Hue Jackson: I don’t think I won a power struggle

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The Browns shook up the top of their personnel department on Thursday by firing Sashi Brown, but said that there won’t be a similar change to the coaching staff.

Browns owner Jimmy Haslam released a statement saying that Hue Jackson will be back for a third season as the team’s head coach in 2018 and Jackson said at a Thursday press conference that he appreciates that because he’s not “naive enough” to know that he could be fired as well after losing 27-of-28 games since taking the job.

Jackson downplayed the many reports of discord between him and the personnel department, saying that doesn’t feel he won a “power struggle” and that the team’s poor performance is reason enough for the move. He did add he’d like to see fewer leaks coming from the organization in the future while balking at the notion that any of the negative leaks about the front office involved him.

Given his position, it was predictable that Jackson would say he doesn’t believe it will be awkward to be in place with a new General Manager joining the team, but added he’d like to be able to share his thoughts with Haslam during the search for someone who “understands the vision of what we’re trying to accomplish.”

“I don’t think [personnel control is] something I want to have personally,” Jackson said. “I’d like to know and be in concert with the person that will do those things.”

Jackson says he doesn’t know former Chiefs General Manager John Dorsey, a reported favorite for the job, by anything but reputation and repeated that it is going to be Haslam’s decision about what direction the team is going to take.

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  1. People know better. Doug L from a cleveland website said it best….

    Jackson has proven far more adept at leaking stories to the media to puff up himself and tear down the front office than he has at coaching this team. He has maximized distrust and animosity between the coaches and front office far more than he has maximized the ability of this team.

  2. And if Haslam does not see this, he is incredibly blind or just plain stupid.

    cadreamer1969 says:
    December 7, 2017 at 2:06 pm
    People know better. Doug L from a cleveland website said it best….
    Jackson has proven far more adept at leaking stories to the media to puff up himself and tear down the front office than he has at coaching this team. He has maximized distrust and animosity between the coaches and front office far more than he has maximized the ability of this team.

  3. I remember Hue Jackson saying, when he first got to Cleveland, that they need to bring in an experienced football scout. They had all the other positions filled, and then some, but they hadn’t brought in a football guy. I can’t lay that at Hue’s feet. The last thing Hue wants is to win a struggle within his own building. He’s just looking for a football guy that can build a pro roster for him. A coach and a GM each put in 16 hour days. There aren’t 32 hours in a day.

  4. I think that the Browns cant help but start an upswing next season with all of their picks and cap space….but I will never understand the reasoning behind saddling a as-yet-unknown-GM with an incumbent head coach. If this new GM wants Hue than fine….but why would Haslem limit his possibilities at GM by basically telling a prospective GM that Hue is guaranteed the job in 2018?

  5. This is still a mess, another year of that blank look on Hue’s face on the sidelines. Hopefully we may have one game where we don’t get delay of game penalties that cost those very important time outs at the end of games !!! yeah right !

  6. To put a functional and precise offense on the field it doesn’t take elite NFL talent. The offense is one step ahead of the defense. It simply takes commitment, effort, and attention to detail.

    It’s a shame that Hue can not put a viable offense on the fields to win ONE game in a season. Even a bad coach can pull 2-4 wins out of this Browns team.

  7. Picking the smartest brain surgeon to perform your heart surgery isn’t the best idea Mr Haslam. No matter how smart the Harvard threesome are. This is football. Hire experienced football scouts!!!

  8. If the Browns had …. Not Great ….. Not Good ….. Just adequate QB play they would have won 4 to 6 games so far this year ….. They have built a top 10 “D” and if they get a football guy at the top and go offense with the 5 picks in the 1st 2 rounds they will turn this around.

  9. Fewer leaks from the Browns? That’s one thing I can’t fault the Browns for.I wish the FBI,Mueller’s investigation and Congress would be as guarded.

  10. At some point, they must get into the room where they keep the Analytics machine and pull the plug…..unless that machine has taken over the locking system in the room and will yet again trade down in the draft to get more draft picks.

  11. NFL is results based – Hue’s HC record 9-35. OMG, if that was a batting average that would get you fired in baseball, let alone in football.

  12. And all the palace intrigue will continue next year when Huey starts another campaign of front office distrust. He can’t win on the field and intimates that he does not have quality players on his roster. Garrett…Shelton…Ogbah…Schobert…Thomas…Bitonio? Huey is more adept at schooling Mrs Co-owner about his own accomplishments and the downfalls of the FO than schooling a team how to win football games. Huey is more a parlor gossip than a coach…were he an OC, he would spend all his time undermining the HC until he is in the position to undermine the front office. Dare I say Raiders?

  13. On the bright side 3 is the lucky number of seasons it’s taken a Browns coach to have a winning team.

    Unfortunately for all 150 head coaches the team has had in the last 18 years Jackson is only the 3rd one to see a 3rd season.

  14. Jackson should be the one who was fired. Sashi at least brought some real talent to the Browns through the draft and free agency and he loaded the Browns with draft picks. What has Hue done? He can’t coach, can’t develop players (especially QB’s), can’t make in-game adjustments and can’t win (1-27). So why is Haslam keeping him? Every GM wants to pick his own head coach, so this will be another disaster!

  15. I have no problem with Hue having a struggle with the front office, nor allegedly leaking stories. Haslam’s Browns have been completely dysfunctional since he brought them, need we go through the number of coaches they’ve gone through already? Signing somebody just to fire them in a year? So on, and so on. Who let almost their entire offensive line go? They can’t even keep FAs.

  16. I think the Browns can get it going quicker than it may appear, but right now much of that roster is 3rd string on most NFL teams. But with a few decent young players, a ton of picks and cap space they could start to ascend.
    If Josh Gordon can stay clean it would be a HUGE lift for this team.

  17. A front office that values trading down to get more picks is a bad fit with a coach who traded a couple first round picks for a retired Carson Palmer when he was in charge of the Raiders. Then Hue wanted to trade a boatload for a QB that can’t even take the Bengals job from Andy Dalton. Where Hue got the rep of “QB guru” I’ll never know.

  18. Bengal fan here – Happy for the Browns. Rumor has Marvin Lewis coming to Cleveland to be new GM after the season and you can look forward to having .500 seasons instead of getting shutout!

  19. Called this at the trade deadline when they botched that trade. Jackson had the rest of the year to save his job because they know who was responsible for what picks. The only one I know for sure he was all in on was Garret, and he appears to be the goods over what the FO wanted, Trubisky who looks as bad I thought he would be. I still don’t know if he can survive 0-16 though even with them blaming most of this on Brown, Berry, and the rest of the scouting department.

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