Falcons get touchdown to tie Saints 17-17 in fourth quarter


It feels like the Saints should already have this one wrapped up. Instead, the Falcons have tied it 17-17 on an 8-yard touchdown pass from Matt Ryan to Mohamed Sanu with 9:55 remaining.

Ryan has thrown three interceptions, with the three picks coming in a four-pass stretch, but the Falcons have held the Saints to only one second-half touchdown. Michael Thomas caught a 1-yard touchdown pass from Drew Brees.

Ryan has completed 13 of 23 passes for 185 yards and a touchdown.

The Saints have helped the Falcons, with Atlanta getting eight first downs off New Orleans penalties.

4 responses to “Falcons get touchdown to tie Saints 17-17 in fourth quarter

  1. I’m not a saints fan but that was the some of the worst officiating I have ever seen, how much did the officials get paid to throw that game did they even see that there was another team playing. I mean wow the saints still almost won even though the officials clearly didn’t call a fair game..

  2. People who blame the refs already have a Loser’s Mentality. Especially when Matt Ryan did everything he could to give the Aints the win. QUINN helped out too by declining a penalty with the Aints deep in the Falcons territory. They didnt make Brees throw into triple coverage. And the Aints had 3 INTERCEPTIONS. its the Ref fault that you couldnt capitalize on 3 interceptions?! Thats on the Aints. Take Accountability.

  3. Go back and watch the game mrbigstuff (now thats a name for losers).look at all the calls. No illegal hands to the face or face mask call, no helmet to helmet penalty that clearly ended kamaras game. It was terrible officiating.

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