Kirk Cousins not thinking about the future, again

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There’s an elephant in the room in Washington. But Kirk Cousins swears if he just refuses to acknowledge the elephant, it will go away. Or at least wait a few more weeks to get all the peanuts.

The Washington quarterback is on the verge of yet another offseason of contract drama, but he insisted he’s focused on the last four games, even though his team has next-to-no chance to make the playoffs.

“It’s human nature to want to look ahead and know the plan and know what’s coming next,” Cousins said, via the Associated Press. “But it’s been great for me to exercise that muscle of every time those thoughts do show up to say: ‘Let’s focus on the present.’

Let’s be right here, right now, and understand that that’s the best way to prepare for the future. And I’ve certainly had to remind myself of that many, many times as my mind does drift, but as you practice that discipline, you get better at it.”

If nothing else, he’s had plenty of practice having this talk. Having played the last two seasons on the franchise tag (the first quarterback to do so), Cousins is going to cash in one way or another this offseason. Whether it’s a transition tag at $28.78 million, a third franchise tag at $34.47 million or a long-term deal (from someone), it will be lucrative.

The challenge this year has been different, as injuries have wrecked his offensive line, keeping an offensive rebuild from taking root.

But he’s working hard to convince everyone the only thing that matters is the last month of the season, hoping the financial part of his future takes care of itself.

18 responses to “Kirk Cousins not thinking about the future, again

  1. Allen/Snyder have already started doing their thinly-veiled damage-control leaks (“Kirk’s receivers don’t like him!”) for when Cousins ultimately goes somewhere else. Toxic people/toxic organization. Back to square one, but it’s never Dan/Bruce’s fault, ever.

  2. This situation reminds me of when Drew Brees was a San Diego Charger.

    Don’t know what you got til’ it’s gone.
    That goes for the franchise, media and the fan base.
    Kirk’s best days are likely still to come. Likely will be in another city too.

  3. If people just handed me 25+ million dollars every year and didn’t expect any further commitment beyond that, I wouldn’t worry about the future either…

  4. I wish he would come to the Titans, but the Titans are too stubborn to realize that Mariota is not any good.

  5. Rdog says:

    December 7, 2017 at 1:46 pm

    I wish he would come to the Titans, but the Titans are too stubborn to realize that Mariota is not any good.

    You are absoultely right… Mariota had NOTHING to do with them going from a Browns-level dumpster fire to Playoff contention.

  6. He lives there (spends the summers in his parents basement),he knows the offense very well. They draft a receiver and they get healthy and Kirk has a whole lot of reasons to stay and get paid long term.

  7. Redskins would be stupid to franchise him again.

    They couldn’t franchise him again in 19 and if you pay him $34 million you probably aren’t fielding a superbowl winning team which males this a waste for everyone but Kirk’s financial planner.

  8. Die hard Redskins fan here. I hate Dan and hate Bruce Allen even more! but if I’m them i tag Cousins again and draft a qb first round of the draft! Negotiate all summer and if he pulls that crap with the no counter offer again i wait until last minute and rescind the tag like Carolina did Norman! If he signs u trade the 1st rounder. Problem solved

  9. squackduckhawk says:

    December 7, 2017 at 1:58 pm

    Rdog says:

    December 7, 2017 at 1:46 pm

    I wish he would come to the Titans, but the Titans are too stubborn to realize that Mariota is not any good.

    You are absoultely right… Mariota had NOTHING to do with them going from a Browns-level dumpster fire to Playoff contention.
    It’s all about their GM. The Titans earned the #1 draft pick in Mariota’s first season there. That’s not good. Then they have a new GM for the next season and they go 9-7. GM Jon Robinson isn’t very good at his job either, but he is the main reason for the turnaround, not Mariota and his endless turnovers. The roster is a lot different than Mariota’s rookie season.

  10. He’s a JAG (just another guy) Let him go. Cousins will never take a contract like brady, he will squeeze every dollar he can from the skins. Kirk is still butthurt because Danny and Bruce wouldn’t muss up his hair after the Ravens game in 2012 when RG3 got hurt. Kirk is not mentally tough enough to let those type of slights go, even though the team has paid him $44 million over 2 years. It’s true the skins don’t lose games because of Kirk, however they rarely win because of him. Only twice this year have they won because of him (against seahawks and 49ers). If Kirk had played better the skins would have beat the eagles in their first game (threw a pick in the endzone) and the vikings where again he was a jag. Good guy and all, and wish him luck wherever he goes. But overpay for a JAG.

  11. Kirk, along with the rest of us, know he’s going to sign with Denver. Elway will give Cousins the same speech he gave to Peyton Manning and show him his Super Bowl 50 ring. None of the other teams will be able to match the sales pitch and Elway knows it. I know this season has been a disaster, but Elway’s track record as a GM is far better than anyone else Cousins will talk to. After dealing with the incompetence in DC from the owner and GM, having a HOF QB calling the shots will be a breath of fresh air to Cousins.

  12. None of this is Cousins’ fault – his haters would like to blame him, but the truth is the Redskins have had numerous time to sign him.

    What burns me is that this is the same organization who did not due any work on really evaluating the Great Gimmick, that RGME character, and did not demand of him the same standards they are demanding of Cousins.

    Had this organization done like I did and actually watch the Great Gimmick at Baylor, they would have seen (1) no leadership talent at all – all about himself (2) he could not read a defense (3) never threw anticipating pass routes (4) could not avoid a pass rush (5) used his legs to spread the defense and to force them to react allowing him to hit OPEN receivers (6) had never ever ever ever used an offensive playbook (which explains why he could not anticipate where receivers could be) and (7) he listened to his father about all things football and his whole college career was based on being given starting jobs without ever having to earn it.

    I was one of maybe five people in the whole country that saw the fraud of the Great Gimmick before he was drafted – and he never improved, was substandard on passing touchdowns, was easily sacked, and still could not run a two minute offense and was the reason the team had so many three and outs. This guy simply had no real football talent other than to run around to open things up that masked his lack of football skills.

    Cousins is being held to a higher standard because he is white – that is pure and simple – this is overt racism even after the guy will leave this team with the three top passing years in franchise history – absolutely disgusting.

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