they think is likelier to get into the lineup than the 2016 second-round pick.

10 responses to “Todd Bowles: Josh McCown is our starter for the rest of the season

  1. Picked a starter and stuck with him? Check.
    Exceeded preseason expectations? check.
    Staying the course until the team is eliminated? Probably.

    Did the Jets just calmly become the most stable QB situation in the city? I think so.

    The events of the past couple weeks suggest they also have the most stable front office (letter-writing is not one of the selection criteria)

  2. Attention Mike Zimmer: See, you can do this–here is an example of how to declare a starter for the rest of the year.

    Note: Sarcasm. I love you Zim, keep up the great (potential coach of the year?) work.

  3. I’d play Petty some if possible. McCown should start, he has earned it.

    Hackenberg mehh. Cut the guy.

    Draft Baker Mayfield or Lamaar Jackson, keep McCown and Petty.

    Jets have some pieces. More than anyone thought.

  4. I give Todd Bowles a ton of credit. Irrespective of whether the plan was to tank or not he fielded a competitive team each week. I remember at the start of the season after the Jets dumped some good players thinking that they might give the Browns and the 49ers a run for the #1 pick. They have a tough remaining schedule (except the Broncos) so to me it looks like a 6-10 season. Who would have thought?

  5. Hackenberg is a bust. It’s time to call a spade a spade. Everyone was able to see it in his preseason performances. There were articles about how laughably inaccurate he was in training camp. If he was showing ANY kind of progress in practice, Bowles wouldn’t so easily dismiss playing him. He was extremely inconsistent in college and was drafted way too high, so it’s not a shock he hasn’t worked out. The Jets QB of the future is not on the roster right now.

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