Marvin Lewis: John Ross concealed shoulder injury from the Bengals

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Bengals receiver John Ross‘s season came to an end on Wednesday when it was revealed he needs surgery on his left shoulder. So why had coach Marvin Lewis said earlier in the day that Ross could play on Sunday?

The answer, Lewis says, is that Ross had been hiding his injury. Lewis told SiriusXM NFL Radio that Ross had been concealing the injury before finally “coming clean” with the team. Lewis said Ross was concealing the injury because he wanted to keep playing, which may be a good sign about his competitiveness but is a strict no-no in the NFL.

Ross missed most of training camp after offseason labrum surgery on his right shoulder. The newer injury is to his left shoulder.

The ninth overall pick in this year’s NFL draft, Ross was perhaps this year’s most disappointing rookie: He touched the ball only once all season, and fumbled that one time.

37 responses to “Marvin Lewis: John Ross concealed shoulder injury from the Bengals

  1. Somebody lift that bus up, there’s not enough room under there.

    Marvin is deflecting more than ever for some reason.

  2. “He touched the ball only once all season, and fumbled that one time”

    I’m a Bengals fan and reading this line made me laugh my ass off. Ross had a nice run on that play and finished it with a fumble.

  3. PERHAPS the most disappointing rookie? how else could you be more disappointing than being picked 9th, touching the ball once and fumbling on that touch

  4. Marvins days are numbered an he knows it. Bengal fans should be happy. Maybe now they can get someone in there who can properly utilize all the talent they have.

  5. edukator4 says:
    December 7, 2017 at 8:02 am

    PERHAPS the most disappointing rookie? how else could you be more disappointing than being picked 9th, touching the ball once and fumbling on that touch
    Well, he’s not in prison, and he didn’t blow a game by committing a stupid penalty, so actually as the Bengals go that’s better than some.

  6. At least the dude was trying to play and not over exaggerating an injury. Still, looks like he is going to be a bust.

  7. In hindsight, the Monday Night game against the Steelers was as good as Bengals fans could have hoped for.

    1) The Bengals played a prime-time game, against a division rival a top the AFC, and actually showed up. Dalton played well, and overall, the represented pretty well.

    2) The way they lost – hopefully – sealed things for this coaching staff. Franchise record for penalty yards (Lewis), giving up 20 second half points + penalties (Guenther), scoring 3 second half points (Lazor). The entire staff has to go.

    3) Despite playing fairly well and staying competitive throughout the game, the loss ended their pipe-dream playoff hopes, and kept them in the hunt for a top 10 pick in May.

  8. Jeremy Hill and John Ross have been thrown under the bus for being injured. Thankfully John Ross will never have to play for Marvin Lewis again and Jeremy Hill can make sure his next team isn’t one that will look to hire Marvin.

  9. Marvin Lewis reminds me of Donald Trump; you can’t believe a word he says and he expects you to just accept the BS that continually comes out of his mouth no matter how obvious it is that he is lying to your face.

  10. Some of you keep saying Marvin’s days are numbered and I really, really hope you are right but I’m not so sure Mike Brown doesn’t keep him around. It’s been 15 years and I was tired of him about 8 years ago. One of the worst head coaches to hold a position in the NFL. Talent and assistant coaches made this team have decent seasons.

  11. Marvin Lewis will only be out as coach if…..he ends up with a pay raise and moved to front office….where he will continue to be coach overseer. How sad is that for Bengal fans long term. Cincinnati has a college figure head with a lifetime contract.

  12. If Ross had some off field criminal activity Marvin Lewis would be anointing him as Rookie of the year. Ross is not a felon or an dirt bag on the field so under the bus he goes. This whole thing with Ross seems like a cop out for Lewis to try and keep his job. How do you hide a shoulder injury, it would be pretty obvious in practice if he did not have full range of motion to catch balls?

  13. First thing, Marvin always lies about injury. Each time a guy gets injured in preseason, it’s “if it were a real game, he’d be playing.” And then the guy shows up in week 7. If the injury is in the season, the guy is “day to day” which, like in Biblical times, means a day = a year. Second, by being a healthy scratch for weeks it was obvious either the coaches are so poor that they are unable to coach him up to play or the player is too stupid to learn. In either case, unbelievably stupid to draft such a guy at No. 9 — especially when you had a dire need for a WR.

  14. It was so either ignorant or arrogant on the part of the Bengals to ignore the offensive line defections of Whitworth and Zeitler and think they could cover it up with skill position players. Albeit one of which was injured when they drafted him at #9 overall!!! Being a lame duck coach it reeked of desperation from Lewis but do not worry Bengal fans, he will not be back. An extension would have been done by this point from Brown. I think he approached Marvin in the offseason to get something done (BAU) and imo, it was Marvin that said, I’m not sure about the future, lets just see how things play out this season and we will go from there. I think if the season would have been a success, Marvin would have been inclined to work out an extension. However, since the season has gone bust, I really believe Marvin is just tired and and would like to just walk away. He might resurface somewhere else but I doubt it. Brown would take him back in a second since Marvin has been able to do the undoable in gaining Brown’s trust which has allowed this organization to move into the 21st century, but they are still behind in the times and the culture will not change into a championship culture until Brown steps aside. The sad thing is that this is going to limit the coaching options since a top candidate would like to have as much control as possible and Brown will most certainly not want to relinquish that up front. Second, good luck trying to get a top offensive mind since Brown is too old-school to relate to younger coaches.

  15. If Ross got traded to the pats or the Saints or the packers he would become a superstar. Russell Wilson will take him.

    The other big difference is if he didn’t work out they would not be calling him out in the press and trying to destroy his reputation.

    It’s crazy how who drafts you can make such a difference in if you become successful or not despite having the same Talent level for either place.

  16. Brace yourself Bengals fans, and Bengals haters…. history says Marvin isn’t going anywhere. Unless he decides he wants to retire, I think Mike Brown will re-sign him. Not saying I agree with it, but that is what I fully expect to happen.

  17. Folks who wonder why Marvin Lewis is still the head coach obviously were not Bengal fans in the late 90’s. It could be a whole lot worse and has been in the past. I won’t lose any sleep if Marvin gets replaced I just don’t want another Mike Shula or Dick LaBeau.

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