Browns hire John Dorsey as General Manager


Hours after firing Sashi Brown, the Cleveland Browns have hired his replacement.

John Dorsey, who was fired as General Manager of the Chiefs this year, has been hired for the G.M. job in Cleveland.

The hiring will raise immediate questions about whether the Browns complied with the Rooney Rule, which requires NFL teams to interview at least one minority candidate for all head-coaching and G.M. jobs. The Browns had clearly decided on Dorsey, who is white, before they even fired Brown.

“We are thrilled to have John Dorsey lead our football operations,” said Dee and Jimmy Haslam in a statement. “John has been immersed in the NFL for 26 years, won two Super Bowls, built sustainable winning football teams and is highly respected for his football acumen. We know we have a critical and very positive opportunity ahead of us to profoundly impact the foundation of this football team. Bringing in someone of John Dorsey’s caliber, his track record of success and his experience, significantly strengthens our opportunities to build a winning football team and that has been, and continues to be, what we want for our fans.”

Dorsey will have a wealth of draft picks and cap space to work with as he attempts to dig the Browns out of the deep hole the franchise is in.

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  1. There will be all kinds of Rooney Rule screaming going on over this hire. African American GM dumped for a white guy without so much as a nod towards compliance. leave it to Haslam to screw up what really is a good hire, smh. Screamin’ A, Bomani, Hill and Wilbon among others are going to lose their collective minds.

  2. So they hired a guy desperate to take the job and not be allowed to hire his own head coach.

    Got it.

  3. Rarely do I get the opportunity to say “man, I’m glad that guy doesn’t own the Redskins”. Browns fans deserve so much better than Haslam. Such a loyal bunch.

  4. Until Haslam’s priority is to spend the money to put a decent team on the field, instead of padding his wallet, this is all window dressing

  5. Of course, the Rooney Rule. I sure hope they complied with that since they’ve never had a black GM, head coach, or starting QB… Oh, that’s right – all three of those positions have been held by minorities this year.

    Try again.

  6. Who cares about the Rooney Rule? This is a great hire. This guy has the stones to come on midseason to a crappy team and say I am taking over and going to turn this around. The Rooney Rule no longer makes sense by the way

  7. The Giants have tried. The Dolts have tried. Even the Bungles made a run. But nobody. And I mean NOBODY will ever take the crown of worst franchise in the NFL from the Frowns.

  8. Maybe they interviewed Sashi Brown for the GM position (I believe he had a different title) before firing him. That’s rude but it complies.

    PS: If you fire a black guy, you shouldn’t have to interview another. I get the Rooney rule and it has worked to a point but for the most part it’s a sham and EVERYONE knows.

  9. Jimmy: “Hue – we just fired Sashi, do you want to be the GM as well as coach?”
    Hue: “No”

    Rooney Rule satisfied.

  10. The browns interviewed mike singletary a couple weeks ago.

    Even when browns make a good hire this website still try’s to dis them. Don’t know why I continue to come here.


    I was seriously hoping GB would release Ted Thompson and hire Dorsey. So, the stage remains set for TT to squander away more of Aaron Rodgers’ prime. How disheartening!

  12. Sashi Brown wasn’t ALL bad; he collected a lot of extra draft picks. The problem was that, when he actually made a pick, it was usually a bad one. This new guy has a lot of picks coming up. Hopefully he’ll do a better job with them. He doesn’t have a tough act to follow.

    Can’t understand Haslam’s insistence on keeping Hue Jackson, though, because (a) it makes more sense to let the GM pick his own coach, and (b) Hue’s record pretty well speaks for itself.

  13. onebuffalove716 says:
    December 7, 2017 at 9:37 pm
    Doesn’t mean much if analytics guy is calling shots


    The point of today was that Analytics will be a part of the regime, not calling the shots for the regime any longer. Dorsey is a football guy, not an analytics guy.

    The problem with Sashi wasn’t analytics. Analytics did a pretty good job in building a top 10 defense, drafting 20 out of 24 players who look like they’ll be around the league for a while, and having 5 picks in 2018 with which to pick a top QB. Dorsey had that gem handed to him and I think he will do well in using them.

    Analytics calling all the shots did a horrible job in listening to the football guys to build a team that could win a few games on the way to 2018 when the regime promised the Browns would finally be competitive. As a Browns fan I can accept not being competitive with a plan in place, but I can’t stomach the obvious dysfunction in the execution. That kind of thing erodes patience and loses fans.

  14. As a Chiefs fan I already miss Dorsey. Minus Dee Ford he drafted really well. Tyreek Hill, Marcus Peters, Travis Kelce, Kareem Hunt, and a few others.

    Now he did mismanage Eric Berrys deal which cost them and did overpay Justin Houston as well.

    But great experience and rebuilt a Chiefs team fast, playoffs in 3 of his 4 years.

    Now give us a second rounder and Alex Smith will put in your new offense in for you, draft a raw QB, focus on the o-line and defense, and in 2020 you should be looking at a perrennial winner.

  15. I’m expecting a 6 year 90m contract extension for Josh Gordon to be announced in the morning. Welcome to cap hell. I wonder what Haslem will think when he goes rogue, and makes moves without anyone else knowing what’s going on. He’s a scout, that keeps getting management positions. He can draft, and acquire some FA talent. But he can’t run a franchise, and Hue freaking Jackson certainly isn’t any help there. My guess is that he wants to fire Hue, and hire Dave Toub.

  16. The Rooney Rule is in itself racist. Why should “minorities” get a guaranteed job interview? Any job should be simply advertised, the candidates interviewed, and the best applicant is hired. It shouldn’t matter if one race is interviewed or all races are interviewed. If your qualified, your race has nothing to do with the job.

  17. Congrats to john Dorsey. I wish he was still the chiefs GM. He us 1 helluva nfl generak manager. He may actually be capable of turning around cleveland.

    The browns do need to have a salary cap / contracts person work hand in hand with dorsey. He screwed up the cap and a lot of contracys in kc. He us damn good at findibg good football players.

    Cingrats browns.

  18. The Browns, of all organizations, with minorities repeatedly hired in leadership positions in both the front office AND the coaching staff, with all their foibles, are on organization that has no place being called out for a discriminatory move such as failure to comply with the Rooney Rule.

  19. Ron Wolfe didn’t have any minorities to recommend and he didn’t want his son to go to Cleveland…so Dorsey gets placed

  20. Sometimes there just isn’t time to go thru the ridiculous useless steps that are in place to hire someone to avoid looking bias. Especially when you want a certain guy no matter what.

  21. It’s amazing how owners and fans LOVED the rule book when they wanted African American players to stop kneeling, sitting, or raising their fist during the anthem, but they want to BREAK THE RULE that was created to bring equality. If there were fair hiring practices, the Rooney Rule would have never been introduced in the first place. The Rooney Rule says that a team must interview a minority candidate for GM and Head Coach, period. This slick move by the Browns organization and the reaction by most of the fans on PFT shows there is still so much bias and prejudice in America.

  22. People are so negative and immature. If a Black Coach or Gm is good enough, they will get hired. if a White Coach or Gm is good enough, they will get hired. The Browns have a Black head coach and their most recent GM was Black. How can anyone say Haslam doesn’t care about black people? So Many stupid and moronic comments on this page. Dorsey is a helluva hire. If I were him, I would have avoided cleveland like the plague, be he is taking on a huge challenge and is capable of being successful.

  23. 20 126 Rate This
    artliedtocleveland says:
    December 7, 2017 at 9:27 pm
    Ridiculous that this Rooney Rule nonsense is even a thing. Simply a waste of everyone’s time

    charger383 says:
    December 7, 2017 at 9:27 pm
    Rooney Rule needs to go


    say all the old entitled white guys

  24. pfffffffffffffffffffffffft says:
    December 8, 2017 at 8:49 am
    The Rooney rule is racist. Plain and simple.


    The rule requires only that a minority candidate be interviewed for a vacancy to ensure some baseline level of equality in opportunity/access. Doesn’t require that an organization hire a minority candidate. Doesn’t require that x percent or x number (or some other quota-based system) of staff be of specific demographic background. At the end of the day, the onus is pretty low for the organization.

    If given numbers, you don’t have to be an SJW to realize that there have been statistical disparities, historically, in access to coaching and management roles within the NFL. Given minority representation among players at all levels, there’s no reason that should be the case. Someone could argue about the effectiveness of the rule given how it’s perceived to be implemented by the average fan (who probably doesn’t know much about how it’s implemented in practice), but referring to it as racist is a bottom-feeder comment.

  25. popelava says:
    December 8, 2017 at 12:48 am

    The Rooney Rule is in itself racist. Why should “minorities” get a guaranteed job interview? Any job should be simply advertised, the candidates interviewed, and the best applicant is hired. It shouldn’t matter if one race is interviewed or all races are interviewed. If your qualified, your race has nothing to do with the job.


    Answer: in America that is not the way it has ever worked. Whether it’s a black guy, a woman, or anyone else except a white guy. Where you been all these years?!

  26. I’m shocked, shocked I tell you! You mean to tell me that huge number of middle aged, white conservative Trump supporters on PFT are vehemently against the Rooney rule??

  27. Whether the Browns did it the right way or the wrong way, Dorsey is a very good hire.

    I hope he used the deal Ron Wolf made in Green Bay all those years ago as a model — if so, this is probably the start of the turnaround for Cleveland. Sunny days ahead.

    If not, it’ll be more hard times.

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