Hue Jackson says it wouldn’t have been fair to hire an offensive coordinator

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Browns coach Hue Jackson’s Thursday press conference centered on the firing of Sashi Brown and how owner Jimmy Haslam’s announcement that Jackson would return for the 2018 season would fit into what the team does next in the personnel department.

With Jackson set to return at this point, there was also a question about whether he’d hire an offensive coordinator for the 2018 season. Jackson said it was something that was “definitely a possibility” and explained that he thinks the team will be “better equipped” for such a coaching addition than they have been in Jackson’s first two years with the team.

“I got the job because of what I did on offense,” Jackson said. “I didn’t think it was fair to give anybody that title and not have a football team that was worthy of that guy to be the leader of it when I didn’t think it was where it needed to be. To me, you guys would have been telling me to get rid of him.”

Jackson said it was “like a setup” to have a coach responsible for the unit under adverse conditions and that he thinks other head coaches use it as a way to evade accountability that Jackson says he’s willing to take for himself. There’s always the possibility that a good offensive coordinator could have helped the unit develop more quickly, but that’s a moot point 28 games into Jackson’s tenure.

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  1. I dunno, I wanna give Hue the benefit of the doubt.

    But when Belichick and the Patriots can have 15 straight years of 10+ wins, with the roster constantly changing, you have to wonder at what point do you throw the towel in on the head coach.

  2. People will hate on his comment mainly because they don’t remember Clevelands only option who wanted the job was Pep Hamilton and the best one they had quit on his head coach due to interference from ownership.

  3. …and not have a football team that was worthy…
    Now that his drawing room intrigue has ended the career of the FO, he is now blaming the team for not being worthy enough to deserve an OC. At least Huey is consistent: blame someone for his own miserable and failed actions.

  4. If Hue Jackson wants to be the Offensive Coordinator, than they should either hire someone else to be the Head Coach and demote him, or fire him and let him be the Offensive Coordinator for some other team. The NFL has become too complex. You need a Head Coach and separate coordinators for the offense, defense and special teams. It is not fair to your team to do otherwise.

  5. I agree with Hue Jackson 100%. I’m an old guy, so I remember when the local writers would ask a lot interesting questions to Bill Walsh early in his career, before the Joe Montana era began. All the writers were smarter than Bill. How many super bowls did Bill Belichick win without Tom Brady? These great coaches were also great coaches before they acquired HOF QB’s. They just didn’t become winning coaches until afterward. I don’t know how you can judge Hue Jackson until he gets a QB. If you don’t like Hue, I have no problem with that, but how do you know he’s not another Bill Walsh? You don’t.

  6. I have to give it to him on this one.

    If you hire a young guy as OC for a team as devoid of offensive players as Cleveland, you will face pressure to fire him before the team turns it around.

    Of course, that is odd coming from Jackson, because he is also hinting that the same thing is happening to him. “I’m on a team that can’t possibly win with this personnel but being held accountable for our record”.

    So I don’t know about casting yourself as the martyr taking all the bullets for losing instead of letting an OC absorb them.

    But he is certainly correct that that would have been a crappy OC job that would have stalled or crippled some young coach’s career.

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