Arthur Blank: Jones opposition to Goodell deal “disappointing”

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The NFL’s compensation committee finalized commissioner Roger Goodell’s contract yesterday, and they hope they turned the page on the ugly chapter of Cowboys owner Jerry Jones’ opposition to it.

So while they still anticipate hearing proposals from Jones at next week’s owners meeting, they’re hoping they can move forward now — after Jones made threats including suing the league.

Falcons owner Arthur Blank told Peter King of that it was “disappointing” that Jones chose to air all the dirty laundry.

“What many owners said in the past few days was they wanted to get on with the business of the league, and there are a lot of issues very important right now that must be addressed,” Blank said. “Now we’ll get to focus on the real issues. The important thing is, the owners have confidence in Roger, and they wanted him to continue. There was no doubt about that.”

Apparently there was some, even though Jones was part of the unanimous vote to authorize the committee chaired by Blank to do the deal.

Issues such as television ratings, attendance, and players not standing for the anthem are on that list of things Blank wants to work on moving forward.

Blank said he spoke to Jones twice in the last few days, saying Jones “understands the contract and how we got here.”

“One thing that’s come out of this that’s very good, I believe, is the fact that owners are going to have a much more open line of communication with Roger now,” Blank said. “At every owners’ meeting now, we’re going to have an owners-only session, and then an owners session with Roger, with everyone else out of the room. The owners asked for that contact, and it’s a reasonable thing to ask. We’re going to do it.”

When they go into that room, it’s practically guaranteed that one of the first and loudest voices will belong to Jones.

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  1. It seem like outside of Jones, this was done in a very good way. Whether you like Goodell or not, the majority of the contract is very incentive laden and lets the owners have more access to Goodell.

    It seems all the concerns all the people claiming they are leaving the NFL over are addressed except that Goodell is still commissioner.

    The thing is commissioner or not, new contract or not, business is going to be handled the same way and that was never going to change no matter how much people complained.

  2. Jones has pushed to simply give the league more control over what Goodell’s salary is. And if you take the time to read what the contract is, you will see Goodell now only has 15% of his possible salary guaranteed.

  3. Blank seems to forget that his customers – the fans – were fiercely opposed to Goodell continuing as commissioner. The owners simply do not understand that having a despised head of the NFL is BAD for business and may be contributing to the decline in the popularity of the product.

  4. This story isn’t over by a long shot. While fans leaving the NFL may not show up on the bottom line in ’17 there is cause for concern going forward. People point to the secondary market and that’s valid, let’s look at that. Season tickets are purchased well before the season starts and they should be. Ask yourself this: If YOU purchased a pair of season tickets at great expense and soured on the NFL would you either eat the money you spent or resell them to recoup your losses? You would know that the NFL received their money already. We know TV ratings are down but the primary deals are set through the 2020 season so there can’t be a decrease in revenue unless the networks ‘pull the rip cord’ on those deals which they won’t.

    The real litmus test will be next summer when tickets go on sale then and under an ever improving economy (Thank you Mr. President). Will long time season ticket holders continue to buy? We don’t know, but we’ll see if Blank was right at that moment or if it were Jones. Everything the NFL does locally is based off season tickets. That will be the true test of the impact of Goodell’s leadership, next year’s sales.

  5. Arthur Blank: Jones opposition to Goodell deal “disappointing”
    Yeah and everyone else on the planet thinks that you and your colleagues’ support for Goodell deal is “disappointing”

  6. Goodell should be replaced. Nothing against him as an individual. His usefulness has run its course at this point. The owners are hoping the current situation with attendance and ratings will heal itself. Time will tell, but I believe Goodell has done all he is capable of doing and new management is needed. The players union needs to replace management as well. The NFL has gone from sports entertainment to being viewed by the public as a social justice organization. Hard to replenish the base when a business is turning off potential customers.

  7. If the owners have confidence in Goodell, they must have been living in a cave the last few years. Given all the controversy’s over the years, what would make anyone think Goodell can turn things around ? It’s only going to get worse under Goodell…..and that is a guarantee.

  8. “Issues such as television ratings, attendance, and players not standing for the anthem are on that list of things Blank wants to work on moving forward”

    So you plan on doing this by extending the very person either directly or indirectly attributed with these issues?

  9. Direct TV keeps sending me “come back offers” a $200.00 visa gift card free NFL Sunday ticket for this past yr. best thing I ever did was cut the satellite off. I catch all the NFL news on this site & fantasy football other than that goodelll
    Bye NFL. Roger That!!!

  10. In case you need a translation, “Disappointing” is stuffed-extremely-expensive-suit talk for “He really pissed everybody off and he is politically frakked in the ownership group.”

    The Billionaire Boys Club is really just a bunch of clueless, privileged money mongerers with a golden egg goose that is showing many symptoms of decline and health issues, and they do not realize it needs a real fix on several fronts and Goodell has over and over proven himself to not be that guy. The compensation committee, including Kraft, is mostly old and tired fat cats operating on the principle of “If it ain’t broke, you don’t fix it.” When in fact, the problems are there, but, like the crappy rivets on the Titanic, they won’t amount to devastation until it’s too late.

  11. The cynic in me, and the league has a tendency to bring it out, can’t help but notice Jones’ tantrum went from an act of self indulgence to am apparent lever in negotiations at light speed. The compensation committee hadn’t gotten a deal done in 6 months. Kraft is well known for making incentive based deals in his other businesses. There were multiple reports that Goodell was highly resistant to a deal primarily based on incentives. Enter Jerry stage right with much sound and fury, in sudden and relatively short order an incentive laden deal gets done. It’s almost as though it couldn’t have worked out better had they planned it…

  12. “…When they go into that room, it’s practically guaranteed that one of the first and loudest voices will belong to Jones.”

    why would that room be any different than any other room jones inhabits? he’s the only owner with a radio program and a press conference after each game along with the coach…

  13. I don’t know, but to me, when the commissioner is in the news as much as Goodell is, something is wrong. It’s like watching a game where a penalty is called every other play. We want to see good football, not hear about the commissioner, who ever he is.

  14. Arthur Blank, who America made rich, is in full support of the NFL Employees using the flag and anthem as a dog potty training mat. Sad.

  15. dansardo says:
    December 7, 2017 at 7:08 am
    No Fans likes goodell but we all rejoice the huge hit this is to any influence jerrah still has in the league

    This is probably the single, most short-sighted statement I have ever read. Goodell is ruining this league. There won’t be a league for “Jerrah” to influence once Roger is done.

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