Darren Sproles leaning toward coming back in 2018

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Eagles running back Darren Sproles went down for the season in Week Three when he broke his forearm and tore his ACL on the same play against the Giants.

The combination of those injuries and the fact that Sproles will turn 35 next year left many to wonder if the play that ended with both injuries would be the final one of Sproles’ career. A final decision about what comes next is pending, but Sproles is rehabbing with the intent of continuing his career.

“I don’t have to play next year, but I’m leaning towards coming back,” Sproles said in a video for virtuallinc.com. “I can’t end like this.”

Sproles doesn’t have a contract for next season, so any return wouldn’t necessarily come with the Eagles. Any real speculation about where Sproles will play will have to wait for a definitive statement that he’ll be returning, however.

7 responses to “Darren Sproles leaning toward coming back in 2018

  1. sean payton and mickey loomis has traded a lot of talented skill players.
    donte stallworth, reggie bush, chris ivory, jimmy grahams, kenny still, brandin cook.

    darren sproles is the only one i think they rlly screwed up. man was still smooth on that field and worth more than a 5th rounder.

  2. I hope he gets his closure, regardless of who he plays for.
    Philly still loves you, Darren!

    – Every real football fan!

    You may not like the Eagles/Saints/Chargers, but when you get to see what Darren can do on the field, you cannot love the way he plays the game!

  4. As a long time eagles fan I’ve watched Reggie , Dawkins and others go to another team to finish their careers imo the eagles should make an real push to keep Darren on the team just for what he brings to the locker room this guy gives 110 percent every time he’s in the game also sparks other players to up their play I say let him retire an philadelphia eagle

  5. i have heard that d sproles has remained in contact with the eagles locker room subsequent to his injuries; it would only be fitting to have him end his run in an eagles uniform. sure hope he feels that way too. hard to understand both san diego and then new orleans parting ways with him but i’m glad they did

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